Ding Emperor Steamboat @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

Not sure if you realized Malaysians like steamboat very much.
The reason why I said so is because I see steamboat restaurants out there are always full of crowds.
It's quite surprise how steamboat can fit into our culture since the weather here is so hot and humid.
I am actually one of them but I prefer to eat steamboat in an air-conditioned room or else I will sweat like crazy. #lol
Well, if you are a fan of steamboat too, you are gonna love today's post!

Ding Emperor Steamboat located at SS2 Petaling jaya.
It is very easy to find it as it is located next to the only KFC in SS2 area.
Plus, it is easy to recognize because it is a big restaurant with 3 shop-lots join together.

The restaurant has a Chinese-inspired decorating style, that's probably related to it's origin country in Taiwan.
Look at the oriental style furniture and the Asian style lantern lighting on the top, so truly Asian!

I adore this corner with different small little Asian adornments, looks preciosity!

There are 2 dining sections at Ding; one at the public area and one with private tables at the separation of conditioned spaces.

Ding has two flavour soups which are clear soup and spicy soup respectively.
In order to adapt to local taste, the clear soup is prepared with Chinese cabbage and pork ribs while the spicy soup is prepared with total 14 spices without any duck bloods like the Taiwanese like.
What's more about the soups is you can mix both clear and spicy soup together to create another flavor. Also, the spicy soup will be less spicy after mixing them together.

Ding provides many great and interesting ingredients to choose from, such as handmade balls and pastes as well as imported meats and seafood.
Most of the ingredients are freshly made from it's kitchen.

Taiwan Squid Sausage @ RM16.90 has it's quality assurance as it is imported directly from Taiwan.
It's something new for me as I never have it before.
The meat texture is very thin and soft.

I really enjoyed all their handmade meatballs because they are more softer and chewy compared to the artificial meatballs which are more tough and rubbery.
Handmade Squid Balls (right) RM8.90 for 4 pieces.
Handmade Lamb Balls (left) @ RM8.90 for 4 pieces.

Pork Balls (left) RM6.90 per set.
Handmade Pork Balls (right) RM6.90 per set.

USA Fresh Scallop (right) absorbs moisture like a sponge till you feel like it melts into your mouth.
4 pieces on a small plate like this cost RM27.90.
On the left side, it's the Fish Dumpling with the filling of Japanese roe which costs RM6.90 for 4 pieces.

Both Shrimp Dumpling (right) and Pork Dumpling (left) are at RM7.90 of each sets.

Fish Dumpling which made with ground fish @ RM6.90 per set.

Something fresh! Something new!
Abalone & Fish Paste (right) @ RM17.90 per set, and Shrimp and Fish paste (left) @ RM15.90 per set.
These are really good as they are all handmade with very soft texture.

For the vegetable options, you can try their fresh Tong Ho (the top one) @ RM6.90 per set and spinach (the bottom one) @ RM5.90 per set.

All prawns at Ding have removed the shells before they serve on the table.
These are the fresh prawns come from Sabah.

If you want to try something premium, get their Argentina Red Prawn.
As Argentina has it's superior location which nearest to the South Pole, the meats are not only radiance in colour and smooth in texture, they are also one of the most nutritious seafood in high class fusion preparation.
The prices of the prawns are according to the market rates.

There are total 3 highlight noodles from Ding, which are #1 Celery Noodles, #2 Ramen, #3 Udon.
All noodles are handmade and each bowl is RM4.90 per set.

For meat lovers, I am sure you will definitely enjoy their imported pork, beef and lamb!
Confirmed you wouldn't able to resist the softness and gentleness of the meats!
All of them definitely earn their melt in your mouth status.
Iberian Black Pig Series (Bacon Belly) @ RM29.90 per set.

The top one is the Iberian Black Pig Collar and the bottom one is the Meltique Beef Slices from Australia.
Both of them cost RM29.90 per set.

Premium Lamb (top) and Premium Beef Slices (bottom) @ RM16.90 per set.
The different between the premium is the meat tenderness whereby the premium one is more soft and gentle. It's really almost melt in your mouth!

You can also order some add-ons while you are hungry waiting for the steamboat.
Fresh Dumpling @ RM9.90 per set.

Seafood Crispy Beancurd @ RM6.90 per set.

BBQ Chicken Wings is the best among the others!
It's both tender and juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside.
3 pieces are at RM8.90 and 6 pieces are at RM15.90

After the heavy eating, Iced Honey Tangerine Juice @ RM13.90 per jug is strongly suggest!
It's so refreshing and cooling which helps you to neutralize your taste buds.
It's too good till no reasons to take one glass again and again.

There is a long wooden table with various sauces and condiments such as hot spicy source, features chili source, chives, coriander, crushed garlic, soy and sesame sauces.
Help yourself with all these to enhance your food flavours.

The food at Ding not only look good on the pictures, but they are all truly delicious!
If you are a steamboat lover, just do not miss out Ding Emperor Steamboat in your foodporn list!

Ding Emperor
58-60, Jalan SS2/67,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 603 7866 0226 / 6012 3015 221
FB: Ding Emperor 鼎皇麻辣锅
Opening hours: Open Daily from 5pm till midnight

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