How I use the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water to take care of my daily life?

I talked about the ARISSTO Premium Coffee in the last week.
And today, I'm going to share another star product which caught my attention upon my visit at Diamond's showroom, the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water.
Water is important to our daily life, but how many of us really think about the water quality we drink everyday.
And what can you do to improve the drinking water you and your family consume everyday?
Not all of us live close to a mountain where we can drink best natural water.
Most of us live in big city and rely on commercial water distribution systems; whereby we need to consider a water purification system to improve water quality and taste.
There are many water filter options, yet here comes the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water, which took a step further from water purification by enlivening the purified water with various billion-year mineral ores to mineralize the water so that it is comparable to the natural spring water, as well as enriched with minerals and alkaline pH.

Coral Alkaline Water Technology uses special natural materials such as natural coral calcium, tourmaline, and Maifan stone to form an innovative water system, and also applies 3 simple main processes, from purification, mineralization to magnetization plus it's 18 treatments to produce Coral Alkaline Water that consists alkaline pH of 7.5-8.5.
With the alkaline materials in the water, it benefits to health and keeps concerns of acidic physique away, just like how natural water on earth contains numerous mineral elements that are beneficial to human body and pH are mild alkaline.

Materials with certification
Diamond Coral Alkaline Water selected premium quality natural minerals to fabricate the filters, which including precious diatomite, natural coral calcium, coconut shell based activated carbon, bamboo charcoal based activated carbon etc.
These materials are certified by authoritative agency from USA, guaranteed no harmful substances will be released, and also meet the safety standards set by World health Organization (WHO).

 Colour, size, weight and design
The first thing that I like about the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water was the design.
The water machine has an elegant and extraordinary design, which consider the first refined water machine in the world that designed by the renowned European designers.
The overall size is 320(D) x 223(w) x 343(H) mm, and weight in only 8.1kg.
Well, it also has my favourite white colour too.

Filter materials and flowing path
The filter materials and accessories of Coral Alkaline Water Machine contains only toxic-free filter and guarantees 100% safe for use.
It doesn't use any harmful elements, which probably could be bad to family's health through the water along the filtering process
Besides, comparing to the smaller or single filter machine, Diamond Coral uses up to 6 filters multiple-filter design that can contain up to 20 times more purifying materials, which guarantees greater performance by increasing the contact surface.
The multiple-filter also designed to lengthen the water flowing path in the filter which could be lengthen up to 10 times more and increase the water contact time with filter materials up to 100 times comparing to the smaller or single filter machine.

Multi-award winner
#1 Gold medal in 2002 at the 51st Brussels Eureka World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technology (Belgium)
#2 Geneva gold medal and special jury award in 2001 at the 29th International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products
#3 Platinum and gold award in Asia from 2005 - 2017 at Reader's Digest Trusted Brand

We have the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water in our kitchen for a month.
It is installed by the professional from Diamond, and the installation process only took less than 30 minutes. #howgreat!
Personally, I feel so great of having the Coral Alkaline Water in our house, because it allows me and my family to experience a better life benefits without a doubt.
How does it help? Continue reading to find out now.

1. Drink Coral Alkaline Water everyday
Coral Alkaline Water contains rich minerals and trace elements, which is easier to be absorbed after magnetization.
The taste is sweet and has high penetration power.
By drinking adequate amount of natural alkaline water everyday, it provides alkaline minerals that fit our body needs.
As a matter of fact, we need at least 2 liters of water, which is 8 of 8-ounce glasses of water to maintain a normal temperature in our body.
Without enough water, our body can lead to dehydration, and also couldn't get rid of waste through urination, sweat and bowel movements
Therefore, clean water is so important that we couldn't leave without everyday.

2. Make my wine more smooth 
Recently, I enjoy drinking wines at home, especially when I'm rushing for the back-logs.
I like to put the wines in a bucket for like 20 minutes with ice and water, no matter it's red or white wines before I drink it.
Believe me not, the Coral Alkaline Water actually brings out a pleasure texture and also smoother taste of the wine.

3. Use it as a face mist
Since Coral Alkaline Water has pH value of 7.5-8.5 that contains calcium and magnesium ions, it can improve penetration power of water in skin up to 200%.
With that reason, I replace the alkaline water mist with my facial mist to refresh and hydrate my skin.
This alkaline water mist has become part of my daily skincare regime, and I really love how it keeps my skin hydrated all day long.
Based on my personal experience, my skin gets more sensitive during certain days before my periods.
I'm so glad that this alkaline water mist can actually help to calm redness and soothe irritation on my face!

#4 Use it as a calming pack
Apart from that, I also use the alkaline water as one of my mask everyday.
Every night, before I apply my skin care products, I soak a few cotton pads with the alkaline water so that it becomes moist, then place the cotton pads on my T-zone areas, cheeks, and chin for about 10 minutes until they absorbed enough.
It leaves my skin looking more moisture and hydrate after that.

#5 Pet Cleaning 
It said that use Coral Alkaline Water for bathing animals and pets can reduce foul odors and make softer fur. 
Well, I didn't bath Zoi D with the alkaline water; but I spray Zoi D with the same alkaline water mist on his body so that he feel more refresh and also I find it helps to reduce his body odor compare to before. 
Look! Zoi D enjoys the alkaline water mist too! #hehe

Without water, we couldn't maintain a normal body temperature, and get rid of waste through urination and sweat.
Besides, if you don't have enough water, your body will get dehydration, and also an increased risk of heat exhaustion.
In fact, water is so important that a person couldn't leave without everyday.
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Last but not least, please do not forget to check out the latest Diamond product, Diamond Coral WaterBar on my previous post at here.
It's the world's first 3 seconds Instant Warm Water Dispenser to allow you and your family to enjoy fresh warm water easily.
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