Murad @ Murad Prebiotic 3-in-1 MultiMist

I love a good face mist, mainly because they are easy to use no matter where you are.
You just gonna close your eyes and spritz some mist directly all over your face, then your skin will feel refreshing and cooling instantly.
It's definitely a great helper for your skin for those days with or without makeup.
I recently came across a new face mist, Murad Prebiotic 3-in-1 MultiMist that not only works to refresh your face throughout the day, it also works as a primer before applying your makeup and also a set up spray to make your makeup last all day long.
This new face mist has immediately became one of my favourite beauty products after I've used it for about 3 week times.
For those who likes to use face mist or if you are looking for one that works well, you must check this out! :)

What is Murad Prebiotic 3-in-1 MultiMist?

Murad Prebiotic 3-in-1 MultiMist is a peptide-rich, hydrating mist that helps to replenish the complexion with prebiotics to balance skin's microbiome.
The reason you need prebiotics beauty products is to nourish good bacteria for your healthiest skin.
It's a 3-in-1 formula features hydrating sugars to moisturize and refresh the skin, while a yeast peptide helps lock in hydration.
This face mist is one of the most versatile, multitasking beauty products; from hydrating and moisturizing, to refreshing, as well as acting as a makeup primer and a setting makeup spray.
It is suitable for normal, oily, combination and dry skin types.


This multi-tasking face mist contains three highlight ingredients:
#1 Prebiotic Hydrating Sugars: promote enrichment of food bacteria, reinforce and help boost skin's natural hydration reserves for a smooth, healthy barrier
#2 Yeast Peptide: help lock in skin's natural moisture levels to promote healthy, hydrated skin, which in turn supports an ideal environment for a healthy microbiome
#3 Bipolymer Complex: form a natural, breathable, surface-smoothing second skin that helps prime and set makeup, and also ensure longer makeup wear

This face mist is safe to use for skin because it is formulated without harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, gluten, dyes, GMOs, oil, triclosan, alcohol, nuts, nanoparticles, and other animal-derived ingredients. 

Texture & Scent

One main thing I love about this face mist is because of the nice smell.
It has a very light flowerly smell that makes you feel very refreshing.
Just like the other face mist sprays, the texture is watery and transparent in colour.


The product comes in a sleek purple slimline packaging, a very classy look bottle.
It's light and handy enough to bring it everywhere so that you can refresh and hydrate your skin anytime, anywhere. 

How to Use?

This product can be used in both morning and evening, for whole face, except eyes.
#1 Hold the bottle 8-10 inches away from face, close eyes, and mist evenly onto skin
#2 Can be applied under makeup to prime or after makeup to set
#3 Use to refresh thoroughly the day

My Experience

Murad Prebiotic 3-in-1 MultiMist has everything I wanted and needed in a facial mist.
It works so well for me in day and night time.
I usually like to use face mist to spritz my face to feel cooling and refreshing on a hot day, and also added it before I put on face serum and moisturizer for a better skincare absorption at night time.
On the other hand, I also realized that my skin is much smoother when I used the face mist before applying foundation, probably because the mist helps to hydrate my skin to avoid the cakey look.
As for the set up spray, I have a combination skin whereby my makeup usually will slide off my face after lunch time, so this 3-in-1 face mist somehow helps me to extend the wear-time of my daily makeup.
I've also got a little tip for you that once in a while when I feel my hair is dry out during day, I will spritz the product to my hair to keep my hair from drying out. #hehe
Yea basically, you can use the face mist from head to toe since it has such a lovely and pleasant smell. :)

Where to Purchase?

Murad Prebiotic 3-in-1 MultiMist @ RM158 (100ml) is available at Murad official website at
For more updates about Murad, you can visit their FB page at or their IG profile at
That's all for the beauty sharing today, will see you all soon on my next beauty post yea!

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