Day 1 @ Hippo x Turkey < The ruin of Troy >

Today, I am going to blog about my first day in Turkey.
If you haven't watch my travel video to Turkey, you can watch it at this link now!
I hope you'll find how interesting Turkey is through the video I made.

My mum always wanted to travel to Turkey, but she was more concerned about the safety condition in the places, so this trip has been delayed since last year.
Since I am taking my long holiday now, so I told my mum let's make this happen in this year!
We booked the trip under a travel agency, Golden Tourworld Travel (GTT), because I think taking up a package tour would be easier for my parents. as well as for me since all things will be well prepared.
Plus, it only cost RM4990 for one person (all in except the hot-air balloon), reasonable huh!

We started our journey on 30th October 2015.
It was a late flight at 2325, and I was very sleepy since I usually go to bed before 12am.
One good thing about the late flight is you can go sleep immediately right after boarding. #haha

It's my first time flying with Turkish Airlines.
I was quite happy with it; the entertainment is good with the latest movies, the meals on board are satisfying , and the cabin crews are also friendly and helpful.
It was a good flight after all!

It's a long-haul flight which took us 10 hours directly from Kuala Lumpur to Istanbul.
Malaysia is 6 hours ahead of Turkey, whereby we landed at about 6 in the morning at Istanbul time.
Nothing can describe how exhausted I was, and the poor thing is we have to start our first day itinerary immediately after landed. #ilikefreeandeasy

"Awww! It's beautiful and clean!"
The first impression when I stepped my foot in Istanbul.
I was thinking to take a short nap in the bus, but the beautiful view from the highway captured all my attention!

Canakkale is our first destination in Turkey.
We catch a car-ferry across the Dardenelles Straits to Canakkale, with total journey approximately 30 minutes.

The wind was soooo strong!
It was blowing hard till I almost could not stand up straight while ferrying.
You will know how strong the wind was if you check out my vlog! #hehe

Thanks to my local tour guide, Mete who helped me to take some photos on the ferry.
Or else, it will be my all time selfie photos since everyone were so afraid to stand outside. #lol

There are plenty seats available inside the room, so you can keep yourself warm if you are afraid of the wind/cold.

For me, I prefer to stay outside than in the room as I know I will never get this kind of cooling temperature in Malaysia.

After ferrying, we arrived at Canakkale, and ready for the first attraction visit.

The ruin of Troy was built on Hisarlik Hill in Turkey.
The first thing came to my mind when I arrived there was the Troy movie which firmed by Brad Pitt. #lol

Troy is a city which existed over 4,000 years and known as the center of ancient civilizations.
Many people thought this city was mentioned only in the tales until it was first found in the 19th century by Charles McLaren.

This ancient city consists of 9 layers from different periods; #1 Troy I to V builds in the early Bronze Age, #2 Troy VI and VII belongs to the middle and late Bronze Age, and #3 Troy VIII to IX relates to the Hellenistic and Roman llion.

It is also one of the most famous cities in the history where Greek and Trojan heroes fought the Trojan War during Troy VII phase for the honour of the beautiful Helen, the most beautiful women in Greek's tales.

Troy was destroyed many times from the earthquake and it has rebuilt each time.
However, the original wall that I touched in this picture do still exist till now.

The entire archaeologist site is full of ruined walls, houses, towers and a nice view over the Trojan sea.
As I walked through each pathways, it made me feel like I am in a maze as the whole area is covered by the rocks-wall.

Look at the entire city of Troy!
Couldn't believe how the civilizations built their cities in the ancient times without any advance technologies!

You need to have a little bit of imagination to visualize all the old structures and how these ancient civilizations used to live, since everything has been falling apart.
For example; at the point where I stand in this picture; it's what remains of the foundations of an altar which belonged to the Greek and Roman temple of Athena.

Here's the main entrance to the city of the King of Troy.

The site behind me was the amphitheater in Troy.

Right opposite the theater, this site used to be the kitchen building.

It's a real nice trip at the ruin of Troy.
Couldn't believe the thousands of years of history is just appeared right in front of me!

I would suggest you to visit this history site along with a local tour guide as I believe the tour guide would be able to give you more information of the history behind.
Unless you are already well known of it's history, otherwise, the site would be just a pile of stones or bricks for you.

Do not forget to drop by at the Wooden Horse which situated nearby the entrance.
Although it's not the same one from the movie of Troy, but it's good to get a photo since you have flew all the way there!
You can also climb up to the horse and peep through the windows to have your photo taken too!

So, first day was so far so good?!
You shall then stay tuned for my Day 2 @ Hippo x Turkey!
With loves!


Today's outfit sharing is:
Sweater: TaoBao website
Wide leg pleated pant: Taobao website
Scarf: Hong Kong

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