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Property is one of the most secured investment options as it not only creates an asset, it also creates a value-adding asset.
In 15 years ago, one close friend who's around the same age as me asked if I would be interested to get a property for myself.
She said property is always a good investment with high return, and also property will become very expensive as time goes by.
One of the main reason why I wasn't interested at that time is because I wasn't ready to create so much financial burdens on myself.
When I think back now, I was kinda regret as buying a house becomes much more difficult as you need to prepare a lot of money compare to years back.
Last week, I paid a visit to a new property, DK Impian, located at Damansara West, which I think it can be a truly enviable location and definitely a wise investment choice not to be missed!

DK Impian is a new commercial leasehold development which developed by DK-MY Properties Sdn Bhd, one of the leading enterprises in providing comprehensive range of real estate solutions.
The company has grown very well with variety property development, and also won the Asia Pacific Property Awards Development in 2015 and 2016.

The house layout nowadays are quite different from what we have few years back.
DK Impian has a total 14-storeys at every single blocks, with 658 SoHos, as well as 5 commercial retail lots at the ground floor.
The SoHos are differentiated into dual-key apartment, 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms apartment, with variety of sizes, ranging from 592 sq.ft to 893 sq.ft.
Different units are designed for working professionals who are looking to buy their first homes, and also suitable for those who are interested in property investment. 

SK Impian is located in Damansara West.
Despite it's address stated in Shah Alam, DK Impian is located nearer to Sungai Buloh, in between two big townships at Kota Damansara and Ara Damansara.
On top of that, there are also HELP University and also other educational institutions such as International schools located very nearby that area. 
The place is accessible by few major highways, such as Guthrie Expressway, Elite Highway, Jalan Sg Buloh, and upcoming DASH Highway that will reconnect the Eastern and Western part of Klang Valley.

There are many facilities are made for the residents from the bustle of city life, such as an infinity pool, unique outdoor cinema, lounge areas etc. 
#1 Rooftop facilities where you can hang out at amphitheater or BBQ area.
#2 Eco kitchen for fun together with your families and friends. 
#3 Glass gym where to workout with a nice view and play with yoga balls at the full glass gym room.
#4 Sky Garden where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of nature or simply unwind and enjoy the fresh air that surrounds you.

TYPE 1B, 592 SQ.FT

Type 1B has a total 592 sq.ft.
The property is a dual-key concept whereby there is a common hallway, but separate lockable doors to each section.
Both units have their own entrances and facilities such as kitchens and bathrooms.
The whole unit belongs to one owner, but each units have a self contained studio accessed by a door, inside the main apartment.
The owner can be rented out separately, or live in one with own privacy.

Here's one of the unit inside the Type 1B apartment.
The whole unit contains own entrance and facilities, such as kitchen, living room that can be transformed to bedroom with the fold out wall bed unit, and also a small balcony that allows you to place a washing machine for laundry purpose.

This is the "additional" unit inside the same apartment Type 1B.
The kitchen area is located upon the entrance, then follow by a living room or bedroom with the wall bed solution, whereby you can use sofa during the day and when it's bed time, simply lower down the queen size wall bed right over top of the sofa and chaise.
There is also an office space with desk and storage, and a fairy small balcony located just at the end of the apartment.

TYPE 2B, 635 SQ.FT

Type 2B has a total space of 635 sq.ft.
This is a two bedroom apartment without sharing the units with others.
The unit is slightly bigger which contains two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, and kitchen.

The kitchen area is slightly bigger than Type 1B which provide more useful usage storage to get the kitchen organized.
The living room and dining room are situated next to the kitchen area, whereby the dining table can be converted to a coffee table which will not only save the space but also save money and stress as you don't need to buy two different pieces of furniture and arranging them in the house.

Having a bedroom with a balcony is a wonderful privilege.
It's a great advantage to have a small space where you can relax, admire the views, enjoy the weather and the sun.
The room has more than enough space to suit all your needs with it's sufficient built-in cabinet and wardrobe.

This is the second bedroom inside the same apartment.
The wall bed solution features a vertically opening wall bed with an integrated writing desk and a queen-sized bed.
It's a very modern solution that allows you to create multi-functional living space without scarifying comfort or style.

TYPE 1D, 646 SQ.FT

Type ID is also a dual-key apartment with a total 646 sq.ft.
The size of this unit is slightly bigger than type 1B so it could be perfect for big families who want to live under one roof.
This can give one another as much personal space as they need.

This is the first unit at the apartment type 1D.
The unit featuring a space large enough to be walled off and used as a living area or bedroom.
When the bed is up, it reveals a 2-seats sofa, and when the bed pulls down, it transforms to a bedroom.
Right at the back of the apartment, there are a small writing desk with basic storage rack, a full kitchen, and a small balcony for laundry.

The second unit under the same roof as type 1D has the same features like the first unit.
It features a open-plan living area with flat-screen TV, spacious master bedroom that include a private balcony with stunning vies, and also a kitchenette.

Some of the units have been sold out, such as type 1D.
The units that are still available for sale are as below:
Type 1B with 592 sq.ft, starts with a minimum price @ RM328k to RM350k (without furniture), and add on additional @ RM58k (with furnished).
Type 2B with 635 sq.ft, starts with a minimum price @ RM360k (without furnished) and @ RM410k (with furnished)
Type 3B with 893 sq.ft, located at level 10 and above, starts with a minimum price @ RM520k (without furniture) and @ RM550k (with furnished).

Kinda good deal, isn't?!
If you are interested getting more information about DK Impian, you can contact their sales person or visit their showroom located at Seksyen U5,  Shah Alam.

Pantai Berkat Sdn Bhd
No. 25, Jalan Uranus AG U5/AG,
Bandar Pinggiran Subang,
Seksyen U5,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor
Tel: 6017 200 2322 / 6017 200 6662

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