New Hair Colour @ Daisuke Salon De Coiffure

Whenever I wanted to change a new hair colour, it's difficult.
It's because sometimes my hair stylists cannot achieve what I actually wanted; the colours ended up being either too bright or too dark.
I am quite particular about my hair colour because I always wanted keep it with me for at least 8 months or even a year.
So, it's kind of important to select the right colour. No play play hah!

I received many compliments about my new hair style that created by Amanda from Daisuke Salon De Coiffure in Oct 2015.
If you are interested to know about my hair makeover at Daisuke, welcome to click here.
All the positive feedback made me felt so good! #hehe
So, without a second thought, I paid my second visit at Daisuke for the new hair colour for this round.

I told Amanda about my concerns so that she can decide what colour to match up with me.
I meet clients almost everyday; I am a more conservative person; I am quite lazy to take care of my hair and so on.
At the end, we decided to go with a healthier brownie colour, as we think it's one of the "down to earth" colour and it's more easy to take care with.

Since I have dyed my hair multiple times before at different salons as well as by my own, the original colour was already "cacat", with too much of colour mixtures; Amanda suggested we first highlight the top part so that the overall colour will look more neutralize and balancing.

Now you can see the different!
You can see my original hair colour already splitted into two or three sections, very imbalance and that's the reason why Amanda insist to highlight the top part.

Tadaaaa~~~Hello to my new hair colour!

I like this natural hair colour very much!
Some people might think this colour is way too normal and it can't tell if it is your natural hair colour or dyed colour.
But for me, to get the right tone and right natural look colour is not that easy; a little bit too bright or too dark can make a difference.
Well, I have enough experiences though. #oppsss

Thanks to Amanda for all her effort and help again!
Btw, Chinese New Year is around the corner.
You can now quote my name Ivy Gan to enjoy 20% discount for your CNY hair makeover!

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