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Here comes the second day in Turkey.
I have blogged my Day 1 @ Hippo x Turkey, go read here if you haven't done that yet!
Second day was the coldest day for me, probably because we spent most of our time outdoors, and I have to admit that I didn't have enough layers of clothes to keep myself warm too. #lol 

After having breakfast at the hotel, we visited the first attraction of the day, Asklepion that situated in Pergamum.
It was an ancient healing complex during the Greek and Roman times, which has existed since the 4th century BC.
It was given name with god of healing and it also the first psychiatric hospital in the world.

It used to be a place for patients who suffering from psychological problems and would like to get treatments through dream interpretation.
There were also some other healing treatments could include to the patients such as sunbathing, mud baths, massage, herbal medicine and dietary advice.

While leading into the sanctuary, you will pass by the Via Tecta, the sacred street which full of pillars on your both left and right.

It's a real huge place, yet there are many departments have already been ruined.
Have to be extra careful of your foot step as pieces of stones and rocks are all over places.


There were two broken column with the snake face right after the entrance.
Snake became the symbol of medicine as snakes shed their skins every year and they "reborn".
So, people from the olden days believed that the patients also will recover after they shed their illness at the Asklepion.

The northern colonnade, with 17 columns in place.
Some broke in half, however most of the columns were still good.

This place used to be their library in the ancient times.

This is the way which leads from the library to the theater.

This was the 3-floor theater building at the Asklepion, which can accommodate up to 3,500 people.
It used to be the place to entertain the patients who need to stay here for weeks,
Our tour guide, Mete said the patients were the one who performed to the nurses and doctors as they believed that a true healing was not only needed to their bodies but also their souls.

All patients had to go through this sacred fountain before they entered to their room, as they believed the water had the healing effects.

This is the underground passageway to the patient's rooms.

It looks empty now inside the tunnel, but it was used to be the rooms for the patients who has psychological problem, and they cured by the sound of water and music through the holes at the top.


For me, this is a well-worth visit place.
I personally enjoyed it a lot although quite a few divisions have destroyed, but it is still a very distinctive place where you can use your imagination to create your own complete picture of the whole place.

Before we arrived at the second main attraction, we had a five minutes stop at the Artemis Temple, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
The whole building had destroyed and only little remains of the temple.
Can you see that small little sculptured column from the picture? #excusemeuncle

Our next stop of the second day was the House of Virgin Mary.
It was about 2 hours and 45 minutes drive from the Asklepion.
This attraction place was located on the top of the mountain, a hidden place which covered with forests and trees.

There is a big statue of Virgin Mary on your right side on the way up to the hill.
It was good that our tour guide allowed us to stop here, and let us have some minutes to take a photo with it. #thankyou

The House of Virgin Mary is the place where people believed that Virgin Mary may have spent her last days here.
You need sometimes to walk up to the small house of the Virgin Mary; and along the walkways you will find the area was covered with many shady trees.
Besides, the surrounding was very quiet and peaceful.

Here's the chapel.
You are not allowed to take pictures and videos inside there.
Also, when you walked inside the chapel, you have to be quiet for all time.

The entire house was made of stone.
There was a small statue of the Virgin Mary inside the main room.
Inside was a bit dark, yet with some candles lighting up.
And on the right side of the chapel, there was a place where you can light the prayer candles.

Under the chapel, there were three water fountains which believed as a holy water and has the healing properties.
It is allowed to drink by anyone, so I brought an empty bottle with me to collect the water upon my visit.

Next to the water fountains, you can make your wishes on a piece of paper, and tight it on the prayer wall.
I saw many wishes in different languages which enough to indicate how many visitors have stepped their foot in this historical place.

Overall, it was a nice experience at such a friendly place with glorious view.

The second day was very good, with a lot of history and stories to tell.
I can't wait to tell the story of my third day, which will be covering the library of Celsus at Ephesus, one of the top 10 tourist attractions in Turkey!
So from now till then, my readers, please stay with me ya!

Today's outfit sharing:
Long sleeve top: Milktee website 
Long cardigan: Korea
Jeans: Germany

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