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"If travelling is free, you'd never see me again". #haha
I am a travel bug; I love to travel and explore new things around the world. 
Every year, I will list down the places I want to visit. 
I think it's a good motivation for me though sometimes these plans didn't work out the way I wanted to. #lol
Travelling in the old days was difficult, costly, tough compared to today's.
With the advanced technology, travelling becomes much easier and affordable with low cost air tickets, online information everywhere, different accommodation options etc. #dontyouthinkso
What's even more interesting is that some websites able to take you to expensive and beautiful places but without paying an expensive cost!

Recently, I came across a new travel website,
It's a travel flash sales website that includes exclusive rates for hand-picked hotels and holidays in Malaysia and other countries.
It offers up to 70% off the price you would pay by booking anywhere else.
The packages come with various holiday purposes which include romantic activities for couples, family bonding times, as well as escape adventure for solo travelers. runs short "flash deals" which lasting around 10 days of each deal in every week.
There may be as many as 20 deals going on at one time, and the time left is indicated on each individual sales.
In order to receive the new coming up offer during a week, all you have to do is register an account with your email address which is totally free of charge. 

Here are some examples of the flash sales at 
Great saving deals are available everywhere in Malaysia.

Bangkok deals up to 50% off at Floating Market and Madame Tussauds, 

Return peak in Hong Kong to Madame Tussauds and Sky Terrace 428 at only RM149 per person. 

All deals offer for a certain period of time with the order of time remaining.
After the time runs out, will replace by other new offers and deals. 
Furthermore, has a price guarantee that you will find the lowest price deals only on their website. 

Travel is life!
Do check out at whenever you plan for a trip. 
Who knows you might find some great saving deals to save on your travel!

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