Tino's Pizza @ IOI City Mall

Hey there peeps! Happy new month! Happy new year to you all!
I hope you all have a superb January!
Mine was busy with works in the first week, but I think it was good to keep busy and particular to keep moving! :D

Not sure if you ever heard of dessert pizzas at Tino's Pizza Cafe, no worries if you haven't, because I'm gonna check out this cafe with you today! #hehe

Tino's Pizza Cafe operated under the same roof as Chatime, Soda Express as well as T & Co.
It has total three outlets in Malaysia which one located at The Garden Shopping Mall, the second one located at Nexus Bangsar South.
And, the third branch is the one that I visited at IOI City Mall, situated on the second floor.

You probably won't notice this little pizza cafe which hidden in a corner of such big shopping mall.
Or you probably would not have any special "likes" until you step into the shop. #nevertryneverknow

The interior looks so lovely when they arrange it's little space by pairing the colourful chairs together with the wooden tables.
Plus, the wall hanging leaves just simply make the cafe looks so refresh and lively inside!

Ice fruit Tea @ RM8.50, it's their signature drink.
It is unsweetened and it has almost the same flavor as the Ice Lemon teas.

The starter of Tino's Club House @ RM21.90, is a three way combo of chicken wings, Dory fish fries, and peanut butter fries.
This was my first time trying the peanut butter fries.
When I first heard of this combination, I thought it sounded weird; but it was surprise that the creamy peanut butter is positively delicious.
Well worth a try!

Follow by the main course of Pesto Pollo Spaghetti @ RM23.90.
It's a kind of fusion spaghetti which cooks with smoked chicken, mushrooms and green peppers with the delicious pesto sauce.

Mr Tino Pizza @ RM24.90 (medium size) is one of the chef's special.
All pizzas come in 2 sizes which are 9 inch with 6 pieces cut and 12 inch with 8 pieces cut.
It consisting of pepperoni, mushroom, black olives, capsicum, and melted cheese and with a choice of beef bacon or chicken.
For me, this is quite disappointing because the crust is thick and the flour can easily fill up your appetite.
It would be perfect if it has thin crispy crust which allow you to bite more pieces. #lol

Salmone Affumicato @ RM19.90, is a smoke salmon slices, topped with capers, green vegetables, cheese and an authentic Italian salad dressing.

Tadaaaa! The biggest highlight from Tino's Pizza; Peanut Butter Banana Oreo @ RM18.90!
It has frittered banana and Oreo cookie pieces laid on a peanut butter base, topped with chocolate drizzle and almond chip toppings.
Tino's dessert pizzas are worth a try as I think you couldn't get at most places.

In short, I am happy and satisfy with the food at Tino's Pizza.
Will definitely come back for their dessert pizzas again and again! #hehe
Btw, thanks for reading the post, and I hope you all enjoy the foodporn posts from me all this while!

Tino's Pizza Cafe
Lot No: 12-11, Level 2,
IOI City Mall, E26, IOI Resort,
62502 Putrajaya, Malaysia
Tel: 603 8953 9352
FB: Tino's Pizza Cafe
Opening hours: Daily 10am - 10pm

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