Premiere Screening and press conference @ 碟仙碟仙 Are You Here

Feeling so lucky! Feeling so thankful!
Being able to attend the premiere screening of the new Hong Kong movie 碟仙碟仙 Are You Here, as well as the press conference to meet the four casts from the movie in person at E-Cathay on Monday!

碟仙碟仙 Are You Here is a Hong Kong horror movie which produced by Patrick Kong 叶念琛 and directed by Jil Wong 黃柏基.
It is starring by Law Lan 罗兰, Susan Shaw 邵音音, Paw Hee Ching 鲍起静, Jacqueline Chong 庄思敏, Sammy Sum 沈震軒, Jumbo 曾淑雅 and Alan Luk 陸駿光
This movie used the exact same special effect crews from the award-winning movie "Rigor Mortis 僵尸" , which it guarantees audience a good scare in the cinema!

Ouija board, Die-Xian which is a kind of divination widely practiced in countries with Chinese decedents. When plate fairy is invited on the plate, the plate will start to move by itself around in circles until it comes over a character which comply to your questions.
碟仙碟仙 Are You Here, is a story happened around four friends who are Keong (Alan Luk), Fun (Jumbo), Lung (Sammy Sum) and Man (Jacqueline Chong).
Four of them are business partners of an online game design company, which the business is about closing down due to the lack of clients.
Just as things start to get worse, a mysterious lady, Mrs Wong (Paw Hee Ching) ask them if they could complete the final stage of her deceased son's online game, Die-Xian by offering them a big money.

Right after they accepted the business and touched with the Die-Xian, each of them were experienced ghosts sightings and sustained supernatural incidents.
Keong was haunted by a prostitute ghost and Fun was killed by cold-blooded killer.
Eventually, Lung and Man found out that all the incidents are linked to a teenage girl who was raped and murdered in a year ago. She came back to get revenge as these four people drove past and did not save her life.

As part of the movie promotion, MM2 Entertainment invited Susan Shaw 邵音音, Paw Hee Ching 鲍起静, Jacqueline Chong 庄思敏, and Sammy Sum 沈震轩 for a publicity tour in Malaysia.
The press conference of that day was held at Cathay Cineplex E@Curve.

Thank you very much to Grabies and for sharing this special occasion with me!
I was really excited to meet my favourite, Sammy Sum at such a close distance!

During the press conference, Jacqueline and Paw revealed that they have personally played Die-Xian before. 
It's all about the curiosity while Jacqueline played it with her high school friends, and Paw admitted herself that she has been indulging in Die-Xian sometimes before, and she has asked Die-Xian the last name of her future husband.

Paw indicated that ever since Die-Xian said that her future husband's last name is "Chai" , she has been looking for this particular man; yet at the end her real husband is not named as "Chai". So, she said Die-Xian might not work for all the time.

Shaw said that she believes there will be another space belonging to the "good brothers" of life. 
She explained that "Ghost is like a space of people. When both meet at a certain field and time period, we think that they are ghosts, and at the same time, they will also think that we are ghosts.
She also believes that one day there would be a scientific way to explain "the ghosts".

Is there any supernatural incidents encountered during the shooting?
Sammy Sum pointed out that one of the actor felt unwell, and even vomiting during the filming days.
He also admitted that he was afraid while they were playing Die-Xian in the movie, whereby Jacqueline thought him as long as he does not pay attention while playing it, he shall able to avoid and prevent the "good brothers" to make troubles of him. 

Jacqueline said with a smile that she was getting beating up by Sammy Sum in one scene.
It was a tough shot because Hong Kong was having big rainstorm during that night, therefore the beating scene has repeated at least 10 times due to the wrong angle captured.

Overall, the sequence of the movie arrangement is logical.
The movie would drives the viewers to think and analyze, such as the relationship between a husband and wife.
Compare with similar story line movie, I would conclude that this movie would not drive you to boredom like some of the other Chinese horror movies.

Before I met Sammy Sum, I took an individual picture with his big head poster of the movie. #syoksendiri

And, here is the real one. #hehe
OMG! My heart beat jumped really fast when he was standing so close to me!
Almost can't breathe good! #omgomgomg
I have been following him on his Instagram for long time, and it was like "oh yes finally!", I was a bit overwhelmed after the picture.

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碟仙碟仙 Are you here is set to hit the Malaysian big screens on 8th October.
Before that, let's just watch the trailer first!

You will get to know why I am standing at this corner but not the others after you watched the movie or if you have paid enough attention to the poster. #lol

Once again, thanks to Grabies and for the great time!

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