BWB Flaming On Table @ Desa Sri Hartamas

If you are looking for something unique and original place to hang out with, you will surely fall in love with BWB Flaming On Table.
This shall be the right place for you and I am sure you will have the most appetizer options you've ever seen in the town. #hehe

BWB Flaming On Table located at Desa Sri Hartamas, a happening area which has wide variety of restaurants, cafes and pubs.
However, I trust BWB has it's special style which surely bring a different kind of dining experience and delight for you.
So, get ready with me now and I will take you through an experience in eating at BWB!

Yellow Bomb @ RM20, is a lobster salad wrapped with caviar cucumber and loaded with mango slices.
A set like this comes in 2 pieces.

I like how tiny the angel hair pasta in this cup noodle @ RM14, which served with pan fried bacon chips and dry chili.
This cup portion is pretty good for small eater; at the same time you can also combine your meal with some other dishes.

Secco Seppia @ RM12, is the grill marinated sun dried pulled cuttlefish.
The texture is firm and tough, yet the taste is well worth a little bit of chewing.

Truffle Butter Toast @ RM12, is a mini crispy crust French toast covered with truffles butter and a bit of caviar.

Burger lover, but you can't eat large portion?
Try these Knuckle Bun @ RM10 (on the left) and Chicken Bun @ RM8 (on the right).
Both served with cucumber, cabbage, onion ring, except knuckle bun comes with slice pork knuckle, and chicken bun comes with chicken pulled.

Salted Shrimp @ RM12, which are mini shrimp assorted with chili spices.
The shrimp is fresh and crispy till I couldn't stop one piece after another. #lol

Calamari Salsa @ RM16, is a deep fried baby squid and dipped with the prepared salsa sauce.

Sizzling Seafood @ RM30, a sizzling pan served with prawn, salmon, squid, oyster and mussels and topped with their in-house sizzling spicy sauce.
In fact, it tasted a bit salty, yet I still couldn't resist the combination of the seafood with it's spicy sauce.

Bolognese Toast @ RM16, a simple toast covered with minced pork and poached egg.

Petai Toast @ RM16, the same toast as Bolognese toast but this covered with sambal petai.

Piggy Burger @ RM28, a bun with the filling of Sakura mince meat mixture with oat and onion, and a sunny side up egg.

Here's come the Yakitori menu from B.W.B.
From the right: Ebi Niniku (prawn) @ RM10, Bacon Cheese Asparagus @ RM12 (2 pieces), and Sazae Niniku (escargot) @ RM10.

Fragyu @ RM45, a pan fried wagyu served with Foie Gras as side dish,
Thumbs up for this! The meat cooked just right for it's tenderness and juiciness! #immissingit

One of my most favourite with fried roasted pork and garlic on that night, Fritto Maiale @ RM38.
I suggest you to have it together with either a glass or wine, or a mug of beer.
Yummylicious overloaded!

Grilled Squid @ RM26, which is a new recipe from BWB.
You can just eat it as it is, or you can also add the spice powder at the side to taste different to your taste buds.

Oyster Box @ RM12, comes in 2 pieces of fried bean curd stuffed with oyster picante.
The skin is incredibly crispy, perfectly golden, and the bean curd is soft like cotton.

My another favourite from the menu, Beef Roll @ RM24.
It is a slice beef wrapped with golden mushroom, which you should eat one piece in one mouth full!

Piccante Mussels @ RM18, includes 4 pieces of big mussels which cooked with spicy tomato sauces.
The tomato sauce is a kind of bolognese sauce but with some degree of spicing.

Salmon Carpaccio @ RM28, is a plate with thinly sliced raw ocean trout that served with carpaccio sauce and salad.

Traditional spaghetti @ RM22 is their home cooked beef brisket served with poached egg and green peas.

Seafood pasta @ RM28, comes with the fresh ocean seafood like prawn, mussel, trout, scallop and served with tomato sauce and herbs.

For the entree, let's get ready to the flaming series that especially created from BWB Flaming on Table.
Ocean On Fire @ RM65, which served with it's fresh ocean seafood like ocean trout, scallop and prawn.

Angry Bird @ RM35, with roasted chicken drumstick.
Kinda like it's chicken texture which is not so hard, indeed it's soft and juicy, plus the skin is crusted perfectly.

My most favourite among the other flaming series, Oink-Oink On Burning @ RM48 which is a BBQ Sakura pork rib with it's barbecue sauce.
I like how the ribs well seasoned, and how delicate the meat is.

All flaming series will be poured over with a kind of special liquid that will present a BBQ fragrance when it's burning.
It's nice to see the flaming process, as you rarely see that at the other restaurants.
Besides, the portion is quite big if you can't eat too much, so probably you can consider to share it among 2-3 people.
All plates are served with the same side dishes likes mash potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, and long beans.

Well, a complete meal must not miss out the dessert.
Here comes the special ice-cream which only available at BWB.
Bottom left: Sea-salt flavour
Bottom tight: Passion fruit flavour
Middle: Xo cherry flavour
Top left: Truffle bacon flavour
Top right: Matcha green tea flavour
To be frank, it is so difficult to make a decision to choose the most I like, because all the flavours are tooooo good!
If you are a fan of ice-creams, I am sure you will want it more after the first scoop!

BWB Flaming On Table is a place which is suitable for all kind occasions such as having your company events, friends and families gathering, romantic dinner for couples and so on as the place has decorated into different sections .

You can eat and drink comfortably alone at the bar seats.
Just get yourself relax with the nice food and do some people watching from the seats. #hehe

Get the shaded spot right behind the restaurant for your romantic dinner with your loved ones.

For friends and families gatherings, there is a long wooden table that can accommodate up to 10 people.

I really enjoy my first dining experience with BWB Flaming On Table, and I am sure I will pay the second visit for it's appetizer menu again!
I have no doubt that their food will surely satisfy your appetite!

BWB Flaming On Table
10, Jalan 27/70a,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 6206 3800
FB: BWB Flaming On Table
Openng hours: Daily 12pm - 12am

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