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Welcome back to my beauty blog.
Today, I would like to share a new beauty tool that I'm currently obsessed with, a facial cleansing brush that helps me to wash my face thoroughly by removing day's makeup and environmental debris.
The facial cleansing brushes have been on the market for quite sometimes now, yet they are still the top beauty trend in the world of skincare till now.
I believe you probably have seen different types of facial cleansing brushes in the market, or maybe some of you are using it as your skincare routine.
For myself, I have been using the facial cleansing brushes for like 2 years, and I would say the results are always more efficient than washing my face with my hands or any other wash cloths.
Simply because the device can actually do so much for your skin; not only cleansing, but also exfoliating and massaging. :)
Keep in mind that our skin is always the largest organ in our body, so it is always important for everyone to take extra care and love of it.
Agree right?! :p

Nion Beauty is a revolutionizing skincare brand from the USA.
The brand was developed by a team of professionals from the USA & Korea, with combinations of cutting-edge technology from Japan and leading research from South Korea in order to produce a range of beauty products that are years ahead of the competition.
Their products contain a winning combination of S-Ion TechnologyⓇ and Kinetic Skin CleansingⓇ
for a thoroughly cleanses and rejuvenates with zero irritations.
S-Ion TechnologyⓇ is the latest and safe patented technology to generate negative ions naturally, neutralize environmental toxins (dirt) on the skin, and creating a heavier element which gets rinsed away easily, while Kinetic Skin CleansingⓇ is a deep vibration to remove dirt, pollutants and impurities yet to boost radiance, increase firmness and elasticity as well as giving a silky soft and smooth skin.
There are total 6 different products under Nion Beauty, and today I would like to share my review on their 2 highlight products, which are the Nion Beauty Opus Express and Nion Beauty Opus 2Go.

Nion Beauty Opus Express

Nion Beauty Opus Express @ RM187.90 is a "must-have" cleansing face brush in this year.
It offers a great value and a whole host of innovative features for those who are looking to explore the potential of S-Ion Technology® and Kinetic Skin Cleansing®.
All in all, the device features:
#1 3-Speed Kinetic Skin Cleansing® Vibration
#2 S-ion Technology® silicone tip
#3 Easy to clean
#4 Safe to use in the shower
#5 Operates on 2 AA batteries
#6 Available in 2 colours, pink and grey


One main highlight about the Nion Beauty facial cleansing brush is their bristles are made with Silicone material which technically belongs to the rubber family.
Their unique silicone brushes move up and down against the skin instead of side to side, which can remove toxin effectively, improve blood circulation, and preserve skin’s natural oils.
The material has no phthalates and a low extractable content, that's why it is safer to use compare to the other plastic materials.
The silicone material is very soft and durable, and the important thing is the material has antibacterial properties that will not harbour bacteria, and also strip the skin of natural protective oils, leaving it dry, red, and irritated like the other cleansing brush heads.
In short, why Silicone is better than the other materials?
#1 More durable than rubber 
#2 Resistant to fungus and chemicals 
#3 Impervious to UV rays and heat 
#4 Exceptional durability 
#5 Bristles will not wear down 
#6 Gentle on the skin 
#7 Continuous running lifetime (at least 250 hours)

Unlike my previous facial cleansing devices with only 1-speed mode, Nion Beauty Opus Express provides 3 speeds mode, whereby you can control and customized how the cleansing brush you want it to treat your skin on your facial care routine.
With 3 speeds modes, it certainly will meet all your needs.

The facial cleansing brush uses two AA size batteries (not included in the package). 
To fit the batteries, you just need to remove the battery cover at the bottom on the device, then twist it back after placing the batteries.
No worries about using the device in your shower or bathtub because it is water-resistant. 

Other than a simple instruction card and a warranty claim form inside the packaging, the whole package also comes with a storage pouch to store your device that is easy to be carried along to vacations or trips. 

How to Use?

