Travel with Hippo to Perth @ London Court | Blue Boat House | Botanic Garden | St. Mary's Cathedral

Hey guys!
First of all, I would like to apologize for not updating my travel post in September.
My last travel post was in August; if you are interested to find out about Wave Rock, Hippo Yawns and Tin Horse Highway, you can check out the post at HERE.
Seriously can't believe that it's already the first week of October, time really does fly!
But hey don't worry, I'm back now!
Today, I wanna blog about my time when exploring around the Perth CBD, like Hay Street, King Street, Murray Street and some other attraction places in the city, such as London Court, Blue Boat House, Botanic Garden, St. Mary's Cathedral etc.
We actually spent 2 days at the Perth main city because one day wasn't really enough since we really took our time to do our shopping and wandering around.
Ya, without further ado, let's check it out now!

We started our Perth city walking tour from the Hay Street on our first day.
It was cold outside in the morning, especially when the cold wind blown.

We had been thinking where to park inside the city the night before, because we knew that parking will be pricey in that area.
So, at last we decided to park at the Aries Car Rental's premise as they do provide free car park if you rent the cars from them.
Still remember about the first post I blogged about the Aries Car Rental?
If you would like to know more about the services given by Aries Car Rental, do check it out my first post, Travel Guides For First Timers at HERE!

Aries Car Rental
Add: 166 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth WA 6004, Australia
Tel: +61 8 9325 4110
Opening hours: Mon - Fri 745am - 6pm, Sat - Sun 8am - 3pm

First Day

It was quite a long walk from where we parked to the popular shopping street at Hay Street and King Street.
We passed by The Perth Mint, the place where they manufactured and distributed platinum, silver and gold coins for collectors and customers worldwide.

The Perth Mint
Add: 310 Hay St, East Perth WA 6004, Australia

Then, stopped by at the St. Andrew's Uniting Church just for a few photos. :)

Next to the St. Andrew's Uniting Church, it's another church named, St. Georges Cathedral.
It's very easy to stroll around the city as long as you have a portable Wifi and Google Map with you, then you can walk on foot to get to the places you want to go.

St. Georges Cathedral
Add: 38 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Finally, here at the London Court in Perth!
To my surprise, the building appears smaller in real life compare to the pictures I seen on the Internet. :p
But anyway, the the building looks like a Tudor street scene, that can make you feel like you're shopping and having a cup of cuppa in London.
It's a small passageway or like a courtyard with small tourist shops, coffee shops, some specialist shops where you can browse a bit.
I didn't find any shops that I was interested in, except a cup of hot coffee. :)
Overall, it's still worth a walk at this historic London architecture in the heart of Perth city.

London Court
Add: 647 Hay St, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Tel: +61 8 9261 6666
Opening hours: Mon - Sat 5am - 9pm, Sun 11am - 9pm

Another notable landmark, Bell Tower at the Elizabeth Quay.
It's an unique architecture in Perth and that's why it attracts lots of tourists to come here.
I visited during day time, but I believe this place would be much happening in late evening since it is located near the river front with some bars and restaurants.
We didn't enter to the Bell Tower, but just walked around the jetty area.

Bell Tower
Add: Barrack Square, Riverside Dr, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Tel: +61 8 6210 04444
Opening hours: Daily 10am - 4pm

When you are already at the Elizabeth Quay, you must also visit the 20-meter high suspension Elizabeth Quay Bridge.
It's a famous tourist spots to take photos as it offers spectacular view towards the Swan River.
I would suggest to come here during the night time if possible, because the view is more stunning with a host of colourful lights.

Elizabeth Quay Bridge
Add: Lot 901 Riverside Dr, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Posing here for my #hippoOOTD. :)

We did a lot of shopping on the first day at Perth CBD, especially at the Watertown Brand Outlet.
The outlet located just about 10 minutes from the city, so it's not that far and I would said it's really worth to go if you want to browse and see things at good prices.
We spent a lot at Cotton On since this is one of the famous brand in Australia; lots of choices than the outlets in Malaysia as well as the retail stores at Perth City.
I found a pair of shoe at only AUD5, about RM15,  and also a cap at AUD2, about RM6, so cheap isn't!?!?! #hehe

Watertown Brand Outlet
Add: 840 Wellington St, West Perth WA 6005, Australia
Tel: +61 8 9321 2282
Opening hours: Mon - Thurs 9am - 530pm, Fri 9am - 9pm, Sat 9am - 5pm, Sun 11am - 530pm

Second Day

I was really excited when I saw the Blue Boat house right in front of me!
This is one of the reason I wanted to visit Perth so much, #lol just to take pictures with this cute little blue shed.
To avoid the crowd, we decided to head there early in the morning at 9am.
Obviously, it was a good decision because there was no one there and we had the place all to ourselves. #hehe

I actually took more 20 pictures just for this Blue Boat shed.
The view is really so beautiful; when the blue lake meets the blue house under the blue sky, so fascinating!
My friends said to me that they wanted to put Perth into their bucket list after they saw my picture of it on my Instagram. #lol
Really very Instagram worth pictures if you asked me. :)

Just like in Melbourne and Sydney, Perth also has their own Western Australia Botanic Garden.
There is a big parking space to the visitors, and it's all free, so not to worry if you come here.

One of the reasons I love Australia so much is because this country is full of "greens".
There are so many giant trees with different habitats, especially the famous Eucalyptus tress that can be found in almost every part of the Australia.
How I wish we could have such a big park with so much "greens" to chill in Malaysia!

Botanic Garden 
Add: Fraser Ave, Perth WA 6005, Australia
Opening hours: Daily 24 hours

Giant Boab Tree is one of the highlight at the park.
This year is the 10-year anniversary for the Giant Boab Tree after it's being transported to Perth in 2008.
The tree is now 750 years old, with 14 meters high, 2.5 meters width, 36 tonnes, and it's still growing.

We walked through the Botanic Garden to the Kings Park War Memorial, a poignant tribute to servicemen from Western Australia.
The place is so peaceful and a quiet spot to sit, but if you are looking for some places to eat, there are restaurants, cafes and bars around that area.

Kings Park War Memorial 
Add: 68 Fraser Ave, Kings Park WA 6005, Australia
Tel: +61 8 9480 3600
Opening hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm, closed on Sat and Sun

From here, you can get a complete view of the Perth city.

The panoramic view of the Perth city.

We also went to the big staircase at the DNA Tower.
I don't find it something very interesting, because the city view was blocked by the big trees.
But if you are going to King's Park anyway, you could have a stop for a picture and have a small exercise climbing up to the top. :)

DNA Tower: 
Add: Forrest Dr. Kings Park, WA 6005, Australia
Tel: +61 8 9480 3600
Opening hours: 24 hours

St. Mary's Cathedral is another famous attraction place in Perth.
Church is not really my thing, but St. Mary's Cathedral quite worth a short visit.
Its a big beautiful church with stunning gardens surrounding the cathedral.
The church is very well designed and the garden is very neat and clean.

St. Mary's Cathedral
17, Victoria Sq, Perth, Western Australia 6000
Tel: +61 8 9223 1350

That's pretty much sums up the places I went in the Perth main city.
Spending 1 day in the city is not enough, if you are planning to do shopping and sight-seeing together.
There's actually a lot of more to shop but we didn't have time to do it.
Nonetheless, we really had a great time in the city.
I hope you guys had a great time reading this post, and I will see you on my next post soon! #love

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