Iskin Lipaddict @ A Multi-Purpose Lip Treatment

Honestly speaking, I'm not really a lipstick person.
But I can't deny that lipstick can help to achieve a better preferred look, and also enhance your appearance with your daily outfits.
Lipstick is also a perfect fashion tool for you be more beautiful because I believe it can help you to stand out in the crowd as well as boost your confidence.
Not only that, lipsticks somehow in these days are consider an important health item that can greatly help you in maintaining a healthy lips.
Healthy + beautiful lips = happiness!
Last month, I was glad to be invited to a "pink pink pink" party with The Butterfly Project to discover the Lipaddict, a multi-purpose lip treatment that imported all the way from New York USA.

Lipaddict established in 1999, by Iskin New York which has been dedicated to bringing effective, working skin care solutions to the market.
All their products do not just look good from the packaging, they also comes with special formulation to bring additional and long-term benefits to support and anti-age your skin.
besides, their products are tested by dermatologists and formulated by Cosmetic Scientists, whereby they ensure that their products are both effective and safe.

So, what is Lipaddict?
Lip Addict is a non-injectable anti-aging lip treatment that instantly moisturizes, heals and enhance your lips.
It contains a proprietary nano peptide complex that boosts collagen and elastic production that resulting in 4 main key benefits:
#1 Instant Anti-Aging
#2 Instant healing
#3 Instant hydrating
#4 Instant enhancement

#1 Instant Anti-Aging
Powerful Anti-aging peptides and marine collagen work to visibly reduce the appearance of lines on the lips and the surrounding lip area.

#2 Instant Plump
The proprietary plumping formula is suspended in Hyaluronic Acid, which naturally binds water to give your lips instant, natural volume.

#3 Instant Healing
Packed with Vitamin C & E, with superior skin repairing ingredients that helps to sooth and heal dry cracked lips, keeping them healthy and soft in any weather.

#4 Instant Moisture
Natural and organic moisturizing oils lock in moisture, providing all-day hydration for dry and chapped lips.

More than 10 organic essential oils and also other key ingredients are packed inside the Lipaddict products, include:
#1 Collagen
#2 Grape seed oil
#3 Apricot kernel oil
#4 Jojoba oil
#5 Avocado oil
#6 Hyaluronic acid
#7 Castor oil
#8 Aloe Vera
#9 Vitmain C & E
#10 Mint & Stevia
Do not worry about the ingredients of the Lipaddict as they are formulated from the USA with medical grade; so you can actually apply it on your lips as many times as you like.

It comes with 12 beautiful shades, I'm sure you should be able to find the shades you like to match to your everyday mood:
#201 Sweet Nothings: The best nude colour that suit for all skin tones
#202 Coralista: A refreshing peach colour that help you hop on the trend
#203 Mon Cherie: A beautiful bright red colour to update your look
#205 Sexy Seductress: Hot red yet not heavy for your on-to-go everyday
#206 Pink Princess: A sweet pink colour that every princesses would love
#207 Innocence: A natural pink that gives a slick and shiny wet-look effect
#208 Razzle Dazzle: Fashionable metallic rose gold that gives you a beautiful lips
#209 Candy Swirl: A sweet kissable lips with just one swipe
#210 Glamour: Create a stand out lips with a touch of purple to any of your look
#211 Air Kiss: A little bit of pink and sparkles for your need of a sugar and spice lips look
#212 Pink Sugar: A pale pink gloss with beautiful rose gold shimmer to make you look as sweet as the candy. 
#213 Jewel: Simple and clean look to hydrate your lips all day long that suitable for both female and male

So, which one is your favourite? :)

The Lipaddict product is said that you will notice visible result after using it for 4 weeks, such as:
#1 More defined lip contour
#2 Increased hydration
#3 Improvement in lip colour
#4 Reduction in appearance of fine lines
#5 Deep healing of cracked and dry lips 

The packaging looks simple yet stylish, somehow makes you feel like holding a high-end lip gloss
It has a soft applicator which make it so easy to glides onto the lips.
When I opened the packaging, I smell a fresh peppermint out from the product. :)

You can see the texture is very lightweight, and consider a non-greasy type.
Glad that the colour doesn't glitter so much, because I don't really like glittery thing. :)
Also, it's very easy and fast to wipe off..

When I first putting it on my lips, I can feel a tingling sensation which probably because my lips was too dry.
But, that feeling will not stay too long or uncomfortable.
I like the fresh smell very much, just like putting fresh mints on my lips.
I'm now using the #213 jewel shade at night time, and #206 Pink Princess during day time.
One main thing I like about the Lip Addict is it is so convenient to use.
It works like an all-in-one solution lip balm/lip gloss for me as it's not only provides me a juicy lips for my everyday look, it also contains treatment wise which help to hydrate my lips as well as reduce the fine lines, wrinkles on my lips.
Girls, keep in my mind that not only face and body need to be anti aging, so does our lips!

Here's the before-and-after photos from the Iskin Lipaddict product.
I love the way it helps to plump my lips and makes my lips more shiny and energetic. :)

Iskin Lipaddict products only available at certain beauty saloons.
Do check out the lists if you are interested to purchase one for yourself. :)

Thanks to The Butterfly Project for organizing such great event for us.
Thanks to ISKIN New York Malaysia for feeding us the info on how to make beautiful lips with Iskin Lipaddict.
Thanks to Ask Joey-The Sweetest Party for the beautiful dessert table.
Thanks to Happ Cafe for such a dreamy venue. 

Hope you enjoy today's sharing!
I will end this post with my pink outfit for the lovely party.
For more information about Lipaddict products, do check them out at:
FB Page:
IG: @soaddictedmalaysia

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