Bye 2015 @ Hi 2016

While everyone were planning for their new year countdown, I am sitting in my room, having a glass of white wine and typing this post.
1 more hour before we say goodbye to 2015, are you guys ready for the brand new year?
Time flies too fast! To be honest, I am not ready at all!
I have too much challenges in 2015, and I really wish my 2016 will be better and more successful!
Same as the previous years, I would like to reveal my highlights from 2015 for today.

#1 I went to Bangkok, Vietnam and GuangZhou for my last business trip in my previous company.
All the trips were very good although it was tiring for sure, but I really enjoyed the process of meeting new people, talking to them and sharing each experiences together.

#2 I visited Kuching 2 times in this year for the best friends' gathering.
Friends come and go, but what we need is those who are sincere to accompany through ups and downs, and I am glad to have them in my life!
Even though we do not meet each other so often, but distance don't fade our true friendship!
Quote said: True friends are like stars, you don't always see them but they are always there! #thisissotrue

#3 Finally I am not single and available anymore!
Me and Lik got married in February 2015.
This year is our 4th anniversary celebration, and next year we are going to have our wedding ceremony.
We are excited to build a family of our own together. #wishusluck

#4 I quit my well-paying job in my previous company.
Making such big decision is not easy since I have been with the company for 7 years plus.
To be honest, it was hard in the beginning, but I am glad that I found the courage to move on!
Thank you so much for always supporting me! You know who you are!

#5 There is a big change in my blogging life.
I have been invited to different events and reviews in this year, and I felt great to be recognized in this industry.
One thing I know for sure is that I really enjoy blogging, it makes me feel absolutely satisfying!
Once again! Thank you very much for all the opportunities!

#6 I can do my own Vlog now!
I feel so proud of myself that I learnt every steps and solved each errors all by myself.
Though I am not as good as the other youtubers, but I believe practice makes perfect.

#7 Couldn't believe that I will fall in love with the K-pop bands until I met Big Bang at their world tour of MADE in 2015.
The concert was the best I've ever been to!

#8 In my 2015 new year's resolution, I said that I want to visit Korea again.
I made it happened in October with my secondary school friends.
Thanks so much for the beautiful trip!

#9 I went to Turkey with my parents right after the trip in Korea.
Turkey trip was really a spiritual experience for me, and it was more excited when I got to explore and uncover the new country together with my parents.

#10 Call me lady boss!
I started my own business which supply all types of uniforms.
Yea! If your company is looking for any uniforms, please do not forget to contact me!

2015 is over!
I am happy to meet everyone in 2015.
I surely have gained something from you all either it is positive or negative which has enforced and reinforced my life.
My new year's resolutions for 2016 are:
#1 My business will grow bigger and faster.
#2 I get more readers and followers to my blog.
#3 I want to travel around the world!
#4 Peaceful world!
#5 All families and friends stay healthy and happy!

Lastly, I hope you all have a blessing and successful 2016!


Maple Shuh Hong said...

Happy New Year dear!!! I love that you always realise positive vibe, stay happy and work hard and work smart towards our resolution!

Myself, me and I said...

Keep up the effort and the positive energy ... May 2016 full with more goodness muak

hiphippopo said...

Thank you Maple! Your message always cheer me up and up! I wish you a great 2016 ahead too! Cheers!

hiphippopo said...

Thanks for your all time support and spend the ups and downs with me. Love you! Muacksss!