Eat with me @ Kuching Sarawak / Part 3

Here's the final post of my "Eat with me @ Kuching Sarawak".
If you are interested to read my part 1 and part 2, you can click here (part 1) and here (part 2) to get you there!
This is a super long overdue post; I know! I know you guys have been waiting since Sept. #sorryguys
Anyway, I still hope you will enjoy the last part with the most exciting food recommendations in Kuching!

There are so many old-school coffee shops in Kuching selling the similar food.
But to get the best one so far after my few trips there, I think Choon Hui cafe has the most variety nice food for your appetite!
Choon Hui located at Jalan Ban Hock; a place with limited parking spaces and it is usually crowded especially during the breakfast hours.

Sarawak Laksa is the most famous food in Kuching.
It has a unique taste of sambal belacan, with it's special herbs and spices.
A bowl like this always comes with mee hoon, 2 pieces of prawns, shredded chicken, beansprouts, thin strips of omelette, and coriander.
I have had the same laksa at different cafes in Kuching, yet me and my local friends agreed that Choon Hui Cafe has the best one.
It costs just RM4-RM5 for a bowl like this!
Do not forget to squeeze the lime that they prepare for you with their own-made chili paste!

Kolo Mee is another must eat in Kuching.
But if you want to have the best one in Kuching, then you should stay with me till the last food destination, because that's the place that I like the most. #hehe 
Anyway, a bowl like this at Choon Hui Cafe costs just RM3.80. #worthdie

Other than all the main courses, you can also have their famous snacks such as Roti Kiap @ RM1.80.
It is a crispy toasted white bread and spreaded with butter and kaya, more like our Roti Bakar in KL.
You can also dip the bread with an extra half-boiled egg which is freshly made upon your order

Popiah @ RM3.00 comes with the filling of shredded bangkuang, carrots and a bit of minced meat.
It's a very well done Popiah because of it's soft-soft skin.

Do not miss out the cold Teh-C-Peng, that available at most places in Kuching.
The taste is so much richer in flavour, and you sure will taste the different compare to the one you have in KL!

Choon Hui Cafe
No 34, Jalan Ban Hock, 93100 Kuching Sarawak, Malaysia

I blogged about one of the must go destination in Kuching, Sarawak Cultural Village here.
Lim Hock Ann Seafood restaurant is the place where we had our lunch after the sight-seeing.
It is about 40 minutes drive from Kuching city, and about 10 minutes drive from the cultural village.

It is an open air restaurant, which served Chinese-style halal seafood here.
There are so many good food from the menu, so we just let the locals to make the decision for us. #hehe

Oyster Omelette/Pancake, which again tasted so much different than in KL.
The omelette was more like eating crackers as the skin is made too crispy.
When I did the research about this seafood restaurant, everyone would order it and gave a thumbs up for it!

Oh! Bilin is my most favourite, also the famous wild vegetable that you must have in Kuching.
It is only available in Kuching as it cannot be kept too long whereby it has to buy and cook on the same day.
They usually cook with sambal balacan, wine or just fried with garlic.

Deep Fried Squid, is the fastest dish that ran out once it served on our table. #lol
It is tender, chewy, crispy till everyone couldn't resist it!

This is the Stir Fried Mani Cai With Egg; some people may call it as sweet potato leaves.
I personally like this cooking style as it made the mani cai more tasty and refreshing!

Words can't describe how much I love this Butter Prawn, it's a real bomb at this restaurant!
The little bits in the prawns are definitely stimulate your appetite!
I almost aet the whole bowl of rice just with these little bits! #fatdiedie

Lim Hock Ann Seafood
No 96, Jalan Kampung Buntai, 93010 Kuching Sarawak, Malaysia

Kueh Chap is one of the famous delicacy in Kuching.
I used to not like Kueh Chap when I first visited Kuching, probably I didn't get a good one that time.
I am glad that I found the Bintawa Kueh Chap, which near to Tabuan Jaya during my trip this time.

If this is your first time knowing about Kuey Chap, don't mess it up with Bak Kut Teh.
It is totally different 2 dishes although they both are cooked in dark soup.
Kuey Chap is a kind of Teochew dish which the "noodle" looks something similar like Kueh Tiaw, but in a bigger and flatter piece.
Their soup is the one that I love the most, because it has a kind of herb taste.

It serves with mixture of pork meats, bean curds, hard-boiled eggs, pork bellies, and chitterlings.
We skipped the pig offal as my parents they don't really appreciate it.

Their Pig Trotter in Vinegar and Ginger Stew @ RM8 is worth for a try, and the sour taste is kinda good to mix with the simple Kueh Chap.

Bintawa Kuey Chap
No 1310, Lot 7719, Jalan Keranji, 93350 Kuching Sarawak, Malaysia

Last but not least, here's the best Kolo Mee in Kuching, Sin Lian Shin from my list
My local friends usually do not prefer to come here, because it always have to wait more than 30 minutes.
During my visit on Sunday, I think we waited for about 45 minutes till 1 hour!

Kuching Kolo Mee not only looks different with the KL one, but also the taste is totally different.
Kolo Mee in KL are all made with soy sauce, whereby Kuching Kolo Mee is either made in red sauce or just plain in colour.
Ever since I had my first kolo mee, I will never stop myself eating it every time I come for a visit.
The noodle always comes with sliced roasted pork and minced pork on it.
There are 2 types of kolo mee; this is the red one with roasted pork sauce, also my all-time favourite.

You can also request the plain one, which is less salty and sweet than the red one.

If you do not like the curly noodle, you may try their Mee Pok.
It is slightly thicker in width but cooked with the same tasty and delicious as the thin curly noodles.

Do not forget to add the Kiaw (dumplings soup) to your order.
I could have eaten the whole bowl by myself.
It is like the dumplings soup we have in KL, but this dumpling skin are as thin as a piece of paper and the filling is certainly delicious!

Sin Lian Shin
No 182, Jalan Green, 93150 Kuching Sarawak, Malaysia

That's all I have in my disc about the food in Kuching.
I hope this post is helpful for you to get the right and delicious food during your trip in Kuching.
Once again! Thanks to my besties, Kay and Stella for all their times and effort to bring us to good food.

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