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It is important to cleanse our skin every day and night.
The night time facial cleansing is to remove make-up, impurities, dead skin cells and excess oil, while the morning cleansing is to remove any toxins the skin eliminates during the night and refreshes the skin before you apply any make-ups.
That's why I always shared with my girl friends saying that the right facial cleanser is important as it acts as the foundation of your skin health and beauty routine.
Recently, I'm using the new and also the best selling cleansing product from Japan, which is the Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse.
This cleansing product not only help you to clear the dirt and debris on your face, but also help you to maintain a clean pore skin at home easily.
How good the Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse works? Let's check it out with me now!

What is Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse?

Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse, is a cleanser that developed by a group of development team with more than 30 dermatologists and beauticians in order to help woman to achieve a clear skin with clean pores.
It took the development team two years to develop their unique facial cleanser to solve the skin problems hat almost all women have.
It's mainly to clean your face from:
#1 dirt and makeup stains which stuck in the pores that can't be removed
#2 excessive sebum that may lead to clogged pores
#3 aging that causes the pores to enlarge
It is recognized by the Japanese Medical Association by solving more than 15,000 female's skin problems.
It's pore improving effect also has been awarded by Cosme, the largest beauty care product review website, Rakuten, the largest shopping sites, Poco'ce and Bea's Up, the top lifestyle magazine, and also being Monde Selection from the Grand Gold Award for 5 years in a row.


Fleuri's Clear Gel Cleanse includes a large number of the beauty ingredients that are eco-friendly, such as:
#1 Artichoke Leaves Essence: to resolve pores problems, prevent large pores, and formation of blackheads
#2 Seven Fruit Extracts: essence extracted from seven kinds of fruits such as lemon, hawthorn, red dates, lime, grapefruit, apple and orange
#3 Arbutin: with penetration 100 times larger than the regular vitamin C
#4 Yuzu Extract: maintain the skin's protective function and is a component similar to the citric acid that is dispensable for the maintenance of sensitive muscles
#5 Hibiscus Leaves Extract: also known as botanical hyaluronic acid that helps to achieve youthful skin and also repairs skin problems caused by UV rays
#6 Alkaline Water: reducing water for skin rejuvenation
One of the main highlight about the cleanser is it has succeeded by NOT adding 12 kinds of harmful ingredients; for instance oil, Phenoxyethanol, 4-Hydroxybenzoic acid, Ultraviolet absorbent, synthetic perfume, preservatives, mineral oil, pigment, alcohol, antioxidants, old display designation component, and petroleum based material.


I love the easy and simple packaging.
It's a squeeze tube with a flip top which works perfect for dispensing the contents without a mess.
I also think the whole packaging idea fits to its product so well; minimal, clean, and simple.

Texture & Scent

The formula is in clear and transparent.
I would said the texture is more like a gel-water type, as it is a little bit sticky yet a bit watery.
However, the cleaser do not foam or lather after added waters, yet it's not drying out the skin while cleansing it with your skin

How to Use?

#1 Use it as facial cleanser by apply the Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse on wet face
#2 Use it as makeup remover by apply it directly on dry face with makeup.
#3 Add a little bit of water and then massage thoroughly your face and neck.
#4 It helps to remove makeup and dirt within 30 seconds
#5 Apply your regular facial toner and your daily skin care routine

My Experience

When I first used it, to be honest, I don't really get used to it because the cleanser doesn't foam at all, so I actually wonder if it really cleanse my make-up, dirt and debris well.
But, after using it for a week later, I think I started loving it very much.
The gel texture is so comfortable when it touches to my skin, without feeling irritating.
Also, the cleanser smells so clean, without any strong artificial fragrance that makes me feel good.
Well, compare to some other facial cleansers that doesn't foam so much, this cleanser really helps to wash the dirt out of my pores without drying out my skin.
My skin still feeling hydrated after all.
I visited my beautician last 2 days, and she told me that my pores seem like much cleaner now compare to before!

Where to Purchase?

Fleuer can give you a flawless skin even without applying makeup.
If you use it continuously, you can feel the changes from the inside of your skin.
The Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse is available to purchase at Japan Premium website, and the product will ship directly from Japan to your door step.
You can purchase yours at this website https://bit.ly/2GbOnRM
One tube is selling @ RM300, but group purchase is cheaper than individual purchase.
You can get 2 tubes in a set @ RM510 (original price RM600), which means for one tube is @ RM255.
You can also get 4 tubes in a set @ RM630 (original price RM900), which means for one tube is only @ RM157.50.
There are a lot of personal reviews from the users, and also test reports from the labs are sharing on their website that worth checking out.
Lastly, hope you find the post is useful for you to take care of your beautiful skin, and I will see you again soon on my next post ya!

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