Hari Peladang, Penternak Dan Nelayan Kebangsaan 2017 (HPNNK 2017) @ MAEPS Serdang

Malaysia is a multiracial and multicultural country.
We have large ethnicity that composed of Chinese, Malay, Indian and etc.
Without any doubt with this gifted benefits, Malaysia certainly has variety of food to represent each ethnicity.
To be honest, I as a local Malaysian, I don't even get to taste every single food in Malaysia.
It's a huge honour to be invited to attend the Hari Peladang, Penternak Dan Nelayan Kebangsaan 2017 (HPNNK 2017) yesterday to explore the agriculture and food sector in Malaysia.
It's definitely an eyeopener for me as this event really provides me the utmost valuable information.
Can you believe this is my first time tasted the Kerabu Maggi and Lontong?! #hehe

The event takes place at MAEPS Serdang, from 28th Sept till 1st October 2017.
This was my first time attending the Hari Peladang, Penternak Dan Nelayan Kebangsaan 2017 (HPNNK 2017), and I have to say I'm very impressed with the entire atmosphere and the passion.
The event was very well-organized, with a good combination of many interesting activities and showcases.

The whole area of the MAEPS Serdang is very big with total space of 42,000 square meters, and each areas are separated to promote different categories and industries, such as:
#1 Hall A: Exhibition & expo for government & cooperates
#2 Hall C: Livestock Malaysia
#3 Boulevard: Centre stage (pocket show)
#4 Hall D: Food empire where you can find different kinds of food stalls and food trucks
#5 Fruits and Flowers Kingdom (D24 durian place!)
#6 Machinery showcase
#7 Petting Zoo

Before the tour started, I had the delicious Lontong and Nasi Lemak at the Nafas Cube.
Super enjoyed the local Malay food here!

After the breakie, we had our first stop at the Petting Zoo with the Livestock exhibits.
It's a good place to take your kids here, not only seeing the farm animals, but also up close and being able to touch the animals with their own hands.
This place will give you and your kids a special time together!

Hello goats!

Don't forget to visit the "laughing chicken" at the petting zoo because this special farm chicken can laugh! #itstrue

Hey! That's me with the cute little brown bunny!


There is a durian feast party happening at Fruits and Flowers Kingdom, with local D24 and Musang King durians.
Durian lovers, this is one durian feast you don't wanna miss!

Besides, Malaysian junk foods such as pisang & cempedak goreng (fried banana and cempedak), and kerepek pisang Sabah (banana chips from Sabah) are also available at the Fruits and Flowers kingdoms too!

They are too goooood!
Five of us finished all 3 big durians within just 5 minutes! #lol

Some special made ice-creams with local fruits like mango and dragon fruits as well. #looksgood?

Though Fruits and Flowers Kingdom is in outdoor setting, but the place is quite cooling to sit and enjoy the Malaysian local fruits. :)

Welcome to Hall A, where you get to explore a rich of foods and drinks from different states in Malaysia.
Furthermore, each booths have their own themed and been decorated very uniquely and beautifully too!

We were just in time to see the cooking demo from the Pacific West's chef!

West Pacific offers a wide range of fish and seafood in a packaging method, and they all are able to be prepared the dishes in many ways.
For example, using their West Pacific Fish Churros and Juro Prawns to make a prawn salad and cheese fish churros.

Pineapple is a delicious tropical fruit, which serves several health benefits due to it's wealth of nutrients.
You can check out more information about the pineapple products at Hall A, and also don't forget to take a picture with the giant pineapple! #hehe

Pineapple juice, anyone?
Drop by the Bos Nanas to have their pure and delicious pineapple juices yea!

So many red chilies, my god!

Very beautiful orchids are displayed in a vibrant indoor show.

These corns are fresh ones to feed the chickens!


Good try with the new type of Tuna Satay instead of the chicken, beef or lamb satay that we used to taste.

Malaysian food is really hard to say no! #agree?

What is Argo Bazaar?
It's a program under the National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) of the government.
It is wholly owned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Argo-based industries (MOA) and managed by FAMA.
Their objective is to ensure sustainability and growth of the e-market for argo food products within the local and international communities.

There are many products and services are available at the Argo Bazaar; from agriculture, livestock, fisheries, to Argo industries and tourism. 

A new functional food supplement of virgin coconut oil for your family, especially the kids
Most of the consumers may dislike the texture and taste of the coconut oil due to it's oily taste, so they now formulated the coconut oil to an emulsion formula which provides several benefits such as facilitate weight management, protect against inflammation, improve digestive system, improve hypothyroidism effect, enhance healthy metabolism, strengthen immunity system, improve detoxification in liver, and increase good cholesterol. 

Kelulut or stingless bee farming is a booming industry in Malaysia, with relatively high contents of dietary fibre vitamin C and calcium.
It is established based on the molecular gastronomy technique of specification.
As you can see from the picture, it's a type of gelling or seaweed extract to form membranes and encapsulate the mixture of stingless bee honey and fruit juices.
It's a new product for either direct consumption or can be used as a topping for desserts or for culinary decoration.

If you have enough time, you can also check out some local tours information, Cuti-Cuti Malaysia at the end of the Hall A too!

Recently, we all say "Say No to Shark Fins", or "I'm Finished with Fins", so here comes the alternative to shark's fin, which is the Edible-Bird Nest.
The reason that we wanted to stop shark's fins because it is extremely cruel and a wasteful practice, however harvesting methods of bird nest do not affect bird populations, as nests are only harvested after the youngs leaving the nest.
Though the pricing for bird-nest is slightly expensive, about RM3,500/kg compare to RM2,702/kg of the shark's fins, I think it's all worth it because that's the way how we should protect our marine lives.

100% local beef and guaranteed halal from Chekoley!

Finally, come to the Food Empire, also known as Empayar Makanan located at Hall D, which offers you more than 401 foods and drinks!

Oh! I miss the Sarawak Kolo Mee and Laksa!

Hot Cappuccino, please!

Look at my "delicious face" with my first ever Kerabu Maggi at the Food Empire. #hehe

Me and my blogger friends, Betty and Eddy had a totally great time and hoping for the next round again!
We all want to see you again!

Oh ya! Don't forget to join the programs of HPNNK 2017 during the 4-days event, including dancing, singing, and cooking demo etc.

I'm very grateful for the opportunity HPNNK 2017 has given me to discover more about Malaysia.
Though it was a full tiring day, but well worth it as the experience and knowledge that I gained at the HPNNK 2017 was immensely valuable.
Personally, I think this is a great event for the locals to discover great things and what's happening now in Malaysia, also for the international visitors, this is certainly a good chance for you to explore Malaysia in a faster and easier way.
Once again, thanks for HPNNK 2017 for having me! #trulyappreciated
The event is still going on today, till tomorrow (1st October 2017), so faster grab the chance to visit HPNNK 2017 with your friends and families now!
For more information, you can go on to the HPNNK 2017 social medias at:
FB page: www.facebook.com/HPNNK2017
Instagram: www.instagram.com/HPNNK2017
Twiter: www.twitter.com/HPNNK2017

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