NIVEA Care Run 2017 @ NIVEA Protect & Care Deodorant

Everyday I complaint about the weather in Malaysia; it's really hot and humid!
The weather makes me sweat a lot and always make me feel so unpleasant especially to my armpits.
Sounds like you too?!
That's the reason why I've always been using deodorant to get rid of the wetness, perhaps the odor as well? :)
I know there are many deodorants out there in the market, but since underarms are one of the most sensitive parts of our body, it's always important to choose a reliable brand to use.
NIVEA is the brand that has been best for me and makes me feel comfortable all this while.
So happy when I got to know that the new 48 hours effective protection of the NIVEA Protect & Care Deodorant is now in the market!

Do you know that our underarm skin is actually very weak?
Many people may overlook the little things such as skin damage caused by shaving and tweeting.
Plucking hairs out by the root can damage the hair follicles, leading to ingrown hairs and enlarged pores.
And, shaving which the pressure of the blade on uneven underarm skin can lead to small cuts.
In addition, debris removed during shaving may contain up to 36% of skin.
Hence, NIVEA has the Protect & Care Deodorant which offers the same care that is found in all other NIVEA products.
NIVEA always believes their products can protect and care for our skin from top to toe.

Different kinds of hair removal, no matter it's plucking, shaving or tweeting, all these methods may damage your skin and often causes irritation.
NIVEA Protect & Care Deodorant which enriched with the essence of NIVEA creme, and captured the brand's heritage of quality beauty creams with it's distinctive care ingredients and delicate scent is here to ensure you a softer and smoother underarms.
NIVEA Protect & Care deodorant comes in two types of packing; one with roll-on bottle, and another one with spray bottle.
Both have the same functions which offer long-lasting protection of up to 48 hours and at the same time, the innovative and skin-friendly formula gently cares for your skin, keeping you fresh all day giving you softer and smoother underarms.
Likewise, it also has the skin-tolerance dermatologically approved as well.

What I like most about the NIVEA Protect & Care Deodorant is it has the 48 hour effective anti-perspirant protection.
I like the smell because it has that "fresh out of the shower" smell to it.
It also gives me a fresh and comfortable feeling after the application since it dries out very fast, without leaving any sticky underarms.
And, I think the most important reason is the deodorant contains zero alcohol, so I believe it should be good for all skin types, especially to the sensitive skin as well.

In order to promote the NIVEA's core value of care, NIVEA Protect & Care will be organizing the NIVEA Care Run on 29th October 2017 (Sunday), at Precinct 6 Putrajaya.
It's a 5km NIVEA Care Run, which comes along with educational activities to raise awareness about underarm care.
Participants not only come to share the care with friends and family through the exclusive NIVEA Protect & Care gift pack in the run kit, they will also get a chance to win great prizes in the lucky draw during the run.
In addition, a portion of the funds from the run will go to a charitable organization, Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia (PENYAYANG), which raises and distributes funds to support needy Malaysians.
With a target of at least 3,000 participants, each individual runner will also be doing their part to help Malaysians in need to receive assistance in areas such as education and healthcare.

Any fans of Siti Saleha, Nadia Heng and Fiqrie here?
All these local celebrities will be there to support the campaign, as well as meet, greet, and cheer on the participants.
Registration is RM65 per person and each participant will receive a run kit and NIVEA goodies worth more than RM100.
If you are interested with the run, or want to meet one of your idols, come experience a fun-filled event and show your care for communities in need by signing up at

Lastly, get to know more about NIVEA Protect & Care Deodorant, at!
NIVEA Protect & Care is now available in all leading stores and pharmacies nationwide.
50ml roll-on-bottle @ RM11.30 and 150ml Spray Bottle @ RM17.50, both at West and East Malaysia.
That's all my sharing for today!
Guys, keep happy and see you soon!