Running Man Thematic Experience Center | SMTOWN at Coex Artium @ Seoul, South Korea

Hello guys!
Welcome back to my blog and I'm so happy to be back here again to continue my travel journey in South Korea.
This is already my 5th post about the trip, so for those who is new to my blog, and would like to know about my itinerary in South Korea, especially those hidden gems at Suncheon, Yeosu, Songdo, Nansan, you can click HERE to find out all these places I've been.
You can bookmark the places that you like and keep it for your next trip to South Korea.
Places like Suncheon is seriously worth to check out. :)
For today's post, I would like to share the hallyu places to go in Seoul city, such as the Running Man Thematic Experience Center and SMTOWN at Coex Artium.
So, are you ready for that, my hallyu fans? Let's get started now!


Our first stop is the Running Man Thematic Experience Center in Insadong, Seoul.
Running Man has been a very well-known Korean variety shows in the world.
It's a great show that filled with funny, witty and humorous moments.
Though many of my friends are not into the hallyu wave, they sure will know about what's Running Man about.
It was my first K-Variety show since 2010, but it is sill the best show that manages to keep a good laugh on my face. :)

The entrance fees is 16,000 won, which is about RM59/ticket; but I think you can get a cheaper ticket if you booked in advance through some travel websites such as Klook, Kkday or Trazy.
After paying the entrance fees, you are all ready to be in the game and accomplish your mission!

First, choose one of three colours at the entrance (colour doesn't means levels) and then you'll be given an electronic wristband to collect and record the R-points.
The mission will be individual, and what you need to do is to collect as many as R points within 60 minutes in order to get the certificate and gift.
There are two ways to get the point; either tag bracelet to R reader at the maze to get the points or find them everywhere and tag every R when the colour shows up.

The center is like a play ground where allows you to try out the experiences based on the variety show of Running Man.
You'll be tested physically and mentally with all kinds of games, obstacles and puzzles.
Some games are easy to accomplish by yourself, but some areas are difficult whereby you can ask your friends to help out.
For example, the "G.Scream" where you gonna shout your lungs out, and also the "J. Ring Hanging" that you have to push yourself to the limits of your endurance.
No worries, there is no penalty if you seek helps from the others. :)

The game journey include six different zones, such as running ball, city pursuit battle, maze battle, and various of thrilling games, races and puzzles too. 
I enjoyed the "K.Tap Tap" because it can really help to release stress, the "B.Run and Run" that required to run as fast as Running Man, and also the "H.Touch the Nametags" as this is the easiest one for me. #hehe
Anyway, most of the games are full of sport spirit which need a lot of energy and capability, that's why I really sweat a lot just in 10 minutes into those games.

Here's to test your agility and see how you can squeeze yourself and walk your way through without touching the black and red lines.

The "L. Mirror Maze" is where you watch yourself walk in circles and end up where you began.
Inside the circle, you need to find your way out and at the same time collect the R-points along your journey.
The maze impressed me a lot with it's LED lights and scale.

There are also some spots for great pictures too.
This spot can be your perfect OOTD picture to post on your Instagram, I guess?! :)

There is a R point check counter for you to check your points before you exit.
For those who collect more than 80 points, you can actually receive a certificate and also special gift.
However, if you collect less than 80 points, you will receive a small Running Man badge as a nice souvenier to bring back home.

Running Man Thematic Experience Center is like a dream come true for Running Man fans.
It's a suitable attraction place to go for both kids and adults of all ages.
In fact, there were quite a number of Korean couples during our visit.
All the games are very challenging and adventures, but it's really fun to go with your families and friends to see who can survive at last.
Go experience and have fun if you like to be challenged!

Running Man Thematic Experience Center
Add: B1, Hana Building, 41, Insadong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Tel: +82 2 2034 0606
Opening hours:
How to get there: from Jonggak Station (Line 1) Exit 3 → turn left at the first corner → walk for about 3 minutes to the complex


Here comes the SMTOWN, located at Gangnam, Seoul!
If you are a K-pop fans, you must know SM Entertainment's culture complex space, the SMTOWN at Coex Artium.
The place is so popular for the hallyu fans, and it is also said that it's a must visit place for all the K-pop fans, especially for those who love SM artists.
We spent about 2 hours inside the museum, and I think it's not really enough to fully discover.
Though I'm not really a SMTOWN artists' fans, I still think I could stay here the whole day without complains since there are so much to see and learn about K-pop!

