Day 4 @ Hippo x Turkey < Sultanhani Caravanserai . Saratly Underground City >

When travelling in Turkey, we spent a lot of time travelling on road from one city to another.
The average travelling time from one place to another was about 1 1/2 to 3 hours.
And, on the 4th day, we had the longest time sitting inside the bus.
Unlike in Europe countries, you can see beautiful views while driving along the highway.
In Turkey, there are more deserts covered on the outskirt areas.
Lucky me that I had prepared my book, MP3, and movies to help me pass the time in the boring ride. #nyeknyeknyek

Well, getting to Cappadocia took us about 6 - 7 hours drive from Pamukkale.
This was the longest ride among the other locations around Turkey.
My leg, my neck, my hip, my whole body were so uncomfortable after sitting too long in the bus.
Thanks to our driver, he must be more tired than us!

Sultanhani Caravanserai (Sultan Han) is the first stop after 6 hours drive.
This Sultan Han was built in year 1229 by Sultan Alaeddin, and it is one of the most famous Caravanserai in Turkey.
I was with the beautiful carved main entrance of the Sultan Han in this picture. #hehe

At Sultan Han, you can experience the life of the caravans during their silk road journey.
This is the place for the travelers to stop for a rest where the caravans spent their night, put their camels at the appointed sections, upgrade their equipment, resting before their next journey.

Again, the building is very impressive and leaves you wondering how long it have taken to design and build this big structure, also how the ancient people were able to built it so strong and durable without the advanced technology from the modern society.
It's so unbelievable!

It has a huge courtyard which surrounded by rooms for merchants, mosque, kitchen, bathrooms, large vaulted hall for camels and so on.
The small mosque is situated in the center of the courtyard.
While the big space with few divisions that be situated behind me in this picture is the administration room, kitchen, bathrooms, and rooms for merchants.

This is the square stone kiosk-mosque of Sultan Han.
You can climb up to the stone building, and put your head out from the roof window. #canyouseethelittlehead


The last building situated behind looks pretty worn and old.
It looks actually quite dim from inside, but with the helps of the natural lighting from outside, it reflect the dome naturally.

It is a small place, and not as spectacular as the structures you can see at Ephesus, but it's worth a stop.
At the same time, you can across the street, to get a pay bathrooms, a cafe for tea and snacks, and get some cheap souvenirs like postcards, silk scarfs, magnets, etc at the merchandise store.
Btw, loving this shoot from my dad; he was such a pro photographer for me during this trip. #lol

Another 1 hour plus, we finally arrived at Cappadocia.
The first attraction place to visit in the late afternoon was the Saratli Underground City, located at Saratly town at Cappadocia.
There are many underground cities in Turkey, and Saralti is one of the famous one.

For the old people, be extra careful with your footsteps inside the cave because it is dark and the stone walk isn't the smooth. 
For people who have back problems, you might feel very uncomfortable because you have to bend your back while walking throughout the cave and the cave are really deep down. 

The Underground City believed that it was established for defensive purpose during the war-time.
It was used to protect themselves against the war, attacks and persecution. 
They built this underground city as their living spaces and added secret tunnels to connect with each other and the ventilation system.
Total 7 storey which include kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, chapels, garages and others. 

There are many steps and ladders to go from one floor to another, and the passage was very narrow and slippery like in these two pictures.
Anyway, the tour inside the cave wasn't that long, whereby you can finish the visit within 15-20 minutes (depends how fast you can walk and how much time you need inside the cave).

After all, it was a nice experience especially seeing each corners were carved out of the rocks.
Do make a short stop here if you have extra free time in your itinerary!

Yea! Mission completed! #letsbeer

From this picture, you can imagine how narrow and deep the cave is.
You probably will start wondering how small size the olden people were. #haha

At the exist there, you can see many women selling hand-made dolls.
If you are interested in such hand-made dolls as a souvenier for yourself or others, you can give your support to them.
If I am not wrong, I didn't see these hand-made dolls again at the other souvenier shops I been to.

Alright, that's all for day 4!
Coming up next with the beautiful Cappadocia, another favourite place of mine in Turkey!
So, see you again soon!

My outfit of today:
Top: Korea
Jumpsuit: Korea
Scarf: Hong Kong
P/S Taken this picture at the cave hotel which we stayed for two nights; I will cover this extraordinary experience on my next post too!

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