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Hello! Hello!
Guess what am I going to blog today?
#hehe Yea! As promised, I am back with December music sharing.
I am sorry for those who are waiting for the updates of the Korean Indie songs, as today I am gonna blog about my recent favourite Korean OST. #hehe
Well, without further ado, let's see what I have picked for this post!

For you by EXO
My nieces introduced this song to me, because I didn't watch the Moon Lover: Scarlet Heart.
They both love this drama so much till they got a big poster in their room. :p
I think EXO has quite a few nice osts such as Everytime from Descendants of The Sun, Best Luck from It's Okay, This is Love, and also the recent Stay With Me from Goblin.

Say Yes by Loco and Punch
It's another ost from the same drama, Moon Lover: Scarlet Heart.
A very relaxing, soft rhythmic and ambient music with the cheerful rap and beats.

Lovesome by Ra.D
It's the ost from Jealousy Incarnate.
I knew about Ra.D sometimes ago when I searched for Korean Indie songs on the youtube.
So, he is not very new for me, but indeed I was surprised that he took part in ost as well.
Ra.D is a singer song-writer and what makes me remember him so well is his cute logo. :p

Would you come to me by Brother Su.
What a nice voice!
Everytime when I heard of this song, my heart melted away!
Brother Su is another song-writer from South Korea; I realized I always admire song writers and song producers. #lol

I'll Pick you by Standing Egg
Last but not least, I got the ost from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.
Standing Egg is always my favourite Korean Indie band.
Do check them out, especially if this is your first time heard about them, they are a very good Indie band!

Okay! That's all for today!
Let me know if any of these songs are your favourite too!
Till the next post, peeps!

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