Arrison Aiyu 云海甘露 @ Sunway Pyramid

Hey, any Aiyu Jelly 爱玉冰 lover here?
Raise your hands up!
I love Aiyu Jelly since I was a kid.
I always think Aiyu Jelly is the best cooling drink and dessert for our Malaysia hot weather.
In Malaysia, it's very common to see Aiyu Jelly sold at the night markets because it's one of the best refreshing cold drink to balance the savory night market foods.
However, it's not easy to find good quality of Aiyu Jelly nowadays, because many of them use artificial Aiyu Kelly as their main ingredient that are made of gelatin powder, instead of the fresh ones which provides a range of health benefits.
But no worries, if you love Aiyu Jelly like I do, you can now taste the fresh Aiyu Jelly with a series of desserts and beverages that are not just healthy but will also appease your palate as well at the Arrison Aiyu 云海甘露! #soooexcited

Big congratulations to Arrison Aiyu's grand opening at Sunway Pyramid on 10th Sept 2018.
The beverage kiosk is located at lower ground floor, right in front of the Brands Outlet.
You surely will not missed out the store if you passed by because the interior design and beverages packaging are so attractive and eye-catching. :)

Arrison Aiyu gets it's name from AliShan Mountain, which inspired by natural occurring food found in Taiwan.
At Arrison Aiyu, you get what you pay for:
#1 100% from natural ingredients
#2 100% handmade beverages and desserts
#3 No creamer, no colouring, no artificial flavour syrup
#4 Health-oriented product
#5 Aiyu Jelly originally from wild nature pesticide-free Aiyu seed

It's my first time seeing the real Aiyu fruit!
It shaped like a mango and I find it smells slightly like the rice from padi field. :)
Aiyu refers to the natural gel extracted from the fruit/seed of ficus plant named "Ficus Pumila Var. Awkeotsang".
Wild Aiyu is very particular to the environments it grows at, whereby it only grows at the climates and conditions at above 1,800 metres sea level of AliShan Mountain which allows the survival of wild aiyu to sustain.
The fruits are only seasonally available from October to April every year.
If you do not know much about Aiyu, Aiyu is a low calories jelly, only 2 per 100g servings, which is rich in natural enzyme, pectin and calcium ion that promote digestive health and regulate water retention of your body.
#1 Enzyme: Helps to slow your body's breakdown of carbohydrates and the absorption of sugar, helps blood sugar control, 40% lower risk of health diseases, lower risk of stroke, lower cholesterol, increase digestive health system, promotes anti-aging properties, and enhance breast-milk production.
#2 Pectin: Increase digestibility and absorption of plant-foods
#3 Calcium Ion: Main constituent of human bones

Arrison Aiyu's passion in producing perfect signature Aiyu drinks, include Aiyu Fruity Tea Series, Milk Series, and Fresh Tea Series as well as Aiyu desserts include Signature Fruit Cooler Series, Classic Series and Health Series that will definitely blow away your taste bud!
All their receipes are created by the Arrison Aiyu's owner which paired with the unique Aiyu Jelly.
Strawberry Aiyu Tea 草莓爱玉茶 @ RM13.80 provides a delicious and refreshing strawberry taste, and also fresh strawberries slices inside the beverage.

Matcha Latte 抹茶鲜奶 @ RM12.80, which contains a unique vegetal taste and a lingering sweet aftertaste with the delicious Aiyu Jelly.

Followed by the Aiyu Caffe Latte 爱玉咖啡拿铁 @ RM12.80, Aiyu Roselle Tea 爱玉洛神花茶 @ RM12.80 and Aiyu Passion Fruit Tea 爱玉百香果茶 @ RM12.80.
The caffe latte has a strong coffee taste when you first sip it; the roselle tea is ruby red in colour with a bit of sour refreshing taste; the passion fruit tea combines the pleasantly sweet tropical flavour of fresh passion fruit.
Can't really decide which one I like because all of them taste sooo good!

My best favourite goes to Raw Fungus Aiyu 雪儿甘露 @ RM12.80 (medium) and RM14.80 (large) from their signature health series.
The jelly itself does not have any taste so it tastes so good when paired it with red dates, longan, and snow fungus.
It tastes so wonderful and really a must try if you visit Arrison Aiyu by any chance.


Additional, Arrison Aiyu also offers homemade cakes too!
Trust me! You will never go wrong with the special cheese cake from the counter!

Once again, congratulations to Arrison Aiyu!
Hoping you to open more and more stores in Malaysia in the coming years so that I can enjoy the fresh Aiyu Jelly at anytime and anywhere I want! :)

Arrison Aiyu
LG2.08A, Sunway Pyramid,
Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway,
Tel: 6016 238 4188

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