Kungfu Steam Seafood 蒸功夫 @ The Cube, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Recently, the idea of steam-cooking becomes one of the food trends in Malaysia.
There are quite a few restaurants offer the same cooking concept, by cooking the dishes in a steamer pot using high-speed steaming technology and temperature.
It's so tempted to try at least once!
Till last 2 weeks, I visited the Kungfu Steam Seafood 蒸功夫, located at Bandar Puteri Puchong.
I pretty like the idea of steam-cooking the ingredients because I believe that's the best way to taste the natural flavours of the dishes, especially fresh seafood.
Furthermore, steaming cooking is also one healthy cooking method if comparing to the others.

Have you heard about The Cube?
It's a commercial development located within the thriving hub of Bandar Puteri Puchong.
Over that area, there are 3 storey semi detached boutique shop offices, and you can see huge outlets of McDonald's, Mango Six, and Starbucks.
Kungfu Steam Seafood is just located at one of the units there.

In front of the restaurant, you will see a blue market of Kungfu Steam Seafood on the left side of the restaurant.
There are lots of live seafood from crabs, prawns, fishes, clams and many more that the customers can actually purchase the fresh seafood and then take them home straight away.

It's a big restaurant which has 3 different dining experiences under the same roof.
The ground level, which is the main dining has a nice ambiance with comfort of seating.

Outdoor area is located at the same ground level.
Though this area doesn't have any air-conditioner, it is covered with roof.

There are private rooms with karaoke sets at the second level.
However, these private rooms required a minimum consumption.
You can call or pm them on their FB page regarding the minimum spending if you are interested.

Moreover, there is also a children room where the kids can play while the adults are enjoying their meals with friends and families.

Are you ready to roll with me and the dishes at Kungfu Steam Seafood?! :)
Let's go!

Live Tiger Prawn 生猛老虎虾 @ RM 12.80/100gm

Premium Mud Crab 特号肉蟹 @ Seasonal Price/100gm

Live Red Snapper 生猛红皂 @ RM 9.80/100gm

Live Clam (Kepah) 生猛沙白 @ RM 4.80/100gm

Black Truffle Chicken Paste with Lotus Root 黑松露鸡肉馅莲藕 @ RM 23.80 (6 pcs)

Kungfu Hand Made Fish Ball 蒸功夫手打鱼丸 @ RM 16.80 (12 pcs)

Cheese Smoke Duck Ramen 芝士烟鸭麻香菌拉面 @ RM 22.80 (Small) @| RM 32.80 (Big)

Mix Vegetables 杂蔬菜盘 @ RM 13.80 (Small) @ RM 19.80 (Big)

Kungfu Luffa Fish Paste 蒸功夫鱼肉馅圣瓜 @ RM19.80 (5 pcs)

Pumpkin & Kampung Chicken Porridge 金瓜菜园鸡粥 @ RM 16.80 (Small) @ RM 19.80 (Big)

Each dishes are steamed inside the steamed pot, and will steam for a optimal period of time to maintain it's freshness and juiciness.

The process of steaming dishes is easy and quick.
If you have the same concern like me, when the dishes are ready to serve?
Don't you worry, the waitress will serve the food right in front of you once the dishes are cooked. :)
So, just sit back and relax.

If you prefer stronger flavours, there is a sauce bar for you to mix and match your own favourite sauces to dip your dishes in.
For me, I think the natural sweetness of the seafood would be the best to taste!

I would say all the ingredients on the steamed pot are steamed perfectly.
They are very fresh to taste and the natural sweetness of the seafood will definitely blow you away!

After all the steamed foods finished, here comes the best final dish of the meal!
Can you imagine how flavourful the pumpkin kampung chicken porridge taste is after gathering the authentic tastes of all the ingredients?!
It's brilliant!!!

Besides, Noodle lunch also available at Kungfu Steam Seafood, starting from RM12.50.
Customers can choose their preferred bowl of noodles with 3 simple steps.
Step #1: Base with superior soup / Tom Yam / curry laksa
Step #2: Noodle with ramen / mee hun
Step #3: Ingredients with seafood / chicken sliced / fish ball / bursting beef ball / Australian beef sliced
The set comes along with drinks and fruits.
Add additional RM1 to get herbal drink or RM2 to get soft drinks or lemon tea.

In order to celebrate 2nd anniversary of Kungfu Steam Seafood, they will have special promotion in next month, October 2017.
By spending a minimum dine-in amount of RM150 on all their steamed dishes, customers will be entitled to get 1kg of clams with just RM1.
Each table is limited to maximum of 3kg of clams.
Promotion starts from 8th till 15th October 2017.

It was an interesting experience by looking at the entire cooking process while eating.
All seafood are very fresh, especially the clams, crabs and prawns that I love the most.
Overall, I think it's worth your time to come here and enjoy the smooth clean taste of all fresh seafood at the Kungfu Steam Seafood!

Kungfu Steam Seafood
Add: 13a, Jalan Puteri 7/13A,
Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 6016 213 2828
Opening hours: 5pm - 11pm (Mon - Fri), 1130am - 3pm and 5pm - 11pm (Sat)
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Kungfusteam/


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