Mokka Cafe @ The Link 2, Bukit Jalil

It has been a longggggg time since I blogged about cafe-hopping.
I think the last cafe-hopping post was in 2016?!
I received some DMs on Instagram asking me if  I have any cafe recommendation since I usually posted and updated my cafe-hopping stories on my IG profile.
If you are interested to know the cafes I've been to, you can always check out my IG @mizhippo.
I will see you there?! :)
As for today, I decided to do a quick and short one about a new cafe that I visited in 2 weeks ago with my mum and sisters.
If you are staying nearby Bukit Jalil area, you may want to check out this new place too!

Mokka Cafe is situated at The Link 2, Bukit Jalil.
It is near to the Calvary Convention Centre, and also around the same area of the famous restaurant "Say Cheese" if you know about it.
The same shop lots there also have variety of eating and drinking places that worth checking out.
I've never been to this area before, so it looks very new for me.
Anyway, parking is convenient right here, which is only RM2 per entry.

The cafe is clean and simple.
I especially like the wide high ceiling inside the dining area, its very airy and makes the whole place much more spacious and comfortable.
The cafe is friendly that offers a wide range of foods, including local delicacies, Chinese cuisine, Western meals, desserts and good coffees too. :)

While waiting for my mum and sisters, I ordered a cup of a hot Americano @ RM8.
I actually don't really bother how they make the coffee and what kind of beans they use, as long as the black coffee is strong and bitter to drink. :)

I had my lunch with their Whet Your Appetite @ RM24 with curry fish fillet.
The set served with 2 side dishes of salad, a small bowl of clear soup and also white rice.
The portion is quite big for one pax, that included about 4-5 pieces of fried fish fillets and also some vegetables such as lady fingers, long green beans, as well as eggplants.
I enjoyed the dish very much because the curry is so appetizing!

Mum had their signature Golden After-Eggs @ RM26, which is a salted egg yolk chicken chop.
The dish is complemented by the creamy salted egg yolk sauce, and also comes with a delicious salad side dish.
For myself, I think it would be good if they can serve additional salted egg yolk sauce in a small bowl and set aside as I think the sauce somehow it's not enough when it seeps into the meat.
Anyway, the sauce is thick and flavourful, and the fried meat was tender with crispy skin outside.

My sister picked their When Life Gives You Lemon @ RM23, which is a lemon chicken spaghetti.
She enjoyed the combo of light pasta and fresh creamy lemon sauce, and also the fried chicken pieces that served at the side is so juicy, definitely the cherry on top of this dish!

Then, my sister-in-law ordered The Cherry Picked @ RM26 which is their Tom Yam Seafood Spaghetti.
She mentioned that the spaghetti is very appetizing with mixture of hot, spicy and sour taste, and also the seafood itself is pretty fresh.

Mum loves desserts!
Since we had a bit of time after our lunch, we ordered their Bubble Waffles too.
There are variety of waffle choices, and we decided to go Moraceae @ RM20, a bubble waffles with a scoop of homemade cempedak ice-cream, and served with jackfruit and topped with Gula Melaka Syrup.
Bubble waffles is a popular treat in Hong Kong, that has crispy edges and soft oval "eggs" or "bubbles".
It might be too dry to eat just the bubble waffles itself, so for me it's great to eat with ice-creams and white creams! :)

Overall, we had a good time at the Mokka Cafe.
The environment is great and comfortable for family gathering, friends catching up, and also a good place for small discussion.
Though I find the pricing on their menu was slightly expensive for me, the foods were nice, and also the services were not bad too.
I probably will come back for their Bubble Waffles again with my friends next time.

Mokka Cafe
Add: C-2-G, The Link 2, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 1,
Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 6012 381 5918
Opening hours: Daily 8am - 930pm
FB Page:

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