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I have a puppy at home, his name is Zoi D.
He is a male Shih Tzu, and now he is about 11 years old.
Lik brought him from Thailand, so I always wonder if he can understand Thai more than English.#lol
He is covered with soft white and brown curly fur, and with a pair of large and dark eyes.
Zoi D is a very independent boy, who doesn't really enjoy being cuddle like a puppy would.
But, he is always loving and adorable; though sometimes he is being naughty by peeing inside the house to get our attention.
When I am home alone by myself during the day, I enjoy having him with me.
Most of the time, he will just look at me or he just lay under my leg.
When we come back home, Zoi D will begins to jump and wave his tail in joy.
Zoi D doesn't bark, he only barks when you give him snacks.
So most of the times, he is very quiet.
He seems like having lot's of thoughts in his mind, so I always wondering what he is thinking and how he feeling in a different way. #haha
He is a timid dog, that's what he always make me laugh loud with his all kind "stupid" movements.

Zoi D is too cute for words.
If you meet him in person, you are gonna love how cuddly he is.
He is always such a good boy for us, and brings us joy everyday.
Even in the upset moments, Zoi D managed to put a smile on my face, simply because he is always lovable.

That's the story of Zoi D.
I ain't a dog lover when I was a kid, because my mum didn't allow us to get close with any fur kids.
But ever since I encountered with them, I started to like their unique ways, and how they are interact with people makes me feel great. :)

I think I'm dragging way too far of today's topic. #haha
Let's come back to the movie that I wanted to share with you all.
First of all, many thanks to The Butterfly Project for the special premiere screening of A Dog's Purpose on Tuesday.
This movie has stolen my heart and my tears for all the touching and inspiration moments.
For a dog lover likes me, I bet you will cry a river!

A Dog's Purpose is based on the beloved bestselling novel by W. Bruce Cameron.
This is the story of a dog who goes through four reincarnations as different breeds.
He is seeking a dog's purpose in life in his different life, and also he affects the lives of various human owners.
This lovely sweet movie is directed by Lasse Hallstrom and casting by Britt Robertson, Dennis Quaid, Josh Gad and Peggy Lipton.

In his first reincarnation, he is an adorable Golden Retriever, named Bailey.
He was being rescued by a 8 year old Ethan and they started to form an indelible bond till Ethan grows into a university student.
Bailey has to put down because he is sick.

The second reincarnation is a German Shepherd, named Ellie.
She has done everything a police dog can do by rescuing her partner, Carlo.
At the end, though she was killed in the line of duty but she was satisfy because she has fulfilled her purpose of saving lives.

The third dog is Tino, a Corgi adopted by a female college student, Mia.
Tino brightens the life of Mia who eventually bring classmate AI into her life.
He has a good life with Mia, but at last he has to be put down because he is old.

In his last reincarnation, he is a Black Lab, named Buddy.
He meets up with his owner, Ethan as an old man again.
Buddy feels Ethan is not happy and he feels like it's his purpose to make Ethan a happy man again, so he reunites Ethan and Hannah who was the ex-girlfriend of Ethan before.

In each of his incarnations, the dog learns something more about what a dog's purpose is and by the end of the movie, he feels he has fulfilled his purpose.
Whenever possible, find someone to save and save them.
Love the one you love.
Don't get upset face about what happened.
Have fun, and just be here now.

There is nothing in the world that your dog loves more than you.
Our dogs give us so much and ask so little in return.
Honestly, I am lucky to have Zoi D in my life.
I know that dog's life span is very short, maybe very soon it would have leave us.
Yet, I'm praying to god to let Zoi D be with us forever.
If you love dogs, you can't go wrong with A Dog's Purpose.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thanks to the organization of Pawse For A Cause.
PFAC is a homegrown project uniting local artistes to raise funds for animal shelters and organizations across the country.
On 29th July 2017, PFAC is having a second annual charity carnival in order to seek the condition of strays nationwide, raise funds for pet non-profits, and educate the public on the Animal Welfare Act soon taking effect.
There will be a series of activities has been crafted to welcome this event such as performances, professional workshops, consumer contests etc.
Animals deserve a good life and we strive to make that a reality for our country's own.
Do something you can do for the fur kids, and most importantly, please ADOPT, don't shop!

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