Shokubutsu Pledge @ Self Breast Check During shower

Do you know that breast cancer is the 2nd most common cancer in the world?
Do you know that 1 out of 19 woman are at breast cancer risk?
Do you know that simple 5 minutes breast self-check can help the early detection?

There are more than 90% of women diagnosed with breast cancer at the earliest stage have the chance to survive for at least 5 years.
That is why it is very important for us to prevent it through early detection. 
In conjunction with the pink ribbon month, Shokubutsu, the leading shower foam in Malaysia is spearheading a campaign of Pledge-To-Self-Check During Shower to all women!
It is a supported campaign with National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM), which aims to empower women and highlight to them that early breast cancer detection lies in their hands and in turn, early detection can significantly increase the survival rate.  

Many of us are aware of how important the breast cancer is, but how many of us are actually committed yourself to do something to prevent it?
We might already know some tips, but I believe many of us will also find excuses and neglect to make this step as a commitment.

So as to encourage women to make an important commitment, Shokubutsu therefore believe that the best time to do breast checks is during the shower time and it is also one of the most helpful self-initiative step that enable early detection.
No matter how busy and hectic your daily life is, you will still need to shower at least one time in a day.
Hence, this will be a perfect ideal time for you to practice this and make it as your habit soon or later. 
You can do it as on a daily basis to make it a point to remember to do your breast self-checks once a month in the shower until it becomes an effortless habit.
Please keep in mind that a simple breast self-check in the shower can help women detect breast cancer early and indeed the most convenient and easiest time to do a breast self-check.

If you ever have any breast self-check before, let's start practicing it now!

#1 Raise left arm behind your hand.
#2 Glide soapy right hand and check left breast by placing middle 3 fingers firmly, using small circular movements around the breast to feel for lumps.
#3 Always start from outside edge of breast going inwards in circles.
#4 Make sure that you check the entire breast, armpits and behind nipple.
#5 Repeat the steps by using left hand to check on right breast.

Do it every month without fail. 
The best time is always few days after your period when your breasts are less tender.
If you are no longer menstruating, simply select a regular date for your monthly self check.
This self check can also be done while standing up in front of your make up mirror or lying on bed.

The Shokubutsu ‘Pledge-To-Self-Check During Shower’ campaign will run from 1 October till 30 November 2015.
They target to get 250,000 women to pledge to do their breast self-check during shower every month, whereby every bottle sold during the campaign period will translate into 1 pledge and Shokubutsu will donate RM0.10 to NCSM.
There will be also variety of nationwide roadshows, in-store promotions and social media activation in educating women the step-by-step guide to do breast self-check during shower.

Besides, Shokubutsu has also designed a special application on Shokubutsu Malaysia Facebook.
You can upload and share your pledge now to receive a FREE 3D Mammogram with consultation voucher when you buy a Thin Prep (Pap Smear) at NCSM Cancer and Health Screening Clinic.

Breast cancer is not only affect you and your life, but also affect the life of happiness of everybody who love and care for you!
Start protecting yourself and do your breast self-check TODAY!

Website: Southernlion
FB: Shokubutsu Malaysia

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