Ginn International Showcase @ KLCC Convention Centre

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How you all doing so far in the beginning of September?!
As the new month began, I have again had a very busy week.
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Today specifically, I want to share with you the jewelry fashion showcase, MIJF that conducted by Ginnie Lam 林紀螢 from Hong Kong.
If you read my previous blogspot back in Jan 2018, Ginnie is a beauty expert from Hong Kong who holds a number of beauty training qualifications such as Chinese medicines, anti-aging medicines, Chinese cosmetic science, nutrition, skin cytology, raw ingredients study, weight management etc.
She used her own personal experiences and knowledge to create her own skin care lines which is safe, with highest quality and cost effective for people with all types of skin conditions, even to the pregnant ladies.
Ginnie is also an ambassador of the Malaysia's I love Coffee & Tea s well as Malaysia's beauty fashion brand's program host.
This time in Malaysia, Ginne is hosting her very first jewelry fashion showcase that collaborated with partners of Star Brand Awards International (SBA Int'l), Cabin Crew Academy KL (CCA KL), JCI Malaysia Sustainable Development Award (JCIM SDA), International Aromatherapy Association (IAAA), Ginn Artistry (Talent Platform under Ginn Int'l), and MadMavericks (Strategy & Media Partner).

The Ginn International August Showcase was a blast that began with a high level exposition of its brand & business direction by the Emcee of the Day, Isabelle Lee.
This hi-level exposition was fully endorsed in the presence of its Founding President, Ms Ginnie Lam; Ginn Artistry President, Mr Nicolas Pang; and the Operations Director, Mr Derrick Yong.

The Ginn Artistry Fashion Show composed of three different fashion and red-carpeted runaway.
The first show was showcased by it's very own Ginn Artistry Fashion Show with designer evening gowns by Glitter Venus & Ginn International sponsored Jewelry.
It was ran by 12 of the most prominent Malaysian Beauty Queens and local top models whose talented in earning their appearances as Star Brand Influencers at this very showcase itself.

Then, followed by the First Star Brand Awards International presentation in KL, Malaysia by its President, Professor John Hee Chul Jung from Korea, who expounded on what's trending in the next wave of the Korean entertainment scene and beauty industry landscape, that will soon see a convergence of Asian Models, Entertainment Artists, Education institutions & Pageant Promotion Platforms.
The action picked up with the appearance of the Top 6 Graduating Stewardesses & Steward from the Cabin Crew Academy KL (Subang Skypark) who elevated the MIJF red carpet runway with a Special Academy Uniform Parade, and backdrop of the highly popular Triumph in the Skies' drama theme song.

Lastly, the fashion showcase was time for the prime highlight of the showcase, which came in the form of the Korean Senior Models' Association's Traditional Hanbok Elegance Showcase.
It was performed by the 10 tops senior Korean Models showcasing the finest designs, from über traditional pieces to contemporary chic everyday pieces.

In addition, the Traditional Hanbok Elegance Showcase was also brought to another level of grace and sophistication with the Finale Hanbok Showcase by Ginnie Lam herself, appearing in a specially designed fusion statement piece.
This classic blend of traditional and contemporary themes were created by the attending Korean Celebrity Tailors.

Ginn International Showcase was wrapped up with a lot of fun and laughs.
Great show everyone! :)

Last but not least, sharing a picture with Ginnie Lam.
It's my second time seeing her, and hope to see her again in Malaysia soon!
If you are interested to know more about Ginn's products, you can check it out at or join Ginnie's sharing her FB page
Till then! xoxo

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