Izakaya Hanako 花子 Authentic Japanese Food @ Bangkok

Bangkok has lots of Japanese restaurants.
It's easy to get a Japanese restaurant when you walk on the street, especially streets at Sukumvit and Silom.
Sometimes, you may have thought that you are in Japan. #haha
So, while we were walking to the Health Land, a massage centre from Terminal 21 shopping mall, we stumbled upon an authentic Japanese restaurant at a quiet backstreet.
Btw, if you are interested to know about the massage place I go in Bangkok, you can read my previous post at here (though it is written in Chinese).

Since David is a Japanese food lover, so we thought why not we experiment with some Japanese food in Bangkok for this time.
That's how Izakaya Hanako 花子 turned out to be our choice. :)

The restaurant is located on the top floor.
The building looks a bit old, but overall it is clean and nice.
The wooden interior makes you feel as if you are in Japan.
During my visit, there are loads of Japanese here: I would say more than 80% of them are Japanese.

It's always a hard decision when you have 15 pages of menu to choose from.
We took sometimes to order what we want, while the staff served us a complimentary starter with Japanese tofu minced pork.

Ebi Ten Maki @ THB120, is a rice rolled in dried seaweed with shrimp tempura.
I really love the crunchy texture of the shrimp tempura inside the roll.

This is steak, but not beef, it's pork!
Ton Teki @ THB150, is a very tender and tasty grilled pork with a kind of soy sauce.
Love it! Love it!

Lik always like soba, he said this Cha Soba @ THB140, is fresh and chewy with a grainy texture.
Yet, he thought it's nothing really special about it as we can actually get a very good soba in KL too.

Saba Shio @ THB170, which is a grilled Mackerel with salt.
It's a very simple dish, with a flavour that comes only from salt and fish itself; so the fish has to be very fresh!

Kitsune Udon @ THB120, comes with a white thick Japanese noodle and large deep fried tofu, in a clear soup.
If you do not like Udon, you can replace it with soba which is a buckwheat noodle.
For me, I always like to add a bit of chili powder to get a kick of it.

Ton Jiru Nabe @ THB170, is a hot pot pork with miso soup.
It's something new to try because KL always have the hot pork either with chicken or beef.

It's my first time trying the Mito No Kairakuen @ THB380 (160ML).
It is a traditional sochu made from the finest Japanese plums.
And I really enjoy the sour taste!

Overall, the foods are nice and decent at moderate prices.
I would say it is worth going if this restaurant is not far from where you locate, or else I think there probably have many better choices around.
If you come across a good one, please do comment below and I would love to visit on my next trip!

Izakaya Hanako 花子 
19/5-6, Sukhumvit 19,
Vadhana Bangkok 10110
Tel: +66 2255 2057

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