Pork Noodles Fans MUST TRY @ BB Sun Kee Restaurant 信記豬肉粉

Recently, I came across a very nice pork noodle that I want to highly recommend it to the pork noodle fans.
I'm a huge fans of pork noodles since I was teenager.
I often crave for pork noodles, because I enjoy eating a soup dish.
I used to satisfy my pork noodle cravings at the Penang Rood Pork Mee located at Bandar Puchong.
I went there at least once to twice a week whenever I thought of eating pork noodles.
Till recently, I found that pork noodles from BB Sun Kee Restaurant tastes really so much better.
I actually posted this place on my IG stories whenever I visited the place, so if you've followed me on my IG @mizhippo, you probably already knew about this place. :)
Well, let's cut all the craps and follow me to enjoy a hot and flavouful pork noodles at BB Sun Kee Restaurant!

BB Sun Kee Restaurant 信記豬肉粉 is located at Taman Desa Cahaya, Alam Damai.
It's really such a hidden gem within the neighbourhood and industrial area.
The location is available on Waze, just key in the restaurant name and you will find out where it is exactly located.

From the outside of the restaurant, it just looks like an ordinary Char Chan Teng like the others.
You can't tell the restaurant is specialized in pork noodles even from the signboard.
Anyway, it is a nice clean restaurant and also the staffs are very friendly too.

The simple menu that stick on the wall has explained well all of the food with pricing that available at the restaurant.

This is their Traditional Pork Noodle @ RM7 (small bowl) RM8 (big bowl).
The flavourful pork noodle holds a very rich and flavourful broth, along with a generous portion of minced pork, tender pork slices, pork balls, and also an array of innards.
You can enjoy the dish with either dried or soup, and also with different types of noodles such as mee hun, kuey teow, yellow noddle, lou shu fun, fried mee sua, and yee mee.
For the additional poached egg, it will be extra RM1 from the pricing.

This Signature Pork Noodle @ RM12 is one of my current favourite from the restaurant.
The broth is made with rice wine, so when you eat it, it's very appetizing!
I can finish all of the soup in just few seconds! #lol
This dish is slightly bigger than the traditional one, probably the portion serves with more pieces of minced pork, tender pork slices, pork balls, and also an array of innards.
It's really one of the must try if you like rice wine broth.

So far, this is the one of the best pork noodles I've had in my life.
I really want to recommend it to those who love pork noodles.
Seriously, this place is a must come!
Hope you like my sharing for today, and do comment below if you have any good place for pork noodles, I would really love to try it out in the future!

BB Sun Kee Restaurant 信記豬肉粉
Add: 2G, Jalan Desa Cahaya 12, Taman Desa Cahaya, 56000 Cheras Selangor
Tel: +6016-3928336
Opening hours: Daily: 8am - 330pm (closed on second and fourth week Sunday)

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