Hair Makeover @ Daisuke Salon De Coiffure

If you follow my Instagram, you might already noticed that I have recently changed my hairstyle.
Some said I look much younger and refresh.
Some said I look a bit more mature.
My niece said I look like a doll.
Lik said I look like a puddle dog. #whatthe...
Anyway, I like my new hair as I think it is easy to take care of, and I look more refreshed with it.
Wanna know about my hair makeover story? Please continue to scroll down! #hehe

I did my hair makeover with Daisuke Salon De Coiffure, which located at Dataran 3 Two Square in PJ.
It is owned and operated by Japanese, Mr. Daisuke Suzuki with his professional team.
To be honest, it is a real big challenge for me to step into a new salon, plus having hairstyle changes.
I am a person who is afraid to have my hairdo with anyone, because it is not easy for me to accept the changes. #soundsbad
I remember during my primary school years, my mum always has headaches whenever she brought me to the salons, because I always end up crying and she get so frustrated.
Glad that Daisuke did not disappoint me after all!

I was impressed how they decorated the salon to have a kind of peaceful greeny feeling.
It looks so lovely, almost like a secret garden; very warm and cozy!

When I arrived there, Ms. Ai brought me to their private room.
Yeap, you heard it right! They have two private rooms with curtain for you if you want to have private space for your own. How cool it is!

After the consultation session with my hair stylist, Amanda, we are ready for the changes!
Amanda is very insisted with what she thinks is good on me and tried to persuade me with her suggestion.
Obviously, I was persuaded after all! #lol

We started the first step to wash my hair and the Co2 hair and scalp treatment.
Co2 hair and scalp treatment is a hair treatment formula imported from Japan, which mainly to take care and clean your scalp with the application of Tansan Bubble Spa.
It uses Carbon Dioxide as the main ingredient to deep cleanse your hair and wash off the oil and dirt from the pores.
Co2 treatment can help to #1 clean harmful chemical residues, dust and sebum clogging the scalp, #2 prevent hair loss, #3 reduce scalp itchiness due to the chemical treatments, #4 help for oily scalp, #5 repair dry and damaged hair by colouring or permanent,  #6 softer the hair, and increase your hair volume, #6 improve blood circulation on your scalp.
So, after the treatment, your hair for sure will feel more refreshing, glossy and softer!

You can see how dirty and oily your scalp is after you finish the CO2 treatment.
I have already expected mine will be very awful since I have done numerous of hair colouring and chemical treatments before, so I supposed my scalp must already been damaged a lot!
Amanda did two Co2 treatments on my hair; one before the hair cut, and one after the perming session.
It is true that I can feel my scalp is lighter and fresher than before, probably because it has cleared the dirt that has been laying inside for long time.

Amanda suggested me to cut my hair shorter, at about my shoulder length, and followed by the digital perm.

It was a mixed feeling of having a curly hair again as I had bad experiences in few years ago.
I washed it off after a week later as I couldn't face myself in front of the mirror; plus people said I do not suit with curly hair, and it makes me look so old!
You can assume how super duper nervous I was during this process!

If you look carefully enough, you can see my hair is actually very fine and soft.
Amanda was very considerate; she specially used this Bondplex Createrur Creator on my hair while doing the perm so that it can prevent my hair damaged from the chemical.
Bondplex is a kind of anti-breakage technology which builds bonds and it designed to be added to any chemical mixtures (hair dye or bleach) or used in combination with any chemical hair treatment, preventing damage before it can even start.
It does not affect the processing time of your treatments, or have any effect on the developer level.

It's all done after 4 hours!
I was very surprise with the final result, especially the curl.
It looks very natural, and I think I look more alike Korean or Japanese now. #haha

The behind look, very natural huh!

Thank you Amanda for her patient and her good work of that day! #thumbsup

And thanks to Mr. Daisuke for his professional photo shooting of that day!


My total cost of my hair makeover is RM280, includes cut and perm by senior stylist, plus RM28 for the CO2 spa.
If you are also interested with Daisuke services, you can find their details as below:

Daisuke Salon Definitely Coiffure
C-25-01, Dataran 3 Two Square,
No 2, Jalan 19/1,
46300 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 603 7960 0140
Facebook: DaisukeSalon
Opening hours: Tue - Sat (10am - 8pm), Sun (10am - 6pm)