Eat Thai, Visit Thailand 2019 @ Mr Tuk Tuk S

When I first visited Thailand in 2006, I admired the city so much and wanted to visit there every year. 
I've been to few places in Thailand such as Bangkok, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Uttradict. 
Been thinking to explore Hua Hin and Khao Yai in this year, but still planning it with my friends.
For myself, I think Thailand is really an awesomely vivacious country and really one of my favourite place to visit, especially when I crave for a relaxing short gateway trip away from KL city.
The country is good for hawk food hunting, cheap shopping, best nightlife, cafe-hopping, natural attraction visiting etc.
If you are also a fans of Thailand too, here's the good news for you!
The Tourism Authority of Thailand, Malaysia (TAT) unveils its EAT THAI, VISIT THAILAND 2019” campaign, to mark a collaboration between tourism and restaurants in Malaysia to send you to visit Thailand! #yea.
This collaboration is in line with the Amazing Thailand’s “Open to the New Shades” campaign, focusing on five main travel sectors to help international visitors experience the Kingdom from a new perspective.
The concept includes Gastronomy, Arts and Crafts, Thai Culture, Nature, and Thai Way of Life.

Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Mr. Ahman Mad-Adam: "Thai food is more than a cuisine, it is a lifelong passion. It is a love affair with deep roots in the country's culture and most importantly, in the family. We believe it is the same in Malaysia, where people love to eat and the food bond people together. Many Malaysian tourists travel to Thailand with the objective to taste Thai food. This year we have the new 2019 edition of MICHELIN Guide, which reaches to Phuket and Phang-nga. This proves that Thailand has a wide variety of food for everyone, from MICHELIN Star restaurants, street food, HALAL food to fine-dining and many more."

Thai dishes are very popular among Malaysians as they can be found at almost every corner in Malaysia.
In conjunction with the Eat Thai, Visit Thailand 2019 campaign, Mr. Tuk Tuk will introduce five new dishes which include Fried Tofu with Basil Leaves, Thai Seafood Otak-Otakm Thai Fresh Oyster with Lime Sauce, Thai Prawn Salad with Lemon Grass, and Thai Pumpkin Custard.
All these delicious Thai dishes are authentically tasty and also Halal certified.

Pad Kra Pao and Mango Sticky Rice are my most favourite Thai food.
Everytime when I visited Bangkok, I sure eat a lot of Mango Sticky Rice either at the street stalls or at a proper Thai restaurant.
Oh well, if you have the chance to visit Mr. Tuk Tuk, the new Thai Pumpkin Custard dessert is really another wonderful dessert to try after any meals. :)

They also added a new drink, which is the Thai Ice Lemongrass Tea with Crispy Water Chestnut Pearls.
This new beverage at Mr. Tuk Tuk has a touch of Thai flavour since lemongrass is an essential ingredient in Thailand.
It is a delicious and refreshing drink to bear the summer hear and also to cool your mouth to between bites of spicy Thai.
I think I like the nuggets of water chestnut the most because they are so crunchy! 

So, how to win a trip to Thailand with the Eat Thai, Visit Thailand 2019 campaign?
For diners who spend more than RM50 per receipt at any of the eight Mr Tuk Tuk outlets will stand a chance to win one of the 20 prizes which include a FREE trip to Bangkok for two persons plus a 3 days 2 nights hotel stay, five luggages, ten handbags and four Mr. Tuk Tuk dining vouchers.
The campaign begins on 20th March till 30th April 2019, and will be held at eight outlets of Mr. Tuk Tuk in Malaysia at different locations; The Starling Mall, Setia City Mall, Gamuda Walk, The Gardens, Sunway Pyramid, Empire City, Sunway Velocity and Nu Sentral. 

I had a great time having lunch with my girl friends at Mr. Tuk Tuk inside the Starling Mall.
You can "jio" your friends and families now to dine in there to stand a chance to win the prizes too!
For more information, you can check out their FB page at!
Good luck guys! :)

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