Keep Smiling with Systema 3D Clean

We brush teeth once in the morning, and once in the evening before going to bed.
But, have you ever wonder if your toothbrush does a good job in terms of cleaning the junks that we intake to our mouth everyday?
Yes! I always doubt that; if I am using the right toothbrush for my teeth? Did I clean my teeth well especially the back teeth? Did my toothbrush actually removing all the dirt deep inside my mouth?

Systema, the No. 1 toothbrush brand in Japan is launching their latest 3D clean toothbrush which helps to clean every part of your teeth more effective and comfortably.
It is a well known toothbrush in Japan market now as it sells 1 piece in every 1 second!

Systema 3D clean toothbrush is designed in Japan with 0.02mm multi-cleaning bristles.
The 0.02mm bristles helps to clean 18% better than 0.01mm bristles, and also reducing brushing pressure by 66% for a comfortable and clean satisfying. 
Also, this special toothbrush has total 6 multi-cleaning ability for your teeth cleaning. 

#1 It helps to remove 63% more plague than other tapered toothbrushes.
#2 It has spiral power tip which enables to reach back teeth better to scrape away more plague.
#3 It helps to clean teeth surface better with it's shorter middle bristles.
#4 It has longer middle bristles to penetrate in between teeth to remove stuck food pieces. 
#5 The longer outer bristles helps to penetrate deeper into gum lines to remove 9 times more plague.
#6 It can be a tongue cleaner to remove bad breath which causing bacteria.

According to their positive customer survey, Systema shows that it has a much better overall brushing performance compare to another brands in terms of it's bristles, cleaning ability, and handle design.
Besides, 83% of the users said that it is comfortable and effective when they used it as tongue cleaner. 

Thanks to Systema for their roadshow invitation at One Utama on last weekend. 
I was glad that I got the chance to try and feel the No. 1 toothbrush in Japan at first hand. #myseriouslook

For myself:
#1 The bristle is soft. Soft bristled toothbrush is always my top choice as it is the most comfortable and safest choice. Also, my doctor advised me to use soft bristled toothbrush to protect my tooth enamel. 
#2 I kinda like the handle. It is slim and light than the current brand I am using; and it is much fitted to hold while brushing.
#3 The toothbrush is flexible. When I brushed my back teeth and inner side, it is easy and comfortable to move around inside my mouth. 

The most scary part on that day was I have to share my thoughts about the 3D clean toothbrush in front of the camera. #scarydie  
Since I have serious video-phobia so I know I didn't do it well. 
If you seen me on that video after it launch, promise me that you don't laugh at me okay!? #promise

Lastly, there was a short dentist check up and doctor gave me her advice based on the final result.
My last dentist check up was in a year ago, and grateful that everything looks fine, whereby I only need the teeth scaling and polishing. #hehe

It was a great day leaning everything about teeth, and also quite an unusual activity for me especially taking the short video in front of the public. #reallyomg

In addition, it is important choosing the right toothbrush.
Do you choose based on colour, brand, nice packing, pricing or do you just use the toothbrush you got for free from the hotel you stayed last time?
Toothbrush plays an important role as it is our most frequent used, also it fight against tooth decay and gum disease. 
So, let's take a look at the other Systema toothbrushes if you think 3D Clean doesn't fit you.

For Basic Cleaning:
#1 Compact comes with small head for 260 degree reach and clean. 
#2 Comfort has a regular head for comfortable and effective clean.
#3 Full head with bigger head for wider and faster clean.

For Enhanced Needs:
#4 3D Clean comes with 3D multi cleaning bristles to clean every difficult to reach parts of your teeth. 

For Special Needs:
#5 Sensitive has an ultra soft convex bristles for a more gentle yet effective clean.
#6 Spiral has hexagon filaments to remove 40% more plague from tooth surface.
#7 BI-Level which contains 2 level bristles for better in between and uneven teeth clean.

Love your teeth, and choose the right toothbrush for yourself!

For more information about Systema 3D clean, you can visit their website and FB page at:
Website: SouthernLion
Facebook: KeepSimlingMY

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