Experience All Things Korea in Malaysia @ SS15 Courtyard Chuseok Festival

I'm a "Koreaboo" who enjoy all things about Korean.
Whether it is Korean BBQ, spicy instant noodles, kimchi, spicy rice cakes, or Korean soju, I just can't resist myself from having them at least once a week.
I also watch K-dramas, listen to K-music and even go for the K-pop dances!
I've just finished the dance choreo of the Ddu Du Ddu Du by Blackpink last week. #hehe
If you are also a Korean big fans like me, always wanted to buy tickets to fly to Korea to shop and eat, now you can experience all things Korea in Malaysia without having fly out of the country!
SS15 Courtyard is holding a full-blown Korean showcases, Chuseok Festival from 25 to 30 September 2018, where you can buy Korean food, products and also watch Korean showcases like Kpop-dances, and have Korean cooking experience during the 6 days event!
SO crazy excited about it, isn't it?!
Come! Continue to read on to find out what you can look forward on this Chuseok Festival at SS15 Courtyard! :)

The Chuseok Festival, Korean Autumn Festival will be held at:
Date: 25th to 30th September 2018
Time: 10am till 10pm
Venue: SS15 Courtyard
The showcase is going to have many exciting activities such as Kimchi Making Workshop, Korean Spicy Topokki Eating Challenge, Korean Spicy Noodle Eating Challenge, K-Street Colouring Contest etc.
In addition, there will also a mini Korean Fair where you'll be loading up on Korean products and also a photo booth where you can dress up in Hanbok (traditional Korean clothes) from 10am to 10pm during the festival.

Come and explore the world of Korean culture, food and music with your families and friends!
28th to 30th Sept 2018 (Friday till Sunday)
1200pm to 800pm: Korean Arts and Crafts

29th Sept 2018 (Saturday)
1200pm: Large Bibimbap Demo
100pm: Golden Bell Quiz
200pm: K-Street Colouring Contest
400pm: K-pop Performance
415pm: K-pop Dance Along Workshop
500pm: Kimchi Making Workshop
530pm: Korean Spicy Topokki Eating Challenge
600pm: Korean Spicy Noodle Eating Challange

30th Sept 2018 (Sunday)
1200pm: Gimbap Rolling Workshop
100pm: Golden Bell Quiz
200pm: SS15 Courtyard K-pop Dance Cover Competition
500pm: K-pop Dance Along Workshop
530pm: Korean Spicy Topokki Eating Challenge
600pm: Korean Spicy Noodle Eating Challange

One of the main highlight about Chuseok is the K-pop Dance Competition 2018 that organized by SS15 Courtyard.
The dance competition will be held on 30th September 2018 at the concourse of SS15 Courtyard Ground Floor.
It is open to all nationalities and ages who are interested in dancing; so dance aficionados, you should have your dance gear ready and win the prices:
Champion x 1: RM3,000 cash & prizes
1st Runner-UP x 1: RM2,000 cash & prizes
2nd Runner-UP x 1: RM1,000 cash & prizes
Consolations x 2: RM500 cash & prizes

The mini Korean Fair will be a platform for you to discover Korean products like instant noodles, snacks, beverages, teas, chili pastes and more.
You probably will get some good deals or discounts at the fair! #winkwink

Well well well!
Other than the exciting Chuseok Korean showcase, SS15 Courtyard also carries a few Korean restaurants and cafes for your Korean food fix!
For example, enjoy the latest Korean BBQ restaurant chain opened in Malaysia at Shinmapo Mapo Galmaegi, located at the Ground Floor.
So tempted to try it when I first knew about their opening outlet at The Gardens Mall.
Finally! I got to try out the Korea's No.1 BBQ!

Their Unlimited Pork Set @ RM98 (1-2 pax) and RM128 (2-4 pax) consists of pork belly, marinated pork collar, marinated pork skirt meat, spicy octopus, cheese sausage, and enoki bacon.
All of them are very good, especially the pork belly with very thick cut!

Best thing about having the Korean cuisine is to enjoy their free-flow Banchan, small side dishes that served along with the BBQ meats.

Loving the kimchi egg crust that grilled on the side of the BBQ grill pan.
This probably an extra bonus for me to drop by here again! #sogood!

Always grill the pork belly first because it's not marinated, and then followed by the others marinated meats and also the seafood.
I like the pork belly the most because of it's tender fat, crisp skin and flavour meat that have made.
Best way to enjoy the grilled meats is to wrap with lettuce, chili pepper and dip with the prepared sauce.

Also tried out their Buldogue Jjigae, a comfort food that combines with variety of ingredients such as kimchi, luncheon meat, sausages, vegetables and instant noodles.
The spicy stew is what I always craving for! :)


Volcano Fried Rice is a bomb!
Rice was cooked with kimchi and seaweed, and then surrounded with scramble egg.
The egg has a fluffy texture around the rice; the rice shaped like a mountain standing in the middle; that's why they named it as Volcano Fried Rice. :)

The food was so great at Shinmapo Mapo Galmaegi, and the dining environment is spacious and comfortable.
If Korean food is your favourite, do give them a try, and I'm sure that you are doing to like it too! :)

After a satisfying meal, head over to Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe, located at Ground Floor for the Korean shaved ice dessert, Bingsu.
It is the most welcome summer dessert in Korea, which you can't miss out if you visit Korea.

The basic Bingsu has total three different flavours include, Green Tea Snow Ice @ RM24, Oreo Snow Ice @ RM24, and Injeolmi Snow Ice @ RM22.
That milky snow ice is super soft and fluffy that melt as soon as it hits your tongue!

Say Annyeong to the premium bingsu!
Strawberry Cheese Snow Ice @ RM28, Mango Snow Ice @ RM26 and Blueberry Cheese Snow Ice @ RM26, are surrounded finely shaved ice creamy and rich tasting of fresh fruits, either blueberries, strawberries or mangoes, and topped with vanilla ice cream. #slurp!

Besides the variety of mouth-watering Korean bingsu at the cafe, they also provides the most popular dishes, fried chicken in South Korea.
Fried chicken is perfect for anyone, no matter your age as you can eat it in deep-fried, or with different flavour seasonings.
Be sure to dive into the must-eat Korean Spicy Chicken @ RM16.80 or Korean Chicken Salad @ RM16.80 at Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe.

Another must try Korean food is the Spicy Cheese Topokki @ RM32.80 that combined with melted cheese and spicy rice cake.
So flavourful and comforting!

My first visit at Hanbing was great!
Most of the food and dessert items that you see on the menu are suitable for sharing.
I would recommend this cozy cafe for gathering over desserts, snacks, light meals no matter the time of the day.

What's more?!
Mr. Dakgalbi, the famous Korean food trend is also available at SS15 Courtyard Lower Ground Floor.
The restaurant is specialized in dakgalbi, a type of popular Korean dish that stir-fried together with marinated chicken chunks in Korean chili paste, sliced onions, sweet potatoes, cabbages, rice cakes and ramen.
It's always a great dish to be shared among a small group of people. :)

Want a Korean-style hairdo?
You don't have to fly all the way to Korea to get it!
Check out the Korean Hair Shop, that you can find right here at SS15 Courtyard first floor.

Everything sounds so exciting, right?!
So, don't forget to mark your calendar and save the dates to attend the Chuseok Festival!
For more information about the SS15 Courtyard Chuseok Festival, do check out their official FB page at https://www.facebook.com/events/308769213231862/

SS15 Courtyard
Add: Jalan SS15/4g, SS 15,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 603 5612 6335
Website: http://www.ss15courtyard.com.my/

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