Music Talk @ Uncontrollably Fond OST

Any K drama out there?
What's the recent best K drama to introduce, despite the big hit Goblin?
I know Missing 9 is pretty good, and also has my favourite Jung Kyung-Ho. #hehe
10 episodes were already uploaded to the website, and I couldn't stop watching ever since I finished the 3rd episode.
Anyway, the last K drama I have just recently finished was the Uncontrollably Fond by Kim Woo-Bin and Bae Suzy.
I am surprise that this drama isn't as famous as the others; my sister-in-law said maybe because this drama does't have a happy ending that everyone likes.
But if you are a K drama fans, I think you should just go and watch it!
It has great plot, beautiful couple, romantic winter scenes, and the most important thing is it has beautiful soundtracks!
So, let's jump to today's music talk with my top 5 OST from this beautiful drama.

#1 A Little Braver by New Empire
Glad to know a new rock band from Sydney through this drama.
I think this song fits perfectly for this drama with it's slow rhythm and meaningful lyrics.
I really like this song and couldn't get it out of my head; so now I got it as my ringing tone on my phone. #hehe

#2 Picture in My Head @ Kim Woo-Bin
Can't believe Kim Woo-Bin has such a deep and sexy voice!
Besides, it's also one of my favourite stage scene when Kim Woo-Bin performed this song in this drama.

#3 I Miss you @ Hyolin
You will never get disappointing with Hyolin's voice.
"I miss you again, I keep missing you, I try to cover it up, I try to hide it, but my hear is visible anyway, only you don't know".

#4 I Love You @ Kim Bum-Soo
Beautiful song with sad lyrics can make you cry. :(
Plus, Kim Bum-Soo voice makes this song more even beautiful and melting.

#5 Ring My Bell by Suzy
It's my first K-drama with Suzy.
I like her natural style with sweet look and I think she did very well in this drama too! #greatjob

It's been a while since I watched a sad drama like this before.
However, I can't deny it is a truly beautiful, touching and meaningful drama.
As part of human nature, we all will die in one day.
But, have you thought of how do you want to be remembered after you pass away?
What kind of legacy will you leave in this world?
So, if you want a sweet romance story with great actors and actresses, I would highly recommend Uncontrollably Fond to you!

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