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I love to eat snacks so much!
I especially love snacking while watching movies at cinema, enjoying dramas at home, or working on my blog.
But yet, I'm always feeling guilty when carrying a junk of snacks with me because most of the tasty snacks come with a lot of calories that will make you gain weights.
So, while I was trying to eat healthy and look for healthy junk foods in 2 years back, one of my girlfriends introduced me Signature Market, an online company that offers a wide range of healthy snacks.
To my surprise, Signature Market carries more than 200 types of items, including nuts & trails, dried fruits, wholesome cookies, gourmet greens, powder beverages, organic products and many more, and the most important thing is their healthy snacks are so affordable!
This year, the good news from Signature Market is, they are celebrating and showcasing their brand new phase with a new packaging, website, technology, delivery system etc!
Continue to read on and find out more hey! :)

Signature Market was founded in September 2014 by Edwin Wang and John Cheng.
The reason they both started the business is because of their their resolution to live a healthier lifestyle. However, most of the healthy products in Malaysia are very expensive, so they started the company with affordable healthy snack products and share the benefits with everyone.
The brand is a membership community that uses the power of direct purchasing to deliver fantastically healthy food and natural products to their members at a wholesale price.

Unique Packaging

After being in the market for some years, Signature Market came up with new unique packaging design, which based on a minimalist design along with vintage tones.
The new packaging looks awesome! #lovingit
The resealable zip lock bags have durable seal; therefore, you don't have to worry about your snacks going stale as the contained items can remain protected and fresh for a long time.

New Website

The new packaging also has a brand new website to match with!
With an easier to navigate interface, users can expect a swift and immersive experience browsing for their favorite products.

Professional Unox Brand Ovens 

Signature Market uses slow-baking for bringing better quality roasted nuts. 
They recently have invested in better and industry professional Unox brand ovens in order to improve the flavour and quality of their products.
The new slow-baking method indeed helps to retain nutrients value in all of their ingredients, increases flavour, reduces the need for added seasoning or sauces, and also all the moisture stays with the ingredients to make sure the product stays fresh and crunchy on the first bite. 

Certified (HACCP) and (GMP)

In addition, Signature Market also proud to say that they are Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified
HACCP, an internationally recognized system for reducing the risk of safety hazards in food, while GMP is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards so that it does not harm the consumer. 

SKU ID Tagging System

As for the delivery services, Signature Market is utilizing the latest SKU ID tagging system to manage the flow of goods making the delivery process to the consumers' doorstep faster and more efficient.

For more information and latest updates on Signature Market, you can visit their official website at or follow them on their FB page at yea!

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