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I believe all girls love to shop, I am among one of them.
I consider myself a real shopaholic, as I shop not only in physical shop but also online.
The best thing about shopping is that I feel excited to buy and to own, it distress me from my work and I feel fulfill in my life.
And that's the reason why my room and wardrobe are always packed with junks.
Whenever I have my spring cleaning I always 'realized I have too many things which I over bought and never once used.
Glad that there is a new apps, Shopee coming over to me; not only help to sell off my stuffs, and also help to free up some spaces in my room!

Shopee is a mobile marketplace designed for both buyers and sellers to enjoy fast, smooth and safe transactions at anytime and anywhere. 
With their simple and secure in-app functions, you can easily turn your clutter into cash!
You will find how user-friendly the apps is throughout your buying and selling experience which I am sure you will like it after this!

Shopee has defined all categories in very detail, such as women’s, & men’s clothing, muslimah wear, mobile & gadget, accessories, beauty & personal care, shoes, design & crafts, bags, sports & outdoor, home & living, watches, supplements, toys, kids & babies, computers & accessories, games & collection and tickets & vouchers.
Just simply click the search button and you will get to find the specific thing you are looking for. 

Besides, you can also search by filtering based on your acceptable minimum budget and product condition,

If you are interested with a certain seller and want to keep it for future, you can click follow and the specific seller will then go directly to your follower list.
So, no worries that you will lose your favourite seller after sometimes later.
Yeap! I am now one of the followers of @bakefairy and @crafthome. #hehe

Chatting in privacy mode:
One of the greatest thing about Shopee is you can contact with the seller on the spot by using the “chat” function to speed up the dealing process.
All conversation is kept within the app and between seller and buyer, and it does not require the seller to expose personal contact details to buyers.

Upload your products:
You can upload the products you want to sell through Instagram, gallery and camera by clicking the "plus"sign on the right side. 
Once the image is uploaded, you then stated the product details like category, price, units available, shipping fee, condition and brand.
These are only 3% of the junks that coming from my room! #haha

You can then monitor your selling progress on your own product page.

Social media:
In order to expand your horizon, you can share your product listing or your favourite items with your friends and family on different social media like FB, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Line, Pinterest, Beetalk, Buzz etc.
It will definitely help you to reach out more attentions!

Easy payment:
Shopee is secure to use as seller ships only after the buyer has paid, and the buyer’s payment is transferred to the seller only after receiving the product.
Buyers can make payment for the purchase items via credit card and online banking. No hassle of having to go to the machine to make payment.
Sellers can avoid the hassle of having a cross check all bank transfer/payment made via credit card or online banking for their items.
Both buyers and sellers can stay relax and enjoy the buying and selling progress on bed as Shopee will do all the matching to ensure all payment is correct. 

Download Now:
Shopee is FREE for all smartphone users either Android or iOS
It does not require any charges as it is a platform for sellers to explore without having concerns of payment. 
So, hurry up to download it now and help your junks to find the right owner!

Last but not least, I have a good news to you!
You are now entire to enjoy a given discount voucher of RM10 with ILOVESHOPEE
& with the below T&C:
-Valid with minimum spend of RM30.
-Valid for one-time use only & applicable to all items in the Shopee marketplace.
-Promo code must be entered at the Checkout page.
-Applicable to payments involving Shopee Guarantee (credit card, onling banking & bank transfers only).
-Applicable to payments involving Shopee Guarantee (credit card, onling banking & bank transfers only).

With shopee:
As a seller you will be able to widen your customer base.
As a buyer, you will experience great deals and shop anytime, anywhere.
Wait no more and download the free app to your phone now!

For more information, you can always visit:
Website: Shopee
Facebook: ShopeeMY
Instagram: shopee_my

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