Tsubohachi Hokkaido Izakaya @ Publika

When we get offered too many choices, we shut down.
The same thing happens whenever I go to Publika, I've always wonder what to choose to have since this place is overloaded with many good restaurants and cafes.
Ya right, I do have a serious phobia of choosing or making decisions. #lol
Anyway, today's post is about a new authentic Japanese restaurant located at Publika which just opened like 3 months ago. #claphands #welcome

Headquarter in Hokkaido Japan, Tsubohachi Izakaya Hokkaido finally landed in Malaysia.
It is a popular Japanese restaurant in Japan with more than 300 outlets, a very huge number isn't!?
At here, customers not only can taste the authentic Japanese food, they can also gather for various types of drinks on their menu.
Read till the end of the post to discover what are the delicious drinks they have. #hehe

There is an indoor and outdoor dining area, with the style of the Japanese ambiance feel.
The indoor dining area has painted with earth-tone colours, meanwhile the space is decorated with wooden normal chairs and tables, and red lanterns on the ceiling.

There are more and more restaurants embracing the open kitchen concept, so does Tsubohachi!

One of the interior decoration caught my attention is the three wooden bathtubs located in the middle of the restaurant.
It looks so adorable and definitely stand out from the crowd!

Besides, Tsubohachi also owns a few traditional Japanese-style rooms with tatami mats on the floor.
For any gathering purpose, you may book these rooms in advance to enjoy your privacy moments.

So, are you ready to nom with me? Let's get this started with the appetizers.
Nankotsu Karaage @ RM18.90; these look like french fries, indeed they are deep fried chicken bone.

Eihire @ RM12.90 is a grilled ray fin, dip with mayonnaise sauce.
Very chewy texture and I suggest you to munch it together with alcohols. :)

Tsubohachi has it's special salad named Ramen Salada @ RM16.90.
It includes noodle, lettuce, onion, slice fried egg, cucumber, bacon, leek, carrot, cherry tomatoes and drizzles with sesame dressing.
Don't you think it looks like the Chinese Yu Sheng?! #hehe

At first, I thought this is a kind of dessert, but I was wrong.
Poteta Mentaiko Yaki @ RM13.90 is the Hokkaido style mashed potato.
It is a bit disappointing because it's too oily for me, probably because it is a deep fried dish.

Ontama Tsukune Teppanyaki @ RM12.90, is grilled minced chicken with one half boiled egg, and serve in a hot pan.
The texture is like the classic Cantonese style steamed pork patty.
It can be one of my favourite if it serves without the half boiled egg (I don't take any half boiled eggs) . #lol 

Poteto Mentaiko Yaki @ RM13.90 is another potato dish in the restaurant.
It also serves in a hot plate as well with a mixed of potatoes, seasoned cod roe, cheese and mayonnaise.

There are many Yakitori choices at Tsubohachi, while I will only highlight 3 of them for today.
Negima @ RM7.80 for 2 sticks which includes the chicken thigh and onion.

Torikawa @ RM7.80 for 2 sticks.
They grilled the chicken skin until crispy and tasty, awesome!

Seseri is chicken neck meat, which also cost RM7.80 with 2 sticks.
All the grilled Yakitori are very juicy, and smelled heavenly!

Tsubohachi has some traditional grilled seafood all the way from Japan to you too.
Karei Karaage @ RM42.50 is a fabulous deep fried flounder.
No worries about the fish bones, because the bones can be eaten as well.
For a big fish lover like me, I almost can eaten the whole fish by myself! #nokidding

Another grilled seafood is Hokke Hiraki @ RM52.90.
This grilled Atka Mackerel is better and suggest to eat with alcohol, or else you will find it tastes way tooooo salty!

Tonpeiyaki @ RM12.90 is my most favourite because it has all my favourite of omlett, sliced pork and cabbage. Thumbs up for this!

Sake No Chanchan Yaki @ RM21.50, looks like Teppanyaki because it has vegetables at the bottom of salmon on a hot plate.

Ishikari Nabe @ RM19.90, is another salmon dish but cook with Miso soup.
The soup is very clear and it is more like a healthy food to have. 

Kamameshi is a special pot rice that is cook in front of you.
It takes 20-25 minutes to cook it, yet I am sure you will wait impatiently when the smell comes out from the pot. 

There are 3 types Kamameshi and this is Hokkai Kamameshi @ RM36.90, which includes salmon, scallop and king crab.
This dish has no doubt to be one of the highlight from the restaurant!

Nagashi Somen Setto @ RM27.90 is the most fun dish to try.
You may tried many soba noodles at the other Japanese restaurants before, but Tsubohachi soba noodle is something that will create a new kind of dining experience for you.

Whenever you are ready, dunk in the cucumber, cherry tomato, mandarin orange and soba noodle, and let it flow with the ice-cold circulation.
The ice water that goes around in circular motions will keep the chilled temperature of the dishes.

Grab the soba noodle with your chopstick and add a little bit of shredded cucumber, onions and wasabi in the chilled mentsuyu (noodle dipping sauce).
Oh man! This really tempted to have more and more!

Buta Hakusai Nabe @ RM29.90 is another favourite of mine in Tsubohachi.
The claypot like that comes with only pork belly and cabbage which has arranged nicely by layer.
The soup is so flavourful with it's natural sweetness.
I would recommend you to order one pot for sharing, or else you are eating way too much meat.

Sugar cravings strike after the heavy meal?
Here you go, Yuzu ice-cream @ RM9.90 per scoop with a bit of taste like lemon.
This will help to cleanse and refresh your palate after all the heavy dishes.

Matcha De Roru @ RM14.90 has 5 pieces of green tea crepe which rolled with red bean, rice cake and vanilla ice-cream.

Shiratama Matcha Kurimu Zenzai @ RM12.90 has rice flour dumplings with green tea ice-cream and red beans.

Kakurenbo Aisu @ RM14.90 is a combination of rice cake, red bean with vanilla and green tea ice-cream.

As promised, Tsubohachi has a huge drinks menu.
From the wide range of beer, sake, cocktails, wine, Japanese whisky, mocktails, soft drinks and tea.
Asahi Sub-Zero @ RM25.80 (2 pints) is the first draft beer in Malaysia that serve -2 below freezing point at -2℃.

Wanna have the sake in a traditional Japanese way?
Try this which they serve with a square wooden box.

Whisky on the rock or me?! #lol

Ginger Highball (suntory whisky with ginger ale) @ RM20, is a Japanese popular drinking style with it's alcohol and non-alcohol mixtures.
If you do not like the strong taste of alcohol, this probably would be your great choice because it has a bit sweet in taste.

Grapefruit Liquor @ RM11.80 is one of the sour drinks which let your squeeze your own grapefruit for yourself.
Once you finish squeezing, you then pour it into the soda drink.


Tsubohachi aims to provide the most unique yet relaxing and fun dining experience to you.
It is a casual place for you to enjoy authentic Japanese food, plus for your social drinking after-work.
Will I visit again? The answer is definitely YES! YES!
#1 Ontama Tsukune Teppanyaki, #2 Karei Karaage, #3 Tonpeiyaki, Kamameshi pot rice, #4 Nagashi Somen and #5 Buta Hakusai NabeSetto, are all my favourites!

Tsubohachi Hakkaido Izakaya
A2-UG1-9, Publika Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Hartamas Heights,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 8206 5526
Website: http://www.tsubohachi.com.my/
FB: Tsubohachi Malaysia
Opening hours: Mon - Sun 1130am - 3pm, and 530pm till closing

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