Siwon Korean Hair Salon @ Plaza Arkadia, Desa Park City

This week's schedule was very busy with lots of events, gatherings, outings going on.
I almost had to go out of bed early in every morning to get myself ready for the day.
Well, I'm actually a person who enjoys busy and packed schedules with exciting plannings and activities going on, so I don't really complaining to have such busy schedule in a week.
Indeed, I feel great when I have my whole week packed and filled with different plans because that's how I feel productive and do not feel my days are wasted.
Anyway, as for today's post, I would like to share my new hair colour that I just did at Siwon Korean Hair Salon in last 2 weekend.
Yeap! I'm finally changing a new hair colour! Sooooo excited about it! :D

Siwon Korean Hair Salon is located at Plaza Arkadia, Desa Park City.
It is a commercial area that surrounded with many shops, offices, cafes, restaurants, pubs and lounge, beauty salons, supermarket etc.
And Siwon Korean Hair Salon is situated at the first floor of the Bellamy Block (B Block) inside the Arkadia plaza.

Siwon Korean Hair Salon is a new Korean hair salon that opened just about 4 months ago, since March 2019.
The hair salon is operated by Leo's couple, from Seoul Korea.
If you followed me on my social medias closely, Leo has been my hair stylist for almost 2 years, when he first worked with one of the franchise Korean hair salon in KL.
Well, finding a good hair salon you can trust is always like winning the lottery.
It's always difficult for me to find someone that really can manage my hair and understand my needs, because my hair is too thin and soft, and I always look for ways to get volume, fuller look; Leo somehow managed to give my hair a boost with his hair cutting skill.
Most of the time, he never bored me with only one hair style but will change it accordingly to the trends that suit me.

The new hair salon has a bright spacious space with stylish yet simple interior design.
Feel good from the very moment I walked through the main door.
It has a clean, comfortable, and professional environment for the customers.
The salon has a good vibe with natural light and my favourite soft Korean indie music playing in the background, surely a nice place for me to spend few hours to kick back, relax and make my hair.

Leo received me during my visit to the salon.
The staff then served me drinks and some snacks on my table. :)

Okay now! Let's take a look at my new hair colour process now! :D
So excited to see how my new hair colour is going to be like!

Pick the Colour

It took me sometimes to decide on what my new hair colour is going to be.
Leo suggested to make my hair a shade of either orange and pink coz he said these colours are the trendiest hair colours of the moment in Korea.
I decided to dye in the natural rosy brown, which is no.7 showing on the colour chart as I think this colour doesn't look sooooo "wow" yet look simply natural.
Anyway, I've never tried pink before, so I was very looking forward to my first trial. #hehe

Protect the Scalp

It's important to protect your hair and scalp while colouring in order to protect the scalp against irritation and stinging. 
Leo used protective spray on my whole scalp and gently massage it in.
My scalp was feeling a bit cooling after spraying. :)

Colouring Process

Most of the products at Siwon Korean Hair Salon are imported from Korea and Japan.
I was introduced to Milbon, a well-known professional hair product from Japan for hair dyes, which offers various shades and tones.
This hair colour products are more gentle on the hair and scalp since it has less chemical, and also it makes your hair less dry yet provides shinier and smoother hair.

For me, I really take care of every single string of my hair as I have a fragile hair structure.
My hair is too thin, too soft, and too tiny to deal with the chemicals.
During the hair colouring process, I've noticed Leo was very details and careful, especially when he coating my hair with the chemicals and he also taking care of my scalp very well while completing the hair colouring process.

After about 30 minutes, time to wash off!
I love the hair washes at Siwon because the temperature of the water just right, and they provide a simple yet comfort scalp and head massages. #hehe

4 Steps Hair Treatment

For the hair treatment, I was introduced to the 4 steps treatment with Goldilocks, a moisturizing hair treatment product from Korea.
The 4 steps treatment include #Keratin, #2 Collagen, #3 Maskpack and #4 Bubble that required about 1 hour plus to complete.
The Goldilocks hair treatment is not only rich in high keratin and collagen that provides more protection to the hair, it also able to restore damage hair to strength and provide elasticity high gloss instantly.

It's a very relaxing and calming treatment for me. :)
I like how the Ultrasonic hair conditioning machine to help my hair get back enough nourish and treat my damaged hair more effectively.
To be honest, I was not expecting much for a hair treatment since I've tried many hair treatments before at the other salons.
My hair was quite damaged at the ends due to the previous colouring I done before and also the daily use of a straightener that caused my hair so dry and brittle.
I must use a lot of hair conditioner every time I wash my hair, otherwise it is constantly tangling while I combing my hair.
So, after the hair treatment, I can feel my hair condition is getting so much better; it's more softer, smoother and slightly slippery than before.
The most important thing for me is I use less hair conditioner compared to before.
I'm really so happy about that!

Blow & Haircut

After blow drying my hair, here's a little sneak of a little bit of pink and ash brown in my hair!
I also had a hair trim, mainly to trim off all the split ends to touch up my hair style.

Before and After  

Here's my before and after pictures.
I'm so happy with the results and really mad love with my new hair!
I requested for colours that can brighten my skin tone, and this new colour seems to sit well with my skin tone.
Some of my friends noticed the hair colour changed from different views; it looks a bit of browny at the back, yet a bit of purple and pinkish from the side. :)
You can also check out my IG @mizhippo to see my daily pictures with the new hair colour. :)

Thanks to Leo for helping me pick a new hair colour. :)
I'm looking forward to my next pampering treat at Siwon Korean Hair Salon.
If you are interested for quality hair service or looking for a Korean hair style look, do drop by Siwon Korean Hair Salon and look for Leo for your hair services.
I'm sure he will makes your hair happily ever after! :)

Siwon Korean Hair Salon
Add: B-1-15, Plaza Arkadia
No.3, Jalan Intisari Perdana,
Desa Park City, 52200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 6010 938 4877 / 603 6261 4695
Opening hours: Daily 10am - 8pm (closed on Monday)

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Nice new look of yours. It's really good to pamper yourself with a new hairstyle once in awhile.