A Latte Experience of A Whole New Level @ Sevenfriday Space

Ohhh! It's been a while I had my cafe hopping sharing in my blog.
I think I didn't really write a lot about my coffee stories at here, but I guess if you are on my Instagram @mizhippo, then you shall notice that I've been hopping and instagraming around Klang Valley quite a lot recently. #hehe
In Malaysia, the cafe-hopping craze has been a rising trend in the recent years, with tonnes of unique cafes mushrooming to appease the demands of cafe-goers who live to taste exquisite desserts complemented with premium coffee drinks.
In a way, visiting cafes has evolved to become a way of life, an avenue where people can get together and socialize, another place to sit and do work, or a place to get away from their busy lifestyle.
Just the last weekend, I came up a new place which I think you should check it out for your next coffee hangout spot with your friends. :)

The Sevenfriday Space by Red Army Watches is located at the second floor, inside the prestigious Four Seasons Place in Kuala Lumpur.
Sevenfriday Space is the first in Malaysia to offer a watch lounge concept store that combines watch retail with an intimate, sophisticated cafe bar.
It's main purpose is to provide a lifestyle re-lounge concept store for friends and fans gather to recharge, refresh and regroup over watches and eccentric coffee experience.

The cafe provides a very comfortable seating environment to the visitors.
When I stepped into the cafe, it's warm, dim lighting, and the decor is furnished with the combination of wood, steel and concrete which created a perfect industrial feel.
The service is good; the barista and waiters are all very friendly with smile always. :)

As a luxury accessory brand itself, the Sevenfriday Space also allows visitors to appreciate, explore and learn more about Sevenfriday's range of industry-themed timepieces, accessories, sunglasses and more, at the coffee bar.

I like to try different kinds of coffee. :)
Sevenfriday Space has their coffee beans sourced from numerous famous roasters around the world, such as Simple Kaffa, Padre and Fuglen.
They also stay true to the Malaysian roots by curating from local roasters, like Artisan Roast, Seraph Awaken and also Supernormal Coffee Roasters.
As such, customers can expect quality hand brewed coffee with just the perfect amount of flavour while letting their taste buds to truly “travel the world”.

Coffee lovers, like me can choose from a list of single-origin coffees or even award-winning roasts that boasting a wide range of selection.
The coffee beans, including the roaster ones are also available for purchase, for personal indulgence or even as a thoughtful gift.
In addition, the menu also extends to the more common drinks such as espresso-based coffee, hot and iced chocolate, matcha latte, and even juices in order to cater to the casual coffee sippers.

Sevenfriday Space consistently craft new and time-exclusive drinks to show their dedication to their customers as they know that people always want to try new things in life.
The head Barista, Kevin Justin Chai, who has more than 8 years experience always prepare new crafted drinks and dessert from their normal classic drinks like Americano, latte, cappuccino, etc from time to time to show their experiences and passions to customers.
Like in this October, they are presenting the uniquely Malaysian Cendol Latte, intriguing Dirty Latte, as well as Burnt Cheesecake with Sorbet to be served to complement the coffee drinks.

Dirty Latte @ RM12, is a result of mixing cold milk with espresso to create the dirty drink look that forms on top of the glass.
This drink is served without a spoon to encourage customers to fully enjoy the different flavours that come with each sip.

I personally enjoy the coffee that has stronger coffee taste, slightly bitterness, but less sourness, so this would perfectly satisfy my caffeine fix. :)

Cendol Latte @ RM17, is a rich concoction of coffee.
The special drink is prepared with variety of ingredients, such as Malaysian's famous palm sugar ("Gula Melaka"), fragrant pandan jelly noodles ("cendol"), and dipped gently with the nostalgic red bean ("aiskrim potong").
There are also traces of espresso that counters the sweetness of the palm sugar, preventing it from overpowering the remaining flavours of the drink.

This layered Cendol Latte taste good, look amazing, and also would impress everyone who sees it.
Since the drink comes in a few layers of Malaysian flavours in a glass, it's best to stir the drink gently between sips for flavour and balance.
Whether your favourite is "Gula Melaka", "Cendol" or "aiskrim potong", this would be the layered latter for you!

Burnt Cheesecake with Sorbet is an innovative culinary take on the popular classic dessert.
The cake contains hypnotising and rich cheese flavour with perfectly caramelized edges, served with a scoop of whipped feijoa and pear sorbet.

You gotta love this Burnt Cheesecake!
It's a super rich cheesecake features a beautiful golden brown of top, and a lingering smoothness creamy cheese in between.
Not only melt-in-your-mouth, and also melt-in-your-heart!
Perfect indulgence!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed their coffee and also the dessert they served on my table.
If you are planning to visit Sevenfriday Space with your friends, colleagues or families, here's the GOOD NEWS for you all to share around!
Just flash my article/ my IG post @mizhippo/ FB post @hiphippopo.com to the barista to redeem 15% off from the total F&B bill.
The special discount only valid till 31st October 2018.

Last but not least, for the coming months, Sevenfriday Space will be hosting more and more exciting events for friends and families.
For instance, they also coming up with Deconstructed Tiramisu and Java Dinosaur (Milo Dinosaur) in the near future to bring the excitement level up a few notches.
For more information and to keep up to date with their events, feel free to visit their FB page at https://www.facebook.com/sevenfridayspacekualalumpur/.

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