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Hey guys!
Welcome back!
I hope most of you have already read my Hippo in Spain & Portugal 2019 post, if you haven't, go and read now yeaaaaaa. :)
Like I said early in my previous post, today I'm going to dive deep into the places that I've been to in Spain and Portugal.
I will be separating the posts according to different locations, and will show you the attractions and highlights that must not missed out in both Spain and Portugal!
So, Barcelona is the first destination we visited during our Spain tour.
It was about 7 hours and 30 minutes flight from Dubai to Barcelona, and we landed at Barcelona airport at about 2 in the afternoon.
We didn't get to check in the hotel, but only freshen up a bit at the airport after picked up our luggage.
So, it was really a long and exhausted day on the first day in Barcelona.

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain.
For years, I've heard how beautiful and stunning about Barcelona, so from there, Barcelona had became one of the popular destinations that I wanted to visit in Europe one day.
Glad that I've make my dreams come true in 2019. :)
My first impression about Barcelona is the works of their architectures and buildings.
Many of them are tied to the design works with the famous architect, Antoni Gaudi, which plays a big part of the city at many of the attraction places.
You can see "Gaudi" styles and designs almost everywhere around the city.
Well, throughout the trip in Barcelona, I'm falling into Gaudi too!

Beautiful panoramic view over Barcelona!

Park Güell

On the first day, we visited the masterpiece, Park Güell that designed by famous architect, Antoni Gaudi.
It's a public park that located on Carmel Hill, and also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site that must visit in Barcelona.
To be honest, I didn't expect this iconic green park can be so interesting to walk around.
There are so many interesting features to check out around the park.

The Pavilion at the Park Güell entrance.
Looks like a candy-house, isn't it? :)

"El Drac" is the famous lizard in Barcelona. 
It is creatively created and made of colourful mosaic, it's so eye-catching to be found at the park main entrance.

When walking to the top of the steps, there is an area which known as Hypostyle Room.
This area that supported by big columns and also interesting designs on the ceiling was originally intended to be the market place for the neighbourhoods.

The summer vibes make me feel like in Hawaii. :)

The Serpentine Bench, a well-known mosaic tile bench to rest and take a gorgeous view of Barcelona.
The bench is created in a curved shape, and filled with variety of different tiles colours.
I also read that this is the longest bench in the world.

Can't believe this area that constructed like an ocean wave is the Laundry Room Portico.

I didn't expect to fall in love with this park before I even went in.
It's a colourful and stylish park to visit; the tiles of the place are dazzling and the buildings and architectures are iconic.
Oh ya! If you've visited the park before, not sure if you realized that there are not straight lines or sharp corners at the park.
That is what Gaudi said and applied to his architecture designs as he claimed that there were no straight lines and sharp corners in nature.
Therefore, you only see slanted lines or organic curves which mimic the way objects such as trees, shells, plants and rocks are formed.
Interesting, right?! :)


On the second day, early in the morning after having our breakfast, we headed to Montserrat, another highlight in Spain.
Montserrat is located about an hour drive from Barcelona, not too far, but since it's located high at the mountain, of course there are a lot of curves on the mountain road that have to go through, but there's nothing much complicated.

It wasn't a good day while visiting Montserrat because it rained a lot when we arrived there in the morning.
I assume the mountain view will be so much beautiful when there is a sunrise out there. :)

Aside from the rock formation at Montserrat, a major highlight of visiting Montserrat is to visit the Santa Maria de Montserrat abbey.
The monastery is still active today, with a home for 80 Benedictine monks.
Besides, it's also always a long queues along the side to pay the famous statue of the Virgin Mary a visit too.
The statue of Virgin Mary is in dark and solemn, sits behind the glass and surrounded by carved wood.  

Well, other than paying a visit the statue of Virgin Mary, the queues to the monastery still worth it because it's worth seeing the Gothic architecture at the basilica, chapels, number of sculptures, paintings and also carvings that back in 15th century.

Don't forget to spend sometimes to hunt the local dessert and snacks at the local market along the road side.
Tried the local dessert, Mel i Mato, a traditional Catalan dessert in Spain.
It is a fresh cheese of Catalonia that made from goats milk, with no salted added but only served with honey.
I don't really like the taste, find the overall taste was a bit over cheesyyy. :)

It was a glorious morning at Montserrat.
The view of the rock formation was amazing, and the church itself was stunning.
I like it here because the place is not so crowded and not too noisy, it's a nice place to chill and relax your mind compare to other big places in the city. :)

La Sagrada Familia

You couldn't go to Barcelona and not see the La Sagrada Familia, a large unfinished Roman Catholic minor Basilica in the big city.
Again, it is designed by the same architect as Park Guell, Antoni Gaudi.
Though the total construction is only 15 - 25 percent completed by Antoni Gaudi, until his death in 1926, this building is still known as part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The big Basilica is still under construction.
You can see from this picture where the structure on the right was finished by Gaudi Antoni, while the one on the left side is the newly added by the people now.
Apparently, both constructions look very differently.

Some interior views taken inside the Sagrada Familia.
Everything inside the cathedral is breathtaking, like its architectures, lighting, sculptures, etc.
Big columns that situated everywhere looks very strong, that I find they look a bit like the bones though. :)
Anyway, I also read this cathedral will be the tallest religious structure in Europe with the central tower in the middle 170 meters tall once it's completed in 2026.

The building is still under construction, and these are the new structures that they are currently making.
So, be prepared to see a lot of work continuing when you visit the place.

Though we only did the basic visit as we didn't have much time since we were on tour, the overall visit was cool and interesting.
Make sure the next time you're in Europe, come visit this absolute must-see in Barcelona!
Truly a magnificent building to visit!

Gothic Quarter

The Gothic Quarter is the center of the old city of Barcelona.
It encompasses the oldest parts of the city of Barcelona, where you can see the remains of the city's Roman wall, and several notable medieval landmarks.

Around the Gothic Quarter area, you will see the La Seu Cathedral (Barcelona Cathedral).
The place was so crowded with locals and tourists.

Las Rambla

And, before leaving Barcelona, we also visited Las Rambla, a busy street with inspirational setting that located in central Barcelona.
The street is approximately 1.2 kilometers long, and you will find dozens of restaurants, cafes, shops, boutiques along the full length of the street.

There are also plenty of things to see and do around this famous avenue, such as visiting the sex museum, walk on the the Miró Mural, have a bite or a drink at the local market, see the human statues, and many more. 
But I myself enjoyed the different designs of the balconies at their apartments the most. :)

Guess that's all I have for the good memories in Barcelona.
Though I was only there for a short time, I had so much fun wandering round.
I know there are so much more to do in the city, and for sure I look forward to my return soon. 
Adiós, Barcelona! XOXO

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