Oh! I cant wait to see Chen from EXO soon! :D

SMTOWN is a 5-storey building, whereby the first floor is the entrance, second floor is gift & souvenier shops, third floor is studio, fourth floor is cafe and fifth floor is the theater.
The entrance fees is 18,000 won, which is about RM67/ticket, and you can choose your own pass based on your favourite SM Town artists.
I got mine with EXO and this is really one of the best collection from the trip!

After the main entrance where to purchase the entrance ticket, you will be directed to the SM Town artists' album collections.
It is a space to learn how albums are produced by SM artists and also take a look at each of their albums, pictorials and music.
From A to Z, you will find every single albums of your favourite artists!

Then we headed to third floor, which looks like a museum for all the artists from SMTOWN.
You will find the stories related to the birth and growth of SM Entertainment's artists and also exhibitions such as behind-the-scenes process of music albums, stage photos, outfits and accessories are displayed at here.
Please note that you are not allow to take pictures with camera but only mobile phones, so be ready for that.

First, let's check out EXO, one of the greatest K-pop boy band from South Korea.
When my elder niece knew that I'm going to visit SMTOWN, she was actually more excited than I were, because she is a super fan to EXO.
I spent most of my time at EXO's corner because I wanted to snap everything inside the house for my niece.
It's such an amazing corner for the EXO fans out there; you get to see Chanyeol's scarf that he wore in the music video "Koko Bop", and also Baekhyun's necklace that he wore during the song shooting of "Exact".

Any BoA's fans? Here's the BoA collections for you! :)

Super Junior is one of the best place that got me super excited.
I like most of their songs, such as "Sorry Sorry", "Mamacita", "Mr.Simple", "Black Suit", and also their latest album "One More Time".
It's so fun to wander around there, especially the AR photo and video.
I was very regret that I didn't purchase the AR picture with Super Junior; I cant't really remember how much the photo cost, but definitely not very expensive and really worth to get one if you are going there.

This is the room where the SM's artists produce their music and practice dances.
How I wish to have a short dance cover right here! #lol

The recording studio

The SHInee's corner for the "Shawols"!

There are so many artists' props around the house, you can just keep on snapping without paying a single cents. :)
I like Kyuhyun's songs, especially the "At Gwanghwamun"!

Any Girls' Generations fans out there?
Girls' Generation, one of the most successful K-pop groups of all time.
Their pink ocean inside the museum is super adorable and lovely.
Those outfits that on display are the real ones they wore for the different music videos such as "Lion Heart", "Mr. Taxi" etc.
It's really so nice to walk around at the pink house and check out more about Girls' Generation.

I know about NCT U through one of our dance cover song, Boss.
Didn't know they are also from the family of SMTOWN till I visit the museum. :)

After the artist gallery, this is a space to see brilliant stages of SMTOWN Live concerts, aritist in backstage, and information of concerts in the past.

After spending about 2 hours inside the museum, the tour ended with the cafe at 4th floor.
I didn't have enough time to cafe-hop at here, because time was too limited.
I heard the cakes and drinks at the cafe were decorated with the names of the artists, and their songs, and also the white tables and chairs are with the signatures of the artists too.
Indeed, there are a lot more to explore and discover inside the museum such as the theater, photo box etc.
I also missed out the SUM, celebrities's shop where you can shop all the official artists' goods.
I seriously want to go back again!
I told my niece I would not mind to visit here again with her when we come to Seoul in the future.

So, are you a fan of EXO, Girls' Generation, SHInee, Super Junior?
If you are, don't miss SMTOWN at Coex Artium on your next trip to Seoul!

SMTOWN @ Coex Artium
Add: 513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Tel: +82 2 6002 5811
Opening hours: 11am - 9pm daily
How to get there: Samseong Station (Seoul Subway Line 2) → Exit 5 & 6 → COEX located next to the exitWebsite:

I had a great time being a hallyu fans in Seoul city for the whole day.
Thank you for giving me all the amazing memories, and every memories are really so special for a hallyu fans girl could have.
I'm hoping to have more K-experience in the future if I have the chance to traveling to Seoul again.
Till then, thanks for reading this post and I will see you again on my next post soon!
Love xoxo!

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