New Attraction in Penang @ Penang 3D Trick Art Museum

3D art museums became popular in eveywhere lately.
I first known about 3D art museums was from my first Korea trip.
To be frank,  I enjoyed the museum very much as there were plenty of fun in taking all the comical pictures.
If you asked me if I would want to visit the museum again?
The answer is definitely a YES!
I'm not sure why, but I just think this museum is not only a great fun place for kids but also for the adults.
If you never been to a 3D art museum before, you can now have your first experience at the Penang 3D Trick Art Museum which located at George town, Malaysia.

Since we aren't very familiar with the Penang roads, so we used Waze to get to the exact location.
Everything become very easy with the Waze by just typing the name of the place you wanna go.
There are many shop-lots around that area, so parking can be one problem for the visitors.
Lucky that we went there during weekday, so we easily get a good spot just right opposite the museum.
Well, the museum looks quite small from the outside, indeed it's quite a big museum which consist 2 floors.

The entrance fees are pretty reasonable.
With MyKad promotion, it is RM15.00 (adult) and RM10 (children at 4-12 years old, senior citizens at 60 years old and above).
Without MyKad promotion, it is RM25 (adult) and RM15 (child at 4-12 years old, senior citizen with 60 years old and above).

Let's start the tour with my childhood game, play with chongkak.

Shhhh! We are stealing some mangoes.

Hang on! Don't fall off!

Where are we going next?


A serious fight with Leong Wai at the Penang Hill.

Someone please help Eddy! #lol

What? Teh Tarik man raining tea on an umbrella?

Our hero, Leong Wai!

Be a minute star on the red carpet. #haha 

We were lost in the wonderland?!

Hehe! Hehe! Hehe! I am the boss!

Oh no! Dinasour is coming! Run Betty!

Bye! I'm escaping with E.T.

You don't need to go the Zoo Negara to visit the panda, they are here for you at the panda gallery!

Please help! I have no more strength to fight!

We did the Aerial skydiving!

Oh! My favourite cute penguins!

Oh gosh Betty! A big eagle is coming!

I can do sky boarding! #wow

Becareful everyone! The bridge is broken!

Let me be the hero!

Oh well! Michael Jordan, I am the winner for this game!

It's my magic show!

Oh no! The Ring is right here! #run

Please get me out from there!

Magic man, please be kind to me!

I am in the deep blue diving!

Taking pictures inside the museum is very easy.
You just need to stand at the center of photographer for a good shot, or else you can ask the staffs to help you out!
They all are very friendly and helpful; not only helping you with the pictures, but also giving you guidance on posing.

On the other hand, each illusions also have the explanation in English, Chinese and Malay.
It's good to read the brief explanation to get a perfect posing.

It was truly a fun trip together with Betty, Eddy and Leong Wai.
I bet everyone had a lot of fun together, though this is our first trip together. #haha
The trip inside the museum was so relaxing and we really had a lot of fun and laugh with all the crazy pictures taken.
The only drawback about the tour is the air conditioning was broken during our visit, so it was very warm and stuffy. #disappointed
I think 3D Trick Art Museum is good to come with a group of friends or you can also come to have family fun together with the kids.

I hope this post gives you some idea about the Penang 3D Trick Art Museum.
As most of the times, Penang is more like a place for tourists to discover good food, but not so many attractions to visit.
So, if you have extra time in your next Penang trip, you may consider to slot this itinerary into your trip.

Penang 3D Trick Art Museum
Add: 10, Lebuh Penang, George Town,
10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Tel: +604 2663 1628
Opening hours: Mon - Fri (9am - 6pm) Sat - Sun (9am - 8am)


Betty's Journey said...

I miss day so much..Let's plan another trip.

hiphippopo said...

Ya! It was a fun day indeed. We should plan another one in 2017!