Recap 2019, To 2020!

Time flies.
Can't believe it is the end of 2019 now.
2019 has been an up and down year for me.
Well, I can't say it is the best, but also not the worst year too.
I'm feeling so glad that I have my family, Lik and friends being with me all the time this year.
Looking back the new year resolution I made for 2019, I think I did most of them, except being an organized person (this probably gonna take another few more years to achieve lol), yet I'm happy that I'm taking my steps to be more socialize and able to communicate well with new people. :)
Writing a year end recap is like a ritual on my blog when it comes to the end of the year, so yea, this year will not be exceptional as well.
I'm going to write about the recap to keep all my memories and some highlights for 2019.
So, here's what I have for my best 2019.

Traveled to 4 Countries

Every year, I aimed to traveled to the places that I listed down on my bucket list.
I'm glad that I had visited 4 countries this year.
I went to Guangzhou China in March, Spain and Portugal in October, and Yunnan China in December.
I've blogged about Guangzhou China at HERE, and also Spain & Portugal at HERE, still preparing more deeds about Spain, Portugal and also Yunnan China, which coming up soon!
Meantime, you can also check out my travel stories with hashtags #hippoinchina, #hippoinspain #hippoinportugal on my Instagram @mizhippo.

2 Girlfriends' Trips

Making friends is easy, but keeping them is not.
The true is when we aged and life status changed, when we have more commitment to fulfill and more roles to fit it, it is not easy to get together or even go travel together.
Glad that this year I'm able to made two short local trips with my girl friends to Ipoh and Sekinchan.
Looking forward to have more girl friends' trips like this in 2020!

On Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

It's my first time ever that I did an official shoot for an advertisement.
When I received the confirm notes from Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks, I was freaking stoked because I've never done something like this before.
Totally a new challenge for me but also thankful to be chosen for this because I got to step out of my comfort zone and tried something different.
When I received compliments from friends and families after they saw me on the adv, I'm really appreciated.

Watch Boyzone and Blackpink Live

I'm so lucky to catch Boyzone and Blackpink live performance in this year!
Boyzone is my favourite boy bands when I was a teenage, I really can't believe that I'm able to watch their concert and had the chance listen to my most favourite song, "Love Me For A Reason" in LIVE!
Believe it or not?! It's also my first time watching a K-pop concert at rock zone area, with the "Hit you with that ddu-du-ddu-du du by Blackpink!
I'm looking forward to watch more concerts in the future!

Business is Growing

Some of you probably know that I have my own business in supplying uniform.
I'm glad that this year my small little business is growing and continue to expand.
Running own business can very challenging as it will push you to your limits, and force you to deal with all the responsibility that comes from different aspects.
But, I'm happy to work on it everyday. :)

Admitted to Hospital

In Sept, I was admitted to Sunway Medical Hospital due to my tear dust system again.
This is my third time dealing the same tear dust system issue.
I hope it will not come back again because this is really disturbing my daily life, and it's very irritating to have a blocked tear duct as my tears can't drain normally and leaving me with a watery and irritated eye.
I'm keeping my finger crossed that it will be gone forever after the third surgery.

Full-time Blogger

As being a full-time blogger as well, I'm so thankful to have the opportunities to work with different brands, and travel to places that I've never been to.
Thanks for trusting me and let me work together with you all.
Though this year I created less contents; 126 posts in 2018 compare to 96 posts in 2019, yet this doesn't mean I'm losing my passion on blogging.
Blogging is something I absolutely love and enjoy to do the most in my life time.
I'm also feeling very thankful to have people who always give me supports and encouragements during my "low" times.
Thanks everyone for everything!

That's all for my 2019 memories.
Well, my 365 days in 2019, not everyday is shiny day; some days might be sunny, some days might be gloomy.
I'm glad that I've lived my fullest in 2019, and strive thru with all my best.
Once again, thanks for all the good and bad ones in 2019, and yea I'm all ready to welcome 2020!

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