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I am not sure about you guys, but whenever it comes to skincare, I personally like to hunt the products with natural ingredients.
Why? Simply because I believe natural ingredients are always more pure and kinder to the skin.
While in the midst of finding natural skincare products, I'm very glad to receive my first ever natural plus organic skincare trial set from COCO2U.
So far, I only had the products with natural ingredients, so it's something new for me to have the products with organic ingredients. #hehe
I have been using the full skincare set for one week now, and I think the products are beyond my expectation due to the lightweight textures.
So, I think it's good for me to share the great benefits of this product with all of you!
Let's start with the brand introduction? :)

COCO2U is a local skincare brand which manufactured locally in Malaysia with GMP compliance.
The products designed and formulated with organic virgin coconut oil and other natural botanical active ingredients that delivers moisture, firmness, youthful and glowing skin.
Virgin Coconut Oil is the main organic ingredient to help preventing skin sagging and wrinkling.
It also has the functions of softening, hydrating the skin and eliminating dirt from the outer layer.

The brand aims to offer 100% natural, safest and most effective products with affordable prices.

Another unique selling point about the skincare is it has no animal testing, no artificial preservatives, no SLS, no parabens and no petroleum derived chemicals.

The complete set of the COCO2U comes with the simple skincare routine, such as cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.
The simple 3 steps can help to kick start the day and end your night with a fair and glowing skin.

Step #1 Hydrating Cleanse
While cleaning your face, the ingredients of the Aloe Vera and Aqua Cacteen help to soothe and hydrate your skin.
You don't need any makeup remover beforehand, because this cleanser not only cleanse the skin, but also can help to remove your makeup. #thisiscool

How to use?
Pump onto wet hands, massage gently onto wet face in circular motions, then rinse off with warm water.

Special tips: After first round of cleansing, apply one pump and leave it on your face for 1 minute, you will notice your skin is smoother and fairer after that!

Step #2 Pore Refining Tonique
A formulated tonique with organic virgin coconut oil and natural mushroom extract help to reduce the pore size and improve skin texture and tone.

How to use?
After hydrating cleanse, put enough amount on a cotton pad and glides over the face.

Step #3 Bioactive Day Moisturizer
Full of organic virgin coconut oil, olive leaf extract, grape seed extract and vitamin E, to increase skin firmness and makes skin more youthful and glowing.
No extra shield against the sun because this day moisturizer comes with SPF 20!

How to use?
After tonique and serum applcation, apply enough amount on face and neck every morning.

Step #4 Bioactive Night Moisturizer 
The rejuvenating active ingredients such as organic coconut oil, argan oil, yam bean and hyaluronic acid help to brighten and hydrate your skin while you sleep.

How to use?
After tonique and serum application, apply enough amount on face and neck every evening.

Additional care Step #5 Luminous Serum
This intensive treatment which covers with organic virgin coconut oil, niacinamide, vitamin c and tropical oils provide an instant natural glow, rehydrates the skin and rejuvenate tired stressed skin.

How to use?
Use it on every morning and evening by applying on face and neck after cleanser and tonique.

Special tips: After cleansing with hydrating cleanser in evening, apply serum on dry face, then leave the serum and cleanser for 1 minute.
After that, follow the following steps from tonique, serum and night moisturizer.
This special treatment helps to deeply hydrate your skin as well as minimized pores and fine lines!

After a week of trial on this set during my trip in Thailand, I realized my skin is brighter and tighter.
It's difficult to see from the picture, but what I truly like about this complete set is the very lightweight texture and fast absorption.
It doesn't has any strong fragrance smell, but only leave the natural healthy smell.
My skin is refreshing after the cleanser, and the toner helps to sweep away the dirt left behind on the cotton and the moisturizer is not greasy but provide a matter finish which I love the most!

The COCO2U skincare starter kit includes:
#1 Hydrating Cleanser 30ml x 1
#2 Pore Refining Tonique 30ml x 1
#3 Bioactive Day Moisturizer 10ml x 1
#4 Bioactive Night Moisturizer 10ml x 1
The original price for the starter kit is RM140, and now you can get with their launching special price at RM100.

And now, GOOD news to all my readers!
You will get a FREE Luminous Serum 10ml for every purchase of COCO2U Skincare starter kit!
Not only that! #wowwowwow
Simply key in this special code "IVY20" upon checkout to get RM20 off total bill with no minimum purchase!
Discount code valid until 5th March 2017 only!

Hurry up!
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