Popcorn for you? @ The Magi Planet Popcorn

Any popcorn lovers here?
I love popcorn! It's my most must have movie snack when I go to the movies.
Well, instead of the traditional caramel popcorn we can find in the market today, we now have wide variety of choices.
A Taiwanese franchise called Magi Planet Popcorn has made a waves in Malaysia with it's new innovation flavours of Crystal Salted Caramel, Cornsoup, Tayoyaki and Chili Cheese!
Popcorn lovers! Say you are excited now! #hehe

The Magi Planet Popcorn is great!
I love how crunchy the texture is and also how light in different flavours.
I'm sure you will never stop to have it again and again once you try it!

#1 Crystal Salted Caramel 玫瑰盐焦糖
This popcorn has a blissful balance of salty and sweet taste, as it coated with special prepared sugar cane sauce and lightly salted with Himalayan pink crystal salt. 
Caramel favour is said to be sweet, but this has a very moderate taste in sweet which goes well with the salt level.

#2 Cornsoup 玉米浓汤
The crunch of popcorn not only covered with corn powder, but also a bit of ground black pepper just to give an extra kick of it.
You will pick up a deliciousness of sweet and salt in combination.
I would say this is the best choice for corn lovers!

#3 Tayoyaki 海苔章鱼烧
This is one of the most special flavour which combines savoury fried octopus and specially selected seaweed.
Both seaweed and fried octopus are so fresh which taste very much like real with popcorn.
Seafood lovers are gonna delectably addicted to it!

#4 Chili Cheese 辛起司
The layering cheddar cheese seasoning flavour that combines with salt, sugar and spicy make all the difference.
Well no worries that the spicy level is acceptable for everyone, including kids.
It' has the strongest flavour compare to the others that much satisfy your taste bud.

So, why Magi Planet Popcorn is highly recommended?
#1 Finest Ingredients, with no trans-fat, and low calories
#2 No preservative at all
#3 Hand-made by highly trained chef instead of popcorn machines
#4 Every pieces are fully popped to crispy popcorn
#5 Use new packing technology from Japan to keep the popcorn fresh and crunchy

For the wrap, you can now purchase the best package of 4 x 110g and 4 x 50g (include 4 flavours of each) at just RM150!
What's more? Key in promo code IVYLOVEPOPCORN to get RM10 discount off during your checkout at https://goo.gl/Bl469P.
Order now and get savings along with healthy snack for you and your family before the code expire on 20th April 2017!

I am a happy girl now with all the healthy snacks! #ohyea!

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