California Raisins @ A Healthy and Tasty Evening with Chef Emmanuel Stroobant

How many of you here like raisins?
And how many of you know the goodness and benefits of raisins for your health?
Here's some key benefits of raisins that I wanna share with you all:
✓They are all-natural
✓They are naturally sweet and do not contain added sugar
✓They are fat and cholesterol-free and naturally low in sodium
✓They are a source of potassium (an important electrolyte that aids in muscle, cardiovascular and nervous system function)
✓They are a source of fibre
✓They are a source of concentrated nutrients
✓They are known to contain phytonutrients that suppress the growth of oral bacteria associated with cavities and gum disease
Overall, raisins are a healthful food and make a great addition to many diets.

When looking for high quality raisins, ask for California Raisins.
California Raisins provide flavour, texture and colour to wide variety of products.
Their natural sweetness allows for reductions of the sugar levels in formulations and their high water binding capacity helps to retain moisture in bakery products.
Based on their numerous attributes, raisins are adaptable to a variety of other manufactured products appealing to the new and growing market for health conscious consumers.
California Raisins are naturally brown due to the Millard reaction that occurs while being dried by the sun, whether on the ground or on the vine.
This appealing dark colour is fixed that will not bleed or discolour food products; and also there is no artificial food colourants are used in the production of California Raisins.

Though raisins are small, they must not be underestimated for their health benefits.
Each raisins contain 35% fructose and 35% glucose are natural fruit sugar which is a good source of energy and has no fat & no cholesterol.
It is a healthy snack and is also a sugar replacement for many recipes in cooking and baking.

Studies also have shown that increased consumption of fruits & vegetables more than 5 servings a day is related to a 17% reduction in coronary heart disease.
Also, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends that adults consume 1½ to 2 cups of fruit per day.
A portable, readily available fruit, such as California Raisins, is ideal to help fulfill this quota.
In fact, it only takes ½ cup of raisins to equal a whole fruit serving vs 1 full cup of fresh fruit.

A package of California Raisins fits perfectly in a purse or briefcase, and also conveniently fit in lunch boxes, gym bags, and in your desk drawer, as they are ready-to-eat, tasty and healthy.
They are also economical, do not bruise and are easy to use straight out of the box, no washing, peeling or chopping required, so one can create a simple meal.

Richard Lieu, RAC’s Trade Promotions Director for Malaysia: "most consumers, especially children, California Raisins are a healthy snack compared with other snack foods, as they are naturally sweet and do not contain any added sugar. California Raisins are also a very versatile ingredient and can inspire a wide repertoire of dishes, from appetizers and main dishes to desserts and beverages, especially as consumers are becoming more health conscious and more adventurous in their culinary endeavours".

Well, the highlight of that lovely evening was to watch live demonstration and taste the recipes that created by 2-star Michelin celebrity Chef Emmanuel Stroobant along with guest Chef Erich Anton Roos who treated 40 key Malaysian Key Opinion Leaders to an intimate dining experience.

Chef Emmanuel Stroobant is the Belgian’s 2-star Michelin celebrity chef.
He had his first brush with culinary business when he started working as a kitchen help as young as 16 years and worked his way in the culinary world within a span of a decade.
Not only he is hosting the AFC channel for many years, he also just opened his first restaurant in Singapore called Saint Pierre.
Oh! I want to make a visit there one day!

We first had our appetizer, the California Raisins, Crab & Cauliflower, that loaded with crabmeat inside the crispy skin, and paired with a cauliflower on top of the dish.
I like it because it has a light taste of sweetness from the California Raisins. :)

Then, we had the first main course, California Raisin Pasta With Fennel & Prawns.
The prawn tastes so fresh, and I love how the California Raisins are added for the extra texture and sweetness to the savory dish.

Second main course we had for that evening is the California Raisins With Beef Short Ribs & Winter Fruits.
The meat recipe was a favourite, with a rich and braised sauce spiked with the hint of sweetness from the pears and California Raisins.

Chef Erich Anton Roos, a Swiss national with 40 years of culinary and international working experience which covers many Western and Asian countries.
He currently based in Bangkok, by focusing in consultancy and strategic planning for kitchen training needs in international hotel chains.

Chef Erich Anton Roos represented Symphony of California Raisins that consisting of California Raisin muffin with cream, California Raisin cinnamon ice-cream and Apple puff.
My favourite goes to the ice-cream because it's not very sweet, I only tasted the naturally sweet taste from California Raisins!

Thank you both chefs for the amazing dinner, and thank you California Raisins for such a great tasting experience.
I can't wait to create more recipes with California Raisins at home now. #hehe
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