I spent my half CNY 2017 @ Sunway Medical Hospital

Gong Xi Fa Cai, everyone!
How's everyone Chinese New year holiday?
Mine did not come to the way I expected to, so it was really disappointing.
If you are on my Instagram, you probably noticed I was being admitted to hospital halfway through my Thailand trip.
The trip was original planned to come back home on the 6th Feb, but I bought a new ticket from Chiang Mai on the 2nd Feb.
The new ticket costed me a bomb! #heartpain

The same pus infection in between my left eye and nose happened again on the 10th day during the trip.
It repeated attacks of a red, painful swelling at the corner of my left eye.
Lik and my family worried so much, and they forced me to come back urgently.
This time, I admitted to Sunway Medical Hospital instead of Pantai Bangsar Hospital.
Not because Pantai isn't good enough, it's because I was recommended to an eye specialist from Pantai to get the right treatment for my tear dust system.

Dr. Sree Kumar Palani is an Oculoplastic surgery and Ophthalmology.
He is very nice, patient, and friendly; that's my first impression when I first met him.
He explained to me very well what causing the pus infection again and again.
My tear duct system was blocked, which causing watering eye and pus around the eye.
If you asked what actually causing it happened, well doc said that probably due to my body structure.
Maybe I was borned to have a narrow tear duct system.
So, a minor surgery need to be done, whereby make a new passage from the tear duct system into the nose.

Dr. Koay Cheng Boon is an ENT plus head & neck surgery. 
He is a very straight forward doctor whom will tell you what to do and what not to do.
Sometimes he can be harsh in his words, but no doubt he is a professional doctor.
I couldn't agree more with him that if I take extra attention on my watering eyes earlier, I wouldn't have to go through so much of pains with the needles and injections.

Another doctor that I want to mention is Dr. Bachan Singh, an anesthesiology doctor whom I met at the operation theater. 
He is such a wonderful doctor to have.
He knew I was very scared about the pain of being injected, so he patiently calmed my fears before the injection.
I truly thanks for his skilled, compassionate and understanding. 

To the doctors, you all are so great! Thank you very much for the excellent cares!

I stayed at the hospital for the antibiotics injection before the surgery because the pus infection was pretty bad; taking antibiotics wouldn't help.
I was at ward 4A.
This time I get a 2 bedded room, instead of a single bed room.
After spending so much on the air ticket, I don't really want to top up for the room while my insurance coverage only up to RM200 per day. 
It was truly glad to have the entire nurses and staffs at ward 4A because everyone of them are very nice and helpful during my stays.
They go above and beyond my expectations as they truly show a genuine concern and interest in taking care of the patients. 
Thank you very much! I love all for your cares, kindnesses and loves!

It's always good to have something to compare with.
By looking at the treatments and surgical I had at both hospitals, I think Pantai has high charges compared to Sunmed. 
Though the admission procedure took a bit slow, in fact both hospitals have a very slow admission procedure.
Patients need to lie down and get some well-deserved rest.
I just don't understand why can't they be considerate by arranging the patients to a special lounge (at least) while waiting for the approvals, rooms ready etc.

Now, I am resting well at home.
I hope I will get well soon because I can't wait to kick back on my routine busy lifestyle.
Till then, we meet again!


Anfield Yee said...

Take care babe! Glad to heard that all is well after the operation. I will make a time to see you if you permits :)

hiphippopo said...

Thank you babe! I'm waiting to see your travel diary! :)

chowml said...

Hi. Thank you for sharing your experience. I seem to have the same eye problem u had in 2017. I was hospitalised in Hospital Serdang for one week as i had to be given intravenous antibiotics but after discharge my eye got red and swollen again and also teary. The condition in the hospital was depressing but I pay very little. I have insurance (rm150 bed per day). Were u admitted inmediately or had several consultations before that? Was the surgery painful?

chowml said...

How long did the surgery take and how long did u hv to stay in hospital and recovery process? I have the same problem.

MeeLing said...

Hi Ivy. I have the same problem. Can u advice?

hiphippopo said...

Hi chowml and MeeLing, sorry about my late reply. It was such a pain when you have tear dust system problem. I was hospitalized for the second time last year Sept to do the tube surgery again (before it get worst, like having pus infection last time). If you have tearing problem, it prob means that you also have the tear dust problems. You can go to consult the eye doc (look for Oculoplastic eye doc if not mistaken). Then see what he or she advised. I was under Dr. Sree Kumar Palani at Sunway Medical Center, but you can also try look for Dr Ong Chin Tuan (he is also specialized in this area). For the second time admission, the surgery was just 1-2 hours, and I stayed for 1 night at the hospital. Don't wait till it has pus infection, then that's gonna be a long story) I hope my replies help. :) and take care!

chowml said...

Hi Ivy,
Thank you for your reply. I went to Dr Sree and had surgery to put stent in my eyes too. Can I know why you had to do the surgery second time? What happened?

I also had pus infection before the surgery and it was a long process to treat the infection at Hospital Serdang earlier.

hiphippopo said...

Hi Chowml,
Oh! You also went to Dr Sree! He is a very good doc :)
Because the tear duct system blocked again, and need to do the surgery with a bigger new stent in my eyes. Yaaa..when you had pus infection, the treatment will be longer. I hope the second surgery will solve the problem forever. Pray hard.

chowml said...

Hi Ivy, how are your eyes after 2nd surgery? My right eye blocked again and hv to do 2nd surgery also. Now i hv to wear specs only. It was infected

hiphippopo said...

Hi Chow, my second surgery went well...just stayed for one night, and the next day discharged, totally different with the 1st surgery when the eye was infected with pus. I went for check up last month (after I done the surgery in 2019), and glad that Dr Sree said its all good.

I also went for second opinion at Beacon Hospital but at the end I still prefer to have it done with Dr Sree :) For my case, I went for second surgery before infection, which means when I realized I had watery eyes again, I quickly do it because the healing process would be better...I also hope it won't come back again.

I hope my story help and I wish you all the best, Chow!