My Top 10 Food and Drink in Bangkok

Hello world!
Welcome back to my Bangkok post!
Today, I am going to write about my top 10 favourite food and drink in Bangkok.
I have been sharing Thai food and drink every time I went to Bangkok, so this is just another collection from my trip in August.
I hope you all enjoy it!

Ready? Let's start now!

#1 Stewed Pork Knuckle Rice
Everyone must know well for this because you can find it almost every places in Bangkok.
Stewed pork knuckle, served with rice, boiled egg, and dressing with brown sauce.
You can't leave Bangkok without having the pork knuckle rice, because this is the must eat and try food in the city.
Just in case you don't know, I have blogged about this a few times because this is my top favourite food when I travel to Bangkok. #hehe 
If you can't find one, I would recommend the one located at the Platinum Fashion Mall's food court.

#2 Fried Oyster 
Fried Osyter has a very different cooking style like in KL.
The Thai omelette cooks with bean sprouts and cooks till golden brown and crispy.
You can have a choice of prawns, mussels or oysters, or you can also choose to mix them all in your omelette.
Don't forget to eat your omelette with their dipping sauce.

#3 Fish Mau Soup
Some people may not enjoy the taste of the fish mau, but for me the delicious taste is something that I cannot forget.
It is always so cheap to have in Bangkok to restore your collagen. #lol
Well, this is another favourite that I cannot leave without in Bangkok.

#4 Crispy Noodle with Pork
I know about this dish from Lik's Thai aunty.
She is a very good cook, and this is one of the dish she usually cook for us.
I really love it, especially the thick gravy.
You can have the crispy noodle with seafood, however I always prefer the pork in Thailand.
You can add a bit of chili powder and vinegar into the gravy to taste differently from the original one.

#5 Mango Sticky Rice
This is one famous dessert in Bangkok.
There are many places in Bangkok are selling Mango Sticky Rice, no matter it is on the streets, or food courts in major shopping malls.
Don't know why the mango in Thailand is so sweet, juicy and fresh!

#6 Wanton Noodle
This is my 3rd time visiting SabX2 Wanton Noodle restaurant.
If you wanna know more about this restaurant, check out at here.
This restaurant is very famous with it's wanton noodle and it attracts many tourists to be here.
It is a bowl of spring noodle with extremely thin roasted pork and a few dumplings.
It offers small and big bowl; it's not surprise if you order another bowl if you get the small bowl as the portion is really quite small.

#7 Tomyam
Everyday in Bangkok, I have been trying different Tom Yam from many restaurants.
But so far, there still nothing has been on the top of my list.
If you come across any good Tom Yam in Bangkok, do let me know and I am sure I want to try it on my next trip!

#7 Local Ice-Coffee
If you love coffee, Thai local coffee at the street stalls is something you must try!
Well, the main reason I like it very much is because it has a strong coffee smell although it adds with sweetened condensed milk and ice.

#9 Street Noodles
Street food in Bangkok is always convenient, cheap and delicious.
Though the weather is very warm to eat at the road side, but the good food can't really stop you from that.
There are many different kind of noodles to choose, also you can choose if you want it dry or soup with it,
I always have noodle with soup because I like to add condiments to my noodle soup, such as sugar, dried chili powder, ground peanut, vinegar with chili and fish sauce.

#10 Pad Thai
You can get various types of Pad Thai every where in Thailand because it's another famous and signature food in Thailand.
For me, I do not like to eat it with the original taste, whereby I prefer to add a pinch of chili powder and lime juice till it suits to my taste bud.

I know there are still many food, drink and dessert that I did not cover in this post, such as Thai grilled pork skewer, papaya salad, rubies dessert etc; yet if you are interested to get to know more about the other Thai food in Bangkok, you can check out my previous posts which is under the label #Bangkok.
I am sure you will find more interesting stuffs to try in Bangkok from all my collection.
I love to eat in Bangkok, because food there is always very delicious, spicy and sour, and the price usually does not cost a bomb.
Do share with me if you have any good recommendation in Bangkok, I would love to know all for my next trip.
Anyway, thanks for dropping by, see you again on my next Bangkok post - I'll be blogging either a dessert cafe or a Japanese restaurant ya!

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