#1 Remove the battery cap by twisting it counter-clockwise
#2 Insert 2 AA batteries by following the polarity guide
#3 Make sure you close the cap by twisting it clockwise completely
#4 Wet your face with water and your favourite facial cleanser
#5 Wet the silicone bristles of your Opus Express with water
#6 Glide the Opus Express gently across your face in a circular motion for 1 to 1.5 minutes (recommended to deep cleanse for 3 minutes for first time users)
#7 Pat dry your face and follow by your skincare routine with toner, serum, and moisturizer.
#8 Rinse your Opus Express with water and let air dry, or use mild soap if necessary

My thoughts

This is my third facial cleansing device, and I would say the experience with Nion Beauty is very different compared to my previous ones.
My most favourite part about the device is the bristles; it's very soft and gentle, which doesn't irritate my skin at all when I used it.
Also, compare to my old device that made with sponge materials, the brush heads that comes with silicone material makes so much easier for cleaning. .
I would said that sponge material is dry, hard, easy for storage of germs comparing to the silicone material which is finer and thinner that will not take lots of time to dry up.
Besides, I also like the devices with 3-speed modes which allow me to choose the speeds I like.
The vibration is smooth and gentle without being harsh on my skin.
Oh dear! My previous device was really a bit too harsh with it's pre-set vibration mode.
I'm now using Nion Beauty Opus Express at least twice a week to clean my face and I would say it really did a good job on removing my makeup residue, dirt and oil, especially those areas nearby my nose.
I also think the device is pretty much value for money by comparing it to the other devices in the market and also the benefits you get from the product.

Nion Beauty Opus 2Go

Nion Beauty Opus 2Go @ RM140.90 (pack of 3 units) is a disposable silicone facial brush that packed full of features like the Opus Express to make it a perfect beauty tool for travelers.
The package is available in variety of colours to showcase their key selling points of:
#1 S-ion Technology® silicone
#2 Kinetic Skin Cleansing®
#3 Disposable last for 20 days use
#4 3 units per pack
#5 3 colors per pack, include white, blue and pink


The material of the device is made with FDA approved body safe-safe silicone, a heat-resistant silicone which is soft, durable and anti-fungal.
The device is low voltage, water resistant and free from harmful chemicals.
Also, the tear drop shape is easy to use and effortlessly reaches every contour of your face.
Just like the Opus Express, their patented S-Ion TechnologyⓇ and Skin Cleansing® allow your Opus 2Go free from bacteria, easy to clean and packed with radiance boosting negative ions.

The device has an internal cell battery with up to 10 uses (based on a recommended usage time of 3 minutes).
So, if you used it less than 3 minutes for one time, it probably can last you for more than 10 uses. :)

How to Use?

#1 Wet your face with water and your favourite facial cleanser
#2 Press the power button to switch on your Opus device
#3 Gently guide the device across your face in circular motions for 3 minutes
#4 Rinse your face, pat dry and follow by your daily skincare with toner, serum and moisturizer

My thoughts 

This little device has the same cleansing functions as the Nion Beauty Opus Express, just that the size is much smaller.
It's a cute little brush that fits nicely in my hands, which helps me to get into those tiny areas on my face.
The brush is so soft that I really enjoy rubbing it on my face!
I like the size which is really compact, whereby I can just easily drop it in my makeup bag and take it with me anywhere I go, especially traveling to overseas.
Not sure if you have the same thoughts as me; my skin surface tends to be very dirty while traveling abroad, so it's really a good idea to have such cleansing device to make sure my skin is clean and fresh during my travels.

Where to Purchase?


"Man has razor, woman has facial brush". :)
Without a doubt, cleansing brushes are a great tool to incorporate into your skincare routine.
The bristles penetrate furthers into your skin, offers a deeper and more thorough cleanse than just using your hands or a washcloth.
When your skin is really clean, your favourite skincare products work better because they soak into your skin more deeply.
So, are you ready for getting a facial cleansing brush now?
You can check out the Nion Beauty devices at their official website at or get their products at the below websites:

Official store:

Watsons (both offline and online) 

I hope you enjoy the beauty sharing for today.
I will see you on my next beauty post soon! :)

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just absolutely amazing product facial washer just amazing i had purchased this last night i used it its just working so wonderfully thanks facial washer and blog!