After You Dessert Cafe @ Bangkok Thailand

So, I decided to make a post about the dessert I had in Bangkok.
Since I said I will revisit After You Dessert Cafe again after my first visit, so here comes the second visit.
Just in case you never heard of it before, After You Dessert Cafe is one high-rated cafe to visit in Bangkok; if you searched on google, you will find lots of reviews about it.
It has been around since 2007, and now has expanded to 16 outlets at different locations in Bangkok.
Do check out which outlets near to you when you are in Bangkok, because their desserts can drive you crazy! #hehe

It's my second time visited the outlet at the Central World Plaza.
I wish to visit the outlet at Siam Square on my next visit as I know that branch is much bigger.
The cafe is located at 1st floor, inside the Central World Plaza.
It's very easy to get to the cafe, as long as you go to the cinema area since it locates just right opposite the cinema.
The very eye-catching corner shop gives you a comfortable homie feeling, and I truly adore with the creative interior and atmosphere.

The dessert cafe mainly selling harajuku toast, pancake, kakigori (ice-shaved), biscuits, cakes and coffee.
Normally, people come for their harajuku toast, pancake and kakigori.

I am a big fans of chocolate, so I ordered the Ferrero Toast @ THB195 (small), which is a shibuya toast combined with Ferrero Rocher chocolate, vanilla ice-cream with fresh cream.
It's my second time having the same toast, well it's just too good to have it again and again!
The toast has divided into small cube bite-pieces, so it's easy for sharing.

I also gave a try on their Hazelnut Pancake with Nutella Sauce @ THB175
We chosen this flavour because I always love Nutella, another reason is because Lik like hazelnut. #lol
The pancake itself is soft and fluffy; however it would be good to add some butter because sometimes the pancake can be a bit too dry with just Nutella itself.

I have no idea what to order for kakigori, so I go with the first item showing on the menu, Milo Volcao Kakigori @ THB215.
The kakigori shaved like snow, till it's so fine; and the top is drenched with Milo and Horlicks powders.
Besides, the chewy cake and crunchy biscuit that hide inside the ice shaving are the best kick of this sweet dessert!

It's not cheap at all for having dessert at total THB585, which is about RM70 due to the current exchange rate.
But I think it's worth a try, for sure with all the sinful desserts at After You Dessert Cafe!
However, if you have a group of people to go with you, that's the best because you can try and taste different desserts.
Anyway, if you are interested to read my first review about this cafe, you can check it out at here.

Last but not least, say Hi to David from Melbourne!

After You Dessert cafe
7, Central World Plaza Pathum Wan,
Bangkok 10330 Thailand
Tel:+66 2 252 5434
Opening hours: Daily 10am - 10pm

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