New Matcha Sakura Tea Series Inspired by the Matcha Traditions of Japan @ The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®

Tea in Asia has always been more than a beverage, with tea drinking remaining central to various ceremonies that are still taking place today.
And in recent years, as society progresses and our stress levels increase, more and more people are looking to cultural traditions to enhance their lives.
From yoga and meditation to ancient super foods, many practices from Asia’s oldest cultures are seeing a revival as people strive to embrace a life that is more balanced and holistic.
As a result, it’s no longer unusual to find age-old beverages such as Japanese green tea on shelves and in eateries, and greater interest in experiencing the serenity of tea appreciation ceremonies.
Though it’s been around for a long time, many aren’t aware that green tea retains its beautiful colour because it’s not fermented and thus retains more of its nutritional benefits.
It may also be revelation to some that Japanese green tea comes in different forms, with the most common being sencha and matcha, whereby sencha is brewed as whole leaves while matcha is ground into a powder and mixed with water, resulting in a creamier flavour.
If you are any sort of matcha green tea fans or match drinkers, today's post will get you excited because The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® (CB&TL) is launching a new Matcha Sakura Tea Series that inspired by the Matcha Traditions all the way from Japan!

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is a leader in sourcing, developing and creating premium tea-based beverages from plantations in 10 countries including China, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand.
The brand has a long history of working directly with tea farmers and not via third parties.
This is because they believe that each type of tea has different plucking seasons, and working directly with growers means tea lovers get fresher, more exclusive flavours as the different leaves go through tailor-made processes in order to produce the right balance of flavours for each and every cup.

So as to build on this revival of cultural flavours with the latest beverage series Matcha Sakura, CB&TL uses ceremonial-grade matcha harvested with first-flush Tencha and stone-milled to preserve its superior quality.
These premium green tea leaves are sourced directly from a small-scale family farm in Shizuoka, Japan that has been around since 1923, in order to keep the traditional harvesting methods alive while the small batches ensure the quality of leaves.

The tea leaves for this grade of matcha are shade-grown for almost 30 days, resulting in the vibrant green in colour, before being hand-plucked so that the leaves are not bruised.
The leaves are then steamed and deveined, before being ground slowly to powder-like consistency in a granite mill over many hours.
For the freshest matcha, timing is the most challenging aspect, and the Matcha Sakura is a contemporary take on a centuries-old tradition. 

The new Matcha Sakura Tea Series comes with two selections which is Matcha Sakura Ice Blended and also Matcha Sakura Latte.
Both flavours are blended with a Japanese sakura syrup, made from the delicate flowers that bloom in spring in order to enhance its flavour and to bring a new experience to tea drinkers.

Matcha Sakura Ice Blended® drink @ RM17.50 (small) & RM18.50 (regular), topped with sakura whipped cream and drizzled with sakura blossom syrup.
If you like something sweet, you can taste this gorgeous and refreshing beverage for yourself, which made of their special blended green tea.

And also Matcha Sakura Latte @ RM15.50 (small) & RM16.50 (regular).
This drink is available hot and iced, and I pretty enjoyed the overall taste of it with an inventive combination of coffee and tea.

Well, if you are looking for pure matcha green tea, you can also try the Fukamushi Sencha, a whole-leaf green tea with sweet, floral and grassy hints @ RM12.50/pot & RM55 for 20 tea bags at CB&TL.

Besides, in conjunction with the launch of the Matcha Sakura tea series, CB&TL is also partnering with local handmade bath & cosmetics brand, Wunderbath to create the Wunderbath x CB&TL Lip Balm @ RM20.90 & Lip Stain @ RM22.90.
Both lip products are available at 6 selected CB&TL stores nationwide, include:
#1 Johor Bahru City Square
#2 Gurney Plaza, Penang
#3 Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
#4 Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
#5 Kuantan City Mall
#6 Genting Premium Outlet

I love matcha, this balm has a lovely scent without being too strong.
It has a hint of matcha and vanilla, and also the packaging is super cute to carry everywhere too. :)

The new CB&TL’s Matcha Sakura beverages will be available for a limited time from 6th March 2019 at all outlets.
Do check it out guys if you enjoy Matcha beverages!
For more information about CB&TL’s latest offerings, news and promotions, follow the CB&TL Facebook page, or the CB&TL Instagram account @coffeebeanMY, or visit their website